Blood Is Thicker Than Water! or Is It?

All season long I’ve been waiting for this moment. The moment when I can start blogging about one of my favourite housewife franchise. Finally it is here. So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 x Episode 7 (When Joes Collide)


So Far This Season

We’ve been on a rollercoaster ride with these women for 4 whole seasons and at the end of Season 4’s reunion, my heart was aching for these families. Such hurt and pain that has been built up because of lack of communication has been to their detriment. We’ve seen so far Caroline and Teresa making some ground to just be civil with each other because the animosity was too much. Kathy and Rich are having their struggles as Kat is now embarking on her pastry business and Rich feels the need to take charge of it. Joe puts Melissa in her place by telling her she needs to stop saying stuff about his sister, because at the end of the day, that’s his sister. Jacqueline’s and Chris’ everyday struggles with Nick’s autism is being brought more to the light and every scene with them has been painful to watch. 😥 –prays for continued progress for Nick- Also Jacqueline and Teresa have it out on the phone where we still see that both ladies (although claiming to be over each other) still feel some hurt and resentment towards each other. As usual Kim D can’t resist bringing drama for Melissa and what better way to do it than when Teresa is there. Tre should realize by now Kim D is just unnecessary drama that is adding fuel to an already dangerous fire.

Let’s Have A Retreat

Stemming from the last episode that we saw, Rosie and Teresa had a passionate conversation about the state of their family. You just hear the hurt coming from both of them. Mind you, I didn’t like the Teresa I started seeing since Season 3 but you can’t knock someone down when you see them hurting.


Teresa introduced the idea of a retreat to Ro that she would like to bring her brother to. Rosie comes up with the idea of having everyone there to just hash everything out. However, both Jacqueline and Caroline decide to stay away from the retreat and let the Wakiles, Gorgas and Guidices work out their family issues as it they are in a mess. You could see the disappointment in Teresa’s face as for the first time in a long time, she actually looked like she wanted to bury the hatchet. This brought tears to my eyes.

Team Building Gone Awry 

Teresa and Joe Guidice first arrive and wait in anxiety for everyone else to show up. The Gorgas and Wakiles travel together in a party bus and have their little talks about what they think the weekend will be about. Joe Gorga just wants his sister to take responsibility for her part in their fall out so they can work from there. It seems as though that is the general consensus with the whole group as they claim Teresa plays the blame/deflecting game all too well and they’ve just had enough. Shortly after, they all arrive and so the retreat begins.

Everyone gathers for a bite to eat and have what could be the most awkward dinner in housewives history. No one spoke for nearly 5 minutes but when they did, the squabble starts. It’s a good thing the team builders showed up when they did because all hell was about to break lose. Kathy and Melissa make this funny comment that the team builders look so young and cute and have no idea what they are in for. 😀

All seemed to be going quite well but things take a nasty turn. Tempers and emotions got the better of everyone and so the name calling and shade throwing started. It wasn’t long after that the Joes clashed after Joe Gorga called Teresa scum. This was only after Teresa said he should stick to blood because blood is thicker than water. What happened next has never before happened on any housewives franchise in history.

Joe Gorga charges Joe Guidice while Teresa runs out the door saying someone should call the cops.

This GIF is sorta funny as Melissa is calling out to Teresa to help her brother but she scurries off leaving Joe Gorga at the hands of her husband.

#RHONJ seems to be making loads of history this season and I am here for the ride. Are you? Till next time.


Lydia In Your Face

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 x Episode 12 (Chicks and Salsa)

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Heck, I haven’t blogged about #RHOC since the very first episode this season. Just as Andy (@BravoAndy) on Watch What Happens Live that it was hard to edit this season, it has been hard to find something to blog about. Although I enjoy the episodes, the fire just wasn’t there. That changed for me after viewing this episode as I found it quite the spectacle. So here we go!

The Invite

The ladies have returned from a fun and exciting trip in Mexico for Tamra’s bachelorette party and things re getting back to normal. Lydia decides that since she’s been out with the ladies on various occasions for their events, she should throw something herself. She plans this salsa party which everyone is invited to. But there’s a slight problem here, everyone isn’t friends with everyone and this may pose a problem. She calls up Heather to speak to her about the situation between her and Alexis and asks if they can have it resolved because she wants them both at the party. Heather makes a claim that Lydia is so sweet trying to get everyone to talk but doesn’t understand the history of the girls in the group. Lydia may not know the history of the group in general but just being on the show for one year doesn’t give Heather much to say about Alexis as she basically judged her from the jump. Heather being Heather doesn’t want the conflict so she agrees to give Alexis a call and invites her out for coffee so they can “talk”. (Why do I smell trouble brewing?)

Heather and Alexis: Agree to Disagree

Both ladies turn up looking absolutely beautiful. Yes, I’m being nice to Heather as she has started to grown on me, somewhat. They sit down and instantly go right to the meat of the matter. Alexis lays her case on the table demanding (but subtly) an apology from Heather but that doesn’t seem to be what Heather has in mind. She goes in on Alexis bringing up, yet again the whole Costa Rica incident. I for one am tired of hearing about the whole Costa Rica incident. She does make a valid point that Alexis her a question and she answered but in Alexis’ mind, she was talking down to her. The ladies agree, not on who is right or wrong, but that they should be able to walk into a room and say hi to each other without any problems. Finally, the whole drama can be put to rest between these two.

Lydia In Your Face

It’s the night of the salsa party and everything is looking very elegant and beautiful. I thought only Lisa could throw such classy events LOL. The guests start filing in one by one and the party kicks off right away. Tamra invites Lauri (former housewife of the show) to the event and Lydia has no problems with it. For all of you hwo may not know Lauri, she was a former employees of Vicki as well as their co-star and friend on the show. She left in the middle of Season 3 if memory serves correct, so all the ladies would have met her before. Well with the exception of Heather, Alexis and Lydia. Vicki isn’t even phased by the fact that she’s at the party but Lauri seems to have come back with guns blazing for Vicki. She lead us to believe that Vicki has been unfaithful to Don (her ex-husband) and that her now boyfriend Brooks, is dating an escort. How does Lauri know this? She goes on to say her daughter is friends with this girl and


My thing is, why after so long has Lauri decided to come on the show? She’s never been featured at Tamra’s game parties where former wives have gone, so why now? Furthermore, if her daughter is friends with someone who gets paid to do stuff with men, what does that say for her daughter? Get a life Lauri. No one really missed you.

The party seems to be going quite well until Slade (Gretchen’s fiance) decides to whisper something in her ear about Lydia, thinking perhaps she wouldn’t hear, but is instead stopped in his tracks right there and then.

Lydia basically calls him out on being a douche because of the comment he made and even went further to say maybe that had something to do with why Vicki did plastice surgery on her nose because he had been offensive to women before. I was blown away when Lydia stood her ground with Gretchen an Slade at this point because she wasn’t about to be dissed at her event. Lydia makes it known what she stands for and shut the two up once and for all. Idk what happened over the past two years but Gretchen is becoming very unlikable and I was always gunning for her. Hopefully by season 9 she turns things around.

Stay tuned because you never know when I’ll be back.



“give thanks #TVJ for allowing #Quilt to be a part of the programme this morning, let us never forget those who remain nameless 73…?” – Nadia Roxburgh, Technical Director, Quilt Performing Arts Compnany

385881_313657568662245_931798688_n (2)

Today, May 23, 2013, the Quilt Performing Arts Company (Quilt for short) a group of young actors, dancers, singers, writers and directors, performed excerpts from their award winning piece 73…? on the Smile Jamaica morning programme on TvJ, a local tv channel.

Now you’re probably wondering, what is 73…? and where did it come from? 73..? was created in 2011 for a performing arts competition, Tallawah, staged at the Philip Sherlock Centre For The Creative Arts annually. The piece was made in a bid to tell a story of what happened during the Tivoli Incursion which started on May 24, 2010. (See the following links to get an understanding of what happened /

The content of the piece was so heavy and well potrayed that it got what could be deemed as the premier award of the competition, Best Production. That about sums it up right? Wrong!

As a former member of the group, I has an inside view of what went into devising such a piece. Research was done and not just your everyday internet search but interviews with residents were also conducted. I can recall the Saturday in rehearsal when Nadia brought some brown sheets of paper and pens and told us she and Rayon had something they’d like us to do. A video was shown of the Tivoli Incursion and the rehearsal space was dead silent. We were asked to write what we felt at that moment after watching the video through whichever lens we wanted to; whether it be the police, a mother, a child or a “gunman”. What happened after that was just short of amazing. Through weeks of intense preparation for the competition, the group had to pull on emotions they never thought they had and not just perform for the sake of performing but as the Director, Rayon Mclean, always says, “do not act, become”. That was exactly what they did.

Why Now?

So why would Quilt reenact this piece today? For one, the long awaited report on the incursion was released last month which of course raised a number of questions. Secondly, tomorrow (May 24, 2013) will be mark 3 years since incursion took place and finally the residents still need closure.

Since the entire piece would be too long to perform on Smile Jamaica, Quilt chose three emotive excerpts from the overall piece which blew up my entire Twitter page. Well, for those who were watching it anyways. The first piece showed two views on the incursion; the police and the residents.

337669_279213202120754_1720750641_o                                                                            327459_279213322120742_303275713_o

(Pictures taken from the theatre performance of the 73…?)

This particular excerpt was that of a countdown. Let’s call it: The Countdown. It started at 73 and ended with 1 Don. Now it is up to you to decide who the “don” is for both groups highlighted. While watching it, I only wished I was part of the original cast but at least I got a chance to perform in the piece last year some time in January. My Twitter feed was buzzing as people were simply amazed at what they were seeing coming from such young people. I must admit, seeing this piece again after so long, brought about a reflective state of mind, especially because it was aired nationally. I’m sure the residents of Tivoli as well as the wider Jamaica appreciated this.

If that wasn’t enough, Quilt did it a second time around with their second excerpt. I’ll call this one: The Voting Line.

339360_279144168794324_2025761773_o                                                                            338110_279145635460844_699619977_o

(Pictures taken from the theatre performance of the 73…?)

Patrice Anderson, the female in the middle, was more powerful than I’ve ever seen in her performance. I mean she did get award for her role in this piece at said competition. I don’t know what happened in the studio before the second excerpt but it must have been mind boggling. Maybe it was because two residents from Tivoli had just finished their interviews which brought about such raw emotion. Then again, Patrice has always done this part justice.

This excerpt has the actors in a line, ready to mark their Xs. The mark they’re making represents the choice of representation; but it seems that such representation has failed them and so instead they place their hands “in ink, in blood and mark the X of death”. Words just simply cannot explain how and what this piece is like. One would have to see it live. Is this a hint for a Quilt Season?

The final excerpt is known as the Tug-O-War. You’d probably think this was your average rope and two teams tugging at each other but this isn’t the case. Never have I seen or had ever thought to interpret a tug-o-war like this.

331989_279222465453161_1944270632_o                                                                            331338_279222708786470_937867398_o

(Pictures taken from the theatre performance of the 73…?)

Dancers used their bodies as the literally tugging instrument while a monologue is taking place. You could hear the screams and cries as what was once a fun game of tug-o-war became a fight for survival. One Smile Jamaica, the piece was amplified as more dancers were included and new choreography introduced which brought the struggle to life.

328102_279223435453064_1898462234_o (1)                    325907_279223575453050_15593813_o

(Pictures taken from the theatre performance of the 73…?)

None of us can ever say we know what happened in Tivoli. None of us can say we know what these people went through and are still going through. We don’t and wouldn’t know what it was like if we weren’t part of the situation. All that can be said is that it was indeed tragic to hear and watch on the television what was taking place.

Quilt did an amazing job on Smile Jamaica and I’m positive the hosts were at a loss for words. Like I’ve always said, I don’t know how Rayon sees what he sees, but when he says and believes in something, it turns out beautifully. Job well done. Although not a member of the group presently, I will forever be a Quiltan. #MyPresence #MyArt #Quilt


From Darkness To Light

Before I get into this week’s finale, I bet you’re probably wondering where’s the blog  for Episode 23. I decided not to post it  so that I could do a review in this blog post and then run straight into Episode 24. I won’t even waste any more time, so let’s get down to business.


ReviewGrey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 23 (Readiness Is All)

After seeing Jo beaten up outside his house, Karev decides to take matters in to his own hands. He storms out in a rage as if he is going to kill Jason. Jason is then brought in to the hospital by Karev, very much banged up and is need of a brain surgery. Now I’m sure you’re thinking Karev what did you do? Surprisingly, it was revealed that Jo actually beat the living daylights out of Jason because has hit her. Karev gave the impression that he did it and even gave Jason (after a successful surgery) an ultimatum, not press charges and leave Jo alone or press charges and possibly face jail time for hitting her. Karev always wants to save the day and always picks the crazy ones. 

Bailey is still being a pain in the rear since the whole infection scare. She has basically demoted herself to Administrative Assistant as she is filing patient files manually because a storm’s said to be coming in 3 days but knowing the weather, it may come earlier. Although she makes an excellent point to Ross, she is getting on my last nerve. Shonda just needs to get rid of her. Webber makes it clear to her that if she doesn’t get her act together, he will have to fire her because he too has a share in the hospital.

Owen is still pressuring Yang to try her best to wake Ethan’s father even though day 8 has passed. Yang orders Edwards to do another scan and what do you know, a clot was  in his brain. Derek and Brooks operate and the 50/50 chance of survival/death turned in his favor. The guy woke up which is a good thing and finally Ethan can get out of the picture. Owen should be happy about this but he orders that the man be removed to Seattle Presbyterian as soon as possible. Shonda really did a number on Owen. I mean she even made it seems as though Owen had a chance of adopting the kid, only to have his father wake.

After being kicked out of surgery by Owen, Kepner is sent back to the ER to deal with traumas. She is furious at him but doesn’t know this is part of Matthew’s plan to surprise her with a proposal. Kepner had no idea and was really emotional. She said yes but the look on her face after seeing Jackson leaves one to question whether she’ll go through with it.

And Arizona…see for yourself

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 24: Season Finale (Perfect Storm)

Meredith is in labor and has to do a C-section in order to have the baby. She is panicking because she wants to push the baby out but is advised that is not possible. The light goes out which is now a major problem as the doctors are fearful of performing any type of surgery in this condition. Shonda really had to cause a storm, didn’t she? Ross is left to assist the OB that is set to deliver Meredith’s baby, with Derek in the room acting like the prick he is. The baby comes out and gave a little scare because he wasn’t crying but when he does, they realize they the baby has to be rushed to NIC Unit. Thinking everything is all fine and dandy now? Nope, it couldn’t be that easy. Meredith is bleeding out because she has fallen prior to the storm and Ross is left to operate on her. Upon hearing this Yang and Derek run off to the OR because they know that Meredith is in trouble. 

Running simultaneously, Brooks broke the news to Bailey about Meredith, which was just what she needed to snap out of whatever she had going on because she wound up operating on Meredith and saved her life. Meredith and Derek then decide to name their baby Bailey. Aww…how sweet!

The Big Boom

With all the panic and chaos in the hospital because of the absence of light, a bus toppling over and catching fire right at the entrance of the hospital was just what was needed to get things even more intense for the staff. Everyone stood still and witnessed the tragic accident and as soon as they thought it safe enough to leave, they run to the passengers’ rescue. Yes,  even Bailey ran to the injured’s rescue. 

While this is going on Yang is forced to operate in the dark on a patient’s heart by the encouraging words of former chief, Webber. She then realizes that this is her calling and that she can’t keep things going with Owen because she won’t change and she won’t hinder him from living the life he wants. At this time too the babies need special attention in the NIC Unit as the battery in the respiratory machines are dying. Parents begin to scramble and start asking a host of questions about how the babies will survive the night. The idea was arrived at to have the parents manually ventilate the babies to help with the limited staff.

The passengers in the bus are evacuated one by one and Avery and Owen stay behind to save a lady and her daughter. The lady is taken out and Owen brings her inside but Avery turns back to save the little girl. With the gas leakage, Avery has very limited time to get this little girl out before the bus explodes. Kepner realizes Avery is still out by the bus and before you know it….

the bus explodes. Kepner loses it 

which is isn’t quite so shocking. Avery emerges from the smokes with the little girl and Kepner could breathe a little. I guess Shonda isn’t ready to get rid of Avery. So who will die? We’ll see. After Avery is checked to see if he had any serious injuries, Kepner barges in attacking Avery like some crazy girlfriend where Matthew realizes she is deeply in love with Avery.

Love Isn’t Always Enough

Karev and Jo are off somewhere talking where he tells her he loves her and they share the long awaited kiss. Kepner, after cooling down, goes back to talk to Avery. She begins her rant about how she felt knowing he was that close to death and that she wants him. Shonda basically has Kepner begging Avery to give her a reason not to marry Matthew that is if he will still marry her. 

Things calm down a bit in the NIC Unit and Arizona and Dr. Lauren are seen expressing regret as well as a liking for what happened. Callie enters and is ready to talk to her wife after such a hectic day. The light comes back on and she notices that Arizona’s ring was on Dr. Lauren’s chest. Instantly she recognises that Arizona had cheated on her. They go into this nasty fight where Arizona once again brings up the fact that Callie is responsible for her having one leg.

She really gives it to Callie saying she didn’t lose anything and that  they won’t be even until Callie loses a leg. Damn bvtch! I was so shocked at what Arizona was saying. I mean, would she have liked Callie to bring up the car crash she caused that almost killed her and her baby?  A very hurt Callie responds to her…

Is this the end of Calzona?

There’s An End To Every Storm

The lights had come back on and were all by now knew who turned it on. Webber went down to the electrical room where the electrician is seen on the ground as he fainted from a heart attack. He tells Webber that he fixed the generator and all that needs to be done is for the switch to be flicked on. As the season winds down, we all expected someone to die and we are left with this image on Webber on the ground. Electrocuted! Thanks Shonda -_-

See you next season.


Doctors Aren’t Miracle Workers

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 22 (Do You Believe In Magic)


This episode was nothing less short of drama as there are only 2 episodes left in the season. 

We Belong Together?

A patient is brought in under serious conditions. She was part of a magic act which went horribly wrong. She was basically sawed in half at the abdomen by her husband the magician and somehow is still alive. The doctors are stunned at this and are a bit quizzical as they expect this patient to be dead. Meredith and Webber take this patient on as Bailey is off somewhere locked in the genome lab dealing with her own issues. While all this is going on, the husband and his stage assistant keep going at it and are blaming each other for what happened. The assistant outright tells the husband he is delusional and wasn’t making his wife happy as they are in love and she was going to leave him for her. Yep you heard right, the assistant is a female. What I find remarkable is how Shonda uses the patients to somehow mirror what is going on in the lives of the doctors.

They miraculously save this lady which they still are even shocked at and the husband finally decides to let his wife go as he has come to the realization that she belongs with the assistant because he wasn’t making her happy.  I link this to what is going on in Meredith’s and Derek’s life as finally they are in a place where they both want to be and it shows that they were meant to be together.  In the last scenes of this episode we see them at home with Zola talking about what to expect with the new baby on the way.

How precious? Finally I can say Derek is not so annoying as he was before.

Where Is Bailey?

As you should be well aware by now, Bailey has been under some serious pressure lately and is just now coming out of an investigation. She has locked herself in the genome lab since she’s been cleared because she still can’t believe she caused the death of 3 patients.

I’m so over Bailey you have no idea. Doctors lose patients all the time, so I really don’t know why she is taking this so personal. I mean it’s not like she did it intentionally. I wonder if this is Shonda’s way of telling us she is forcing Bailey to quit? Doubt it. Everyone tries to get her to speak because they need her in the OR because of course she has a job to do. Callie seems to be the one that needs her to come out the most as she wants her to gain her confidence back. She tries to convince Webber to talk to her where he tells her Bailey no longer trusts him. However, after seeing the husband walk away from his wife, Webber calls in Bailey’s husband (the anesthesia guy) as he may be the one person that Bailey will talk to. When she hears him outside the door, she opens up and breaks down.

I just hope this is the last of Bailey and her nonsense because I can’t deal with another week of her foolishness.

That Darn Kid

Remember that same kid Hunt has been involved with for some time now because of his dad being hospitalized? Well he is finally sent home with his grandmother because he can no longer stay in the hospital. The little glimpse I showed in the last blog gave you an idea that he was still going to be around. Anyways, while the kid is sent home, Yang is trying everything in her power to get his father out of the coma because she sees how much this is affecting Hunt. To their surprise, the kid is rushed to the ER because he had overdose on his grandma’s sleeping pills and Hunt is furious. I was taken aback when Hunt snapped the grandma because this kid isn’t his. He is taken care of and is alright but his father will never recover from the coma it seems. Shonda, where are you taking us with this one really?

Love Hurts

Since Karev’s confession that he is in love with Jo, he is seeing her everywhere. Well, duh! They do work at the same hospital, so Karev cannot avoid this. Karev tries his best to stay away from Jo but she confronts him after a surgery and he tells her that he is doing exactly what she wants by staying away from her and out or her life because she’s the one that decided to go out with the duechebag (Jason).  Upon leaving the hospital, Karev sees the two, Jo & Jason, arguing but walks away because that isn’t his problem. He arrives home just in time to see Jo on the bench outside his house and is greeted with a total game changer.

How Shonda does it? We just will never know.

Stay tuned because it’s about to get heated.


Bailey Is Innocent

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 21 (Sleeping Monster)


Welcome back viewers. I know you’ve missed me and yes, I missed you guys too :). After that huge curve ball Shonda threw at us a few weeks back, we are all left to wonder what will come of Bailey after it was highlighted that she may be the one that caused the infections.

Operation: Prove Bailey’s Innocence

Since the infection scare, the hospital has to get the situation under control as two patients have already died and one is in critical condition currently. Bailey, although in deep waters at this point, is still worried about her patient where Webber assures her he will step in and take control. She is seen in the conference room with an investigator from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who is there to try and figure out what has caused such a vicious infection. Bailey goes back and forth trying her best to blame everything else on the infection instead of taking responsibility. I mean, all the odds are against her at this point. She is asked numerous questions about the steps she took in preparing for surgery. She seems a bit flustered as she tells one side then tells another. She then storms out because she can’t take the pressure.


A an entire family has been rushed to the ER and need surgery ASAP. Callie, April and Avery are all on the cases as their area of expertise is needed. This family had a reunion and used a clothing line to play tug-o-war which cut their fingers off. There really isn’t much to be said about this scenario as all went well for the patients and their fingers were reattached. I think the focus here was more so on April and her guilty conscience for having sex with Avery and for lying to Matthew. She once again decides to blame Avery where he tells her he will not apologize for having sex with her because he isn’t sorry. While this is happening, Matthew shows up to tell her he wants to give things another shot which once again puts April in an uncomfortable position. When will this drama end?

Yang, Karev and Jason (Wilson’s boyfriends the OB/GYN) have a patient that needs to have a C-section to try and save the baby’s life as well as the mother’s. Normally, they would deliver the baby first then move to another room for the heart surgery but they decide to do everything in the one OR. The surgeries went perfectly and both patients are ok. With this baby drama going on, Meredith is seen from time to time having talks about how she wants to have her baby. She tells Yang she wants a natural birth and wants her in the room. Of course Yang declines because she really wants nothing to do with babies.

Aside – Jo Wilson, Jason (OB/GYN) and Karev are in this weird twisty love triangle. Wilson tells Karev she is moving in with Jason and he outright tells her that she is making a huge mistake. He then blabs to Jason about Wilson’s past which gets in trouble with her and she tells him to stay out of her life. Karev claims he and Wilson are just friends but makes a shocking revelation after taking a step back to think.

Way to go Karev, you’re just realizing this? SMH

Do you remember the patient that Owen has this connection to since the blow up a few weeks ago? Well it just so happened that the father is in a coma and the mother seems to be fine. The grandmother comes to visit because the kid needs someone to be with. She breaks down in the hospital because she knows her son is dying. The kid and his mom are seen in cafeteria where she begins to have a seizure and is rushed to the elevator by Derek to try and save her. Unfortunately, she dies and Owen feels guilty. Oh Shonda, what plan do you have for Owen? Yang identifies here that Owen’s desire for kids have been awakened and knows that the time will come when she will lose him. Shonda just couldn’t leave well enough alone now could she?

Bailey after storming out of the investigation, now overhears Webber telling the other infected patient’s parents that she is the one that caused the infection but doesn’t stay to hear when Webber tells Murphy he said what he said in order to have the parents sign off on the operation. He does his best to try and save the patient but the infection won and the patient died. Bailey walks back in the room with the investigator where he makes her realize she is the one that caused it.

Did Bailey Really Do It?

After the investigation was completed, the board meets with the investigative team where Bailey walks in and of course being outnumbered, Avery loses the vote to have Bailey in the room. It is revealed that Bailey does have an infection but it would not have been passed on if the gloves weren’t defective. She feels some sort of relief but is still feeling guilty as her patients died because of her. I am really loving this Shonda. Bailey was on too much of a high horse and needed to be cut down a bit. Too bad Webber got in the crossfire, now she doesn’t trust him anymore. 

I wasn’t really a fan of this week’s episode as it wasn’t what I thought it would be. I mean why give us the Bailey scare if the plan was to make her come out innocent? However, the next episode seems like it will be dramatic. Here’s a glimpse. 

Stay tuned.


The First Ladies Are Back

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 x Episode 1 (Bullies and Babies)

It’s a new year which means new set of drama from the OC housewives. If we recall last season clearly, new housewife Heather Dubrow came waltzing into town with her holier than thou attitude and immediately started hating on my girl Alexis Bellino. Friendships were tested, some broken beyond repair it seems while new ones were formed. Tamra and Gretchen finally got what they wanted, each other which saw Gretchen instantly switching on Alexis and start bashing her with Heather and Tamra. Vicki was the only who had Alexis’ back last season and because of this, she and Tamra were at odds.

The reunion proved that Gretchen, Heather and Tamra will always be on one side and include Vicki if they felt like but Alexis was on the outskirts. Where does this leave us?

Let The Clam Bake Begin

We kick off this season with the very irrelevant and forced Heather preparing for a clam bake she is having. She makes it clear that she isn’t inviting Alexis, like we care, because she and her just don’t seem to mesh. Alexis only appears in one scene with her husband as she is focusing more on her new home that she bought and her clothing line which means she works from home. Still #TeamAlexis.

Vicki’s daughter, Briana, is still very much pregnant from the last time we saw her at the reunion. She has, since then with her husband, moved back in with her mom and is just moments away from having her baby. She is in the hospital and has to undergo a C-section to have her baby. She has a baby boy which turns Vicki in a grandma. Things aren’t the same with Vicki either as we learn that she and Brooks, her ex [I think], are no longer together. That’s not the only thing that’s different with Vicki, she has done some surgical reconstruction to her face as she wants look revitalized and much younger. I mean, she has the money, so why not do it? She knows that she will be the topic of discussion at the clam bake especially because she has not seen Tamra nor have she spoken to her since the reunion. Can you spot the tension already?

Gretchen and Slade are still together it seems and things look good for them. Likewise Eddie and Tamra have moved in together since he proposed last season. I refuse to believe that all will be well with these two. Slade finally has a job that isn’t centered around Gretchen which means he may or may not be seen as often this season hanging around Gretchen like a pup.

The clam bake has begun and Heather has set up and is waiting for the ladies to show up. Of course, Gretchen and Tamra have to arrive together because they are now joint to the hip it seems with Tamra’s handbag, Eddie. They arrive at Heather’s house and start talking about Vicki and Alexis. Like when will they stop talking about Alexis though? Tamra/Gretchen [I don’t remember who] asks Heather if she has spoken to Vicki and Heather makes it known she and Vicki are good and text on occasion. They immediately ask her if she has seen what she’s done to her face which we know will stir the pot.Vicki shows up and the drama begins.

Stay tuned for the next episode as the First Ladies of The Real Housewives are back!