Liam Neeson Is Guilty And Piers Morgan Is Still No Ally

Another day, another ‘shocking‘ reveal. Why is it February, Black History Month, and we are trying to decide whether a white man, admitting he wanted to kill any Black man he came across, was a racist thought to have? Then again, would it even be a true Black History Month without some type of controversy, involving a white person?

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’d have come across a flurry of articles or broadcasts about one, Liam Neeson. Known for his role as the revenge seeking father in the Taken movies series and many others, Neeson is seen by many as a great action hero. Little do we forget that these roles are just that, roles. When the director yells that’s a wrap, Bryan Mills (Neeson’s taken character), for example, is left on set and Neeson goes home. At least that’s what we assumed had been happening. In an interview with The Independent about his new film, Cold PursuitNeeson recounted a moment in his life when a friend shared with him that she was raped. He felt angered by the situation and pushed for details about his friend’s attacker. She mentioned that the rapist was a black man and Neeson lost it.

“I went up and down areas with a cosh, hoping I’d be approached by somebody – I’m ashamed to say that – and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some ‘black bastard’ would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could kill him.” (Neeson, 2019).

After reading the comments I was absolutely horrified. Here we have a white man admitting that some 40 years ago, the 1970s, he thought he would insert himself in his friend’s trauma and exact revenge on any black person that bothered him. Not once did he indicate that this was at the request of his friend, but more so an urge he had. Let’s, for a moment, not look at the obvious racism in his sentiment but look at how he made his friend’s trauma about him, then and now. This was something that happened to Neeson’s friend, not him. Had he carried out his act, he would have gotten away with it and felt justified because some ‘black bastard’ wronged his friend. What privilege!

As expected, the white fans came out in the thousands, sporting their #teamLiamNeeson banners across every social media platform, in his defence. To them, he had awful thoughts in the past but found a way to fix them. In short, all should be forgiven. Not so fast. It wasn’t much longer that I found ‘minorities’ also speaking out in support of Neeson. Again, not surprised. Whilst the support may be understandable, we cannot act like Neeson didn’t just confess to something abhorrent. Is he brave for doing so? OR Has this been sitting on his mind for so long that he needed to release it for some unknown reason? Whatever the case, here we are.

According to Neeson, he visited a priest and did power-walking to help with the urges he had. I suppose a good walk can cure one’s desire to kill innocent black people. I can’t. But how are we to know that he doesn’t still feel this way. What proof do we have that these urges won’t ever resurface? John Barnes, an English former professional footballer, seems to think that Neeson admitting this now is brave and he shouldn’t be bashed. Barnes goes on to say that Neeson deserves some sort off medal for this act of ‘bravery’.

Barnes. Retrieved from Sky News

As the English would say John Barnes is a complete bellend. Barnes went as far as blaming the media for its portrayal of black people as a catalyst for Neeson’s thoughts, then. I suppose the media broadcasted slavery to all of Europe and stigmatized the black skin tone. HogwashI wouldn’t really listen to  anything Barnes has to say, given he was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother UK house in January 2018 for making homophobic statements toward a fellow houseguest, Courtney ActThe thing is, 40 years ago, Barnes would have been a teen and Neeson would have been a young adult. Had Neeson crossed path with Barnes, he could have been the a victim of this ‘mistake’. Why he chooses to stay blind to that, is something he alone can answer.

A very vocal critic of this revelation is none other than the forever parched Piers MorganPiers has made it clear he thinks that Neeson’s admission is something out of the Klu Klux Klan’s playbook. In fact the headline in Piers’ Daily Mail article refers to Neeson being a ‘murderous racist’. I’ll let his people address that. Thanks Piers, but no thanks. We got this. We do not need someone like Piers, who ,after multiple evidence has been brought forward against a dear friend of his, refuses to acknowledge the truth. Piers is no ally and although he may be anti Neeson at the moment, this is nothing more than Piers living up to his brand of biased bullsh*t, selective ‘advocacy’ and his unhealthy fetish for controversy. Though a young Neesan harboured racist intentions for a whole week 40 years ago and though Piers appears to be extremely critical of him, do not be fooled by loud mouthed tv host. The only thing he’s consistent with is speaking out at the hot topic of the moment, as long as it’s not a dear friend of his. You, Piers, are no ally.

Neeson went on GMA to give a tv interview with Robin about his comments and to offer further ‘clarification’. He claimed that had if his friend told him it was any other person, he would have still felt he same. He attributed this to being raised in The Troubles and seeing all the bigotry around him. Of course, he declared he isn’t racist, and though he could be telling the truth about the Liam Neeson of today, 40 years ago, he was on a racist mission for a whole week. The fact is, he asked specifically what this rapist’s race was. I’m not sure what the climate was like back in the UK in the 70s but there must be a reason why he thought to ask his friend that question. Then again, it would be something that the authorities would have asked as well. I don’t know what really caused him to make this admission but it has shown me that there are many white people, who think like the Liam Neeson of 40 years ago, today and this is frightening. They seem to quickly offer up their forgiveness but the gag is this has anything to do with them. They made it seem like this is white people to have these moments of racism. The f***! That’s scary to me. This may be a reach but here goes. There’s a reason why people like Bundy and Alcala got away with so many kills before they were caught. They were never perceived to be a threat to anyone but yet they claimed so many innocent women’s lives.

Neeson and Robin. All rights reserved to AP.

I wouldn’t say shun Neeson but I would be cautious going forward if I were to be in his space. We all know man is capable of doing the most vile things imaginable, but history has shown us time and time again, what true barbarianism is.


Thought I’d Make A Christmas Ad

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday of the year. I get to see family members I wouldn’t normally see throughout the year, catch up with friends of old and new and most importantly (for me at least) I take the time to appreciate the joys of life. This Christmas will be the second time that I’ll be spending the holidays away from family and close friends. Sucks! I usually do a Christmas/holiday card around this time but this year I wanted to dabble in something different. I’ve always wanted to be in an ad, but sadly, I wasn’t blessed with the look. LOL. It didn’t and doesn’t help that I hate hearing myself speak on any type of recording. Yeah, I know, a lot of people don’t like hearing themselves speak but this isn’t about them, now is it? LOL. Maybe it has something to do with people telling me that I sounded like a girl when I was much younger, Idk, but that’s a whole other story. Anyways, I took pen to paper and started jotting down ideas. Honestly, I nailed the concept in my head but it was challenging to have the script make sense. It took me a minute but I finally had the perfect script but I was now left stranded as one of my models, my only model, dropped out. Not to be deterred my this, I reenvisioned the concept and I was going to be only star of this video. Laugh with me, haha!

The day of the shoot arrived and I was extremely energised. However, it dawned on me that the location I chose would have all eyes on me and that I didn’t want. Especially being black in Japan. I already stood out, I didn’t need any more attention but that’s what I was calling for with all my props and my own cameraman, shout out to Dre. We started shooting at around 12 noon because of course, natural lighting and all that good stuff. Haha! I knew exactly what I wanted and so, we didn’t need to spend an excessive amount of time filming. As this was my first time directing and starring in anything of this sort, I wanted to do something true to who I am. So it may be a little cheesy, but hey, I’m no pro. I enjoy doing this type of thing and if it can bring a smile to your face, then mission accomplished. I had so much fun doing this. I honestly could do this forever but it doesn’t pay the bills. Sigh. We wrapped up filming some 4 hours later. I could tell the cameraman was just about ready to leave. I had tons of footage to choose from and after multiple editing, this was the end result. Merry Christmas


Warupan is here!


Last month, while browsing through Facebook, I came across a video that caught my attention. This video was a short animated clip of a cute panda who bought bread which turned out to be bad. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing because it was so funny (well to me at least). I wanted more. I started a search for the character on the web and came across the Instagram page for WaruPanI fell in love. This character was so unique from the typical Japanese characters and the fact that it was a panda, made it even better. I love me some pandas. But what, rather, who exactly is WaruPan? I needed answers so I reached out to the creative mind behind this fun character, to find out more about who they were and where WaruPan came from.

Keirn: Tell me about yourself.

Jiri: My name is Jiri Mills, a 28 year old Jamaican living in Japan.

Keirn: What and who is WaruPan?

Jiri: WaruPan is short for Waruii Panda or Bad Panda . He is a character I created in June 2017. Don’t be disarmed by his cute looks; WaruPan is meaner than your average bear. He believes in “instant karma” and pet peeves include stupidity and anything remotely annoying. However, instead of dealing with these problems internally, like most, he always retaliates by doing something bad which he feels is fair.

Keirn: Wow! That’s freakin amazing! How was the concept developed?
Jiri: Thanks Keirn. After going into a sticker store, seeing the effect the designs had on people and how something so simple made them happy, I set my mind to commence the design of my own brand . The initial idea was to focus on fashion but since there were so many things I wanted to design I decided to make a lifestyle brand instead. As I am currently a practicing teacher I asked students in my classes what animals they liked. Many of them said pandas and to my surprise there weren’t many popular panda characters created. So from that point WaruPan was created.
Keirn: That is absolutely amazing Jiri! I’m so proud of you. How is it managing a brand such as this in Japan?
Jiri: I appreciate that you like it. The immediate obstacle faced was being in a foreign country which speaks a completely different language and the need to find a way to bridge the gap with my brand. Japan for most people is known for its cute characters, whether it’s an anime, games or mascots. So the decision was made to promote my brand, I would create a cute, likable and relatable character.



Keirn: I like that you found the perfect market for your brand. What have you achieved thus far under your brand.
Jiri: Trust me, it means a lot to hear you say that. Well, so far under the main brand PABANDA, the first designs for WaruPan were done as a set of 40 LINE stamps/stickers.These were then followed by 5 different physical stickers and a limited set of WaruPan Dad hats. The first episode of the WaruPan series was launched via Instagram and Facebook on Sunday November 12, 2017 and one episode will be released every month.
Keirn: I have to tell you, I want one of those hats, even if my big head can’t fit it. Haha!
Jiri: Haha! You can expect to see more in late January/ early February 2018, in the form of dad hats, T-shirts/sweaters and various merchandise including phone cases, stuffed WaruPan and much more.


Keirn: I honestly am blown away by your dedication to crack the Japanese market with Warupan. Can we expect anything else?
Jiri: 1 Episode every month, physical stickers and new LINE stamps/stickers.
Keirn: Thank you so much for doing this interview, Jiri. I look forward to seeing more from you and WaruPan. Any last thoughts you’d like yo share?
Jiri: My hope for this character is to help people feel confident and comfortable enough to be true to themselves, their feelings and to create a connection among all peoples; Black, White or Asian.
I was hugely impressed to see a young Jamaican male, using his creative talent to break into the Japanese market with WaruPan. I’m sure it’ll do well in the coming months.
To to find out more about WaruPan, check out his Instagram (hereand Facebook (here). For LINE stickers, click here.

Now Get To Work B*tch

Last weekend the long awaited Britney Spears Japan Tour started off in Tokyo 東京. I had been waiting for months for this day to arrive and finally it was here. However, getting here wasn’t easy. When I first learnt about the concert, I made a Facebook post asking if any of my friends were interested in seeing Britney with me. Some showed interest while others went in on her singing ability. I won’t even go into the thick of it but Britney created a sound like no other and has a voice that is distinctively her own, identifiable anywhere. She’s broken barriers and records and never fails to deliver a stellar show. Mind you, I’ve never seen her perform live before but my friends from La La Land have seen her numerous times in Vegas and so have I via their Snapchat and IG videos. Haha! Finally, my friend Kaydeen said she was interested as her birthday would be around the time Britney would be in Tokyo 東京. ​


Tickets weren’t going to be on sale until May 7th and based on what happened in The Philippines (tickets selling out within minutes of them going on sale) I was more nervous than America was on November 9, 2016. My friend informed me of a lottery system where we would basically raffle our emails and if selected, one could nab a presage ticket. I jumped on this opportunity so fast, you think it was a once in a lifetime event. But it was, for me at least. Email entered and the waiting began. One week after my whole world came crashing down. I wasn’t successful in the lottery. All hopes of seeing the ONLY Princess of Pop were shattered. Kaydeen informed she got through and I broke down immediately. How could this happen? I told her about it. Why me? I bawled my eyes out for about 2 hours. It was that soul crushing.


I went back to the same site to see if they made a mistake because I couldn’t understand why I was being denied the chance to be great. It was like the pop gods heard my heart cry and opened up a new lottery. This would be for the June 3rd and June 4th concerts in Tokyo 東京. Though the 3rd was more ideal, I had to take whatever chance I could. Once again I entered the lottery for both dates. I got down on my yoga mat and prayed so hard, Britney would be proud of me. Tears welled up in my eyes. This time, tears of fucking JOY. I was a winner for not one but both Tokyo 東京 dates.


It was B Day. Kaydeen and I couldn’t be happier. We strolled to a local store and got come craft to make posters. I thought people still did that. Even though that didn’t really matter. Being Jamaicans we wanted to do something that Britney would see. Only, our signs were a bit small. Whatever!

We arrived at the National Yoyogi Stadium (国立代々木競技場) in Harajuku (原宿) where the concert was being held. Confident in ourselves, we approached the entrance with our tickets. The staff informed us we should go to the side at the window. Confused, we looked at each other and followed the instructions that were given. At the window, we presented out tickets. The staff now told us that what we had weren’t tickets. Yo, my fucking heart sunk. I felt like I was in the sunken place (credit to Get Out). LOL. How could we not have tickets? We paid for them. We had the confirmation email and everything. Then they made their point clearer and told us we had to print the official tickets cuz what we had were the ticket receipts. Now, how on earth were we supposed to know this? Every correspondence that we had with the lottery site was in Japanese. Okay, maybe it’s partly our fault for living in Japan and not knowing Japanese. For the first time, I felt the sharp pain of taking an L. It wasn’t pleasant but it made for a damn good laugh with Kaydeen.


We sat down at the front of the section on our tickets. Kaydeen was going to be in a different area than I. We weren’t going to let that happen. However, we had to move because the seats were assigned. How didn’t we know this? Luckily, Kaydeen’s seat was close by and I sat with her. It then dawned on us that we should have booked our tickets together. Just taking Ls all around, aren’t we? L O L. It was 18:15 and the show hadn’t started. Where are you Britney? We thought. The lights went out and I heard, “you wanna hot body, you wanna bugatti…now get to work bitch“. (Don’t laugh but all my life I thought Britney said “you wanna hot body, you wanna muscle body”. I crack myself up)

​When I tell you I lost it. I fucking lost IT. My voice went out in the first 30 seconds of seeing Britney. I was over the moon. This one woman wanted to kill my buzz by stating how loud I was. It’s Britney bitch! This ain’t the fucking opera. You should have stayed your quiet little Asian ass home. Britney did the damn thing! I wasn’t seeing her on Scheana‘s snapchat anymore. I was witnessing true artistry. Don’t argue with me on this. 

​The Princess of Pop “slayed” my entire existence. I almost hurt Kaydeen with how crazy and wild I was flinging my hair. But it was in the name of a legend. I would, without a doubt see her again and again and again Till The World Ends. Thank you for taking me along for your GLORY days, Britney Jean. 


Spring Time Is The Best Time お花見 2017

Growing up I never appreciated nature as much. Maybe it had something to do with me running around in iron-rich dirt. One of my grandmothers (may she rest in peace) chided me for my view on nature, specifically flowers. She went as far as saying “It’s a sin to hate flowers.” I indulged her because that was my grandmother and I never would dare disrespect her. Fast forward to 2014; I left my family behind and moved to Japan. I arrived in March, toward the end of the winter season. Spring was near. People were fussing over where to go for Ohanami お花見 but being new, I hadn’t a clue what it was about. As extroverted as I normally am, I was beyond nervous to venture beyond my apartment. I wound up missing my first Ohanami お花見. No biggie. The following year, I visited Hirosaki Sakura Matsuri 弘前さくらまつり with my friend Moe. There we met up with two other friends Shaheen, Theresa and Yusuke. On the way, we stopped at a field of canolas. Awestruck! Never a fan of yellow, but that field evoked a happy feeling.

At the Canola Farm with Moe

When we arrived at Hirosaki Sakura Matsuri 弘前さくらまつりwe were greeted by lush pink cherry blossoms 桜. It was also the last time we’d be able to see Hirosaki Castle 弘前城 before its renovation. I moved from Aomori 青森  to Nagoya 名古屋市 and my eyes were opened even further to the beauty that Spring held. Mama would be proud.

L to R: Theresa, Me, Yusuke, Shaheen, Moe


I never knew looking at flowers would be so calming. After all, they only move when the wind blows. But, seeing how carefully planted each tulip, carnation, daffodil, daisy, etc was, I was in awe. I was marveled by the assortment of colors for each type of flower.


Ohanami お花見 isn’t only about viewing these masterpieces from God but in Japan, friends, families, loved ones, even frenemies get together in parks across the country for weeks on end. Small tents are pitched, food trucks are on site with the most delectable food and everyone either sit under the cherry trees or anywhere close to it. People leave their homes as early as 10:00am for the parks to choose the perfect spot. Like last year, I was invited to join some friends but this time the park was close to my apartment. I couldn’t refuse.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Tsuruma Park 鶴間公園 was where we met up last weekend. Since moving to Nagoya 名古屋市, this would be my second Ohanami お花見 and I was excited. The food is the best. It’s like having the local cooked food from my community. Most of all, I enjoy the beef. We laughed, we played, then played some more. The day was well spent. Before we left, I was sure to capture as many memories as I could. Spring time is the best time.


reallyGOBBY: Keirn


From La La Land to Blah Blah Land

Two weeks ago the 89th Academy Awards, The Oscars, aired on the ABC network. As usual, we (those who give a rats ass about ‘trivial’ award shows) waited with bated breath to see the results. I would have been lumped into this category but sadly it was Monday morning for me in Japan and I was at work. This didn’t prevent from tuning via Twitter. I enjoyed reading the tweets and seeing some recognizable names as winner. The final and most talked about moment, occurred when the announcement for Best Picture was done. First, La La Land was announced as the winner with all the cast on stage, and some giving speeches. It was then that someone from the production team ran on stage (mind you, all this was happening live) to tell them there had been a mixup and Moonlight actually one. Just to point out, this isn’t a blog about Oscar night. Like many of the viewers at home, I didn’t see either film but with this whole spectacle, I had to see them but there was only one problem. La La Land was the only one being shown in the theatre so that meant I’d have to stream Moonlight (womp).

The weekend following the Oscars, I decided I’d watch La La Land first, then I’d see Moonlight. Surprised is too mild a word to describe what I saw at the theatre. The movie was almost sold out so I had to take whatever seat was available, in the front row. *insert eye roll* LOL. Anyways, I took my seat and was ready to get lost in La La Land. During the movie, I found myself analyzing every scene as if I worked for Rotten Tomatoes or something. I love my girl Emma Stone. She can/could do no wrong in my book especially after watching House Bunny when she played Natalie, but Mia fell flat for me. Now you might be thinking this kid has lost his mind if thinks he’s going to offer any worthwhile feedback on such a masterful piece when he likes House BunnyYou probably have a point but if I was paying to watch an Oscar nominated film for Best Picture, you better believe I will talk about it.

“…the hype that surrounded La La Land was hugely misplaced.”

I think it was about 30 minutes into the film that I came to the conclusion that there was no way on earth this film should have been nominated for Best Picture much less to be confused with Moonlight (still hadn’t seen). Don’t me wrong, I enjoyed it but the hype that surrounded La La Land was hugely misplaced. I was left mystified.

I couldn’t wrap my mind around why this movie received the awards it had since it’s release. Though I hadn’t  yet seen Moonlight, I would have been pissed if it lost to this. What does he know? He doesn’t know anything about musical theatre. He doesn’t know the technical elements that go into making such a film. Hey, you’re right! I don’t know, which is why the movie should have blown me away. It should have made me want to watch every musical type romance film there ever was. I won’t even get into the fact that I’ve seen and love Bye Bye Birdie, Westside Story and Chicago, all of which I love. So I have pretty good idea of what makes these type of movies great. But because Hollywood basically wets itself for any musical, there was no way they’d ever give this movie a fair critique.

Let’s look at the only two characters worth mentioning, Mia and Sebastian, played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling (Hollywood’s darlings). One could say that the actors did a good job in carrying the entire show but I that was one of my issues with it. Mia and Sebastian weren’t interesting enough as characters for the entire movie to only focus on them. Mia same from what seemed to be a middle class family who had hopes of her being a lawyer but wanted something more partly because of her aunt’s work in the film industry. We learnt she had been auditioning for 6 years for different roles, maybe landed a few but lost out to other redheads. Sebastian had dreams of owning his own jazz club. They both had their ‘struggles’ until they caught a break and voila, their dreams came true. Sounds good right? Then what could be my problem?

Mia had roommates. I would have loved to see their relationship with each other. Though the depiction of struggling actors and actresses who share an apartment may be true of Hollywood, it isn’t all roses and sunshines which is what La La Land portrayed. Yes, it’s a lighthearted drama but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t have delved into, hashtag: roommate woes. Let me remind you of my unwavering love and support for Emma but I feel like she didn’t add anything special to the role of Mia. Could she have done anything more? I guess not, after all, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

This got me thinking, would any other actress be given this award if they played Mia? This could be a good thing on the part of the writer if it was intentionally written that way. But I was still not satisfied. Though I had not seen the other movies for which actresses were nominated for the same award, QUEEN Meryl Streep was in that category and I’m sure her character had more depth than Mia. Mia lacked a certain star quality. Heck, she sang only twice throughout the whole movie and it still wasn’t great. She didn’t seem hungry enough. She seemed too confident in knowing she could always return home if things didn’t work out. Does that sound to you like someone who’d been hungry for a break for 6 years?  I can’t put all the blame on Emma for delivering what was asked of her because I suppose that’s how Mia was written, uninspiring, flat and quite frankly a bore.

Keith, played by John Legend, is introduced to us, rather pops up out of nowhere, as a former colleague/old friend of Sebastian’s. I guess they needed someone to make Sebastian more interesting. Keith is a successful musician who’s been on tour and everything. He’s definitely a big deal! To even put someone like John Legend in such a minuscule role to rescue Sebastian from going extremely broke, was a complete waste of this man’s talents.

Sebastian was basically begging for lifeline.

We then learn, Sebastian could have made it as big as Keith if he had taken the opportunity which was given to him around the same time Keith got his break. Now, I’m pissed. In which Hollywood would someone, a freaking unknown, be given the chance to put themselves out there and not take it? Maybe I don’t know much about how Hollywood works but I thought his goal was to open a jazz club and perform. How else would he expect to be on Keith’s level?  No one, and I mean no one, who is struggling in Hollywood would turn something like that down. Right there his story was already unbelievable and not in a good way.

Of course, there was the turning point when they had to pull their boots up and realize nothing will be handed to them. They had to go after their dreams, however, the opportunity presents itself next. I guess that was the take away. Was that enough for this film to receive the praise it got? Was that enough for it to be nominated for Best Picture and could have won? I think not. It felt very simple. It felt on the surface. It lacked depth. The main characters’ journey wasn’t believable. To top it all off, La La Land won for Best Director. Complete baloney if you ask me. Nothing against Damien Chazelle but dude…this movie could have been so much better. As phony and superficial people think Hollywood is, the film didn’t capture what it means to truly be ‘struggling’ to make your dream a reality in Hollywood. That was what the film set out to do and to me, it failed big time. I wouldn’t be encouraged to move to Hollywood, today, to pursue any dreams of acting. Would you? The entire film went From La La Land to Blah Blah Land.

Ryan seems to agree

Till next time.

reallyGOBBY: Keirn 

Of BREXIT and Of War and all these things

Photo Courtesy of The Middle Ground

It is indeed a sad day. It is with no happy announcement that anyone can talk about this whole BREXIT mess. War is coming, if not already on our doorsteps. The Pound is already sliding, which may eventually lead to unrest within Britain, its former colonies that still depend on it (Jamaica included) and the other world trading partners. Britain has moved from the 5th largest economy in the world to the 6th in the space of just a day. If their power declines further, naturally they will try to regain it. Whether those methods to regain power, will be purely economical, we cannot say. Which other country or countries will try to take advantage of Britain now? Only time will tell. What will it mean for the rest of the world which has already been overly affected by the squabbles in Europe? History tells us, nothing good.

The main reason the EU was ever put in place was to avoid war. You can check it for yourself and your research will tell you about free trade, free movement etc, but why are all these things so important? They are important because countries which are trading together, whose economies are linked somehow, and are dependent on each other for livelihood, will be less likely to engage in conflict. Google uses the word “conflict” but this is a euphemism for the word “war.” Let us not forget that the EU is made of countries which for decades have engaged in numerous power struggles, capturing both land and people to secure their own wealth and wield power over each other, and over the entire world. David Cameron, soon to be Former Prime Minister, said it himself. The EU has helped to keep a group of nations in check, “that for years had been at each others throats”. Cameron made reference to the years 1914, and 1940, all of which are years that coincided with death and bloodshed. I don’t particularly like this guy, but these are not words to be ignored.

Britain has succeeded in leaving, it would be remiss of us, not to think that others will too. That single thread that has been holding them back for years may eventually be gnawed clean. Are we not afraid yet? Are we not all positively terrified that we (or our children ) will possibly live through the third world war? The hatred they have for one another is so deep that even today’s generation of “young liberal thinkers” are being stifled by the older generation, who just will not let go of archaic thinking. You know the other day I went to buy corn beef, yes, corn beef (I’ll bring it back around I promise) and a French person scoffed at me. When I inquired what that was about, I was told that there is a saying from the days of the second world war. The French would rather starve than eat corn beef. I still did not get the connection, to my grocery shopping so I probed more. He told me, the French troops would rather starve. They would rather feed corn beef to the British. So clearly corn beef represented the food of inferior people…..Inferior people who by the way, all occupied on the same continent. Honestly to God, I did not know what to do with myself in the supermarket. I was thinking that I just really liked corn beef, man, surely it is not so serious? Oh, but it is. It is to them. The only thing that old fashioned European thinkers hate more than other Europeans, is other people-who are different. That’s where we, the rest of the world come in. I listened to an interview and this man said “It is all about immigration. It’s to stop the muslims,…the movement from Africa, Syria or anywhere else.” Xenophobia, cloaked as “patriotism” has never left. From the stories we know about world war two and the days of slavery, we know just how dangerous xenophobia really is. Left unchecked, it could plunge us into terrors. It brings out the ugly side of humanity. Its impact is directly responsible for institutional racism, attacks on other religions, the treatment of other human beings as second class (or subpar) citizens. Does any of this sound familiar to what we are also seeing in other countries that are not even a part of the EU? Do any other countries or leaders, I dare say, one Mr. Donald Trump, also come to mind? You see, it is not just in Britain and it’s not just about BREXIT. Everything we see happening is leading to something bigger. Xenophobia is re-establishing itself in the places that have the means to try and control others. Yesterday it was BREXIT, in the weeks/ months to come what other motions will be see turning the wheel that can take us to the next world war?

Going back to Trump, who many will agree is the living reincarnate of Adolph Hitler, is in support of BREXIT. Trump was quoted as saying: “I think this is a good thing.” First of all let us pause right there. Anything Donald Trump claims is a good thing, is MOST DEFINITELY NOT A GOOD THING. Everything he thinks, lends itself to the textbook definition of racism, sexism and all the possible “isms”. In fact one day our dictionaries will be rewritten to match these word to the word “Trump.” This likely reality is enough to make me sleep fitfully at nights. Trump went on to say: “They are taking back their country.” This is precisely the message he has been spreading to all American voters that will listen. Taking back their country will make them great again. Which really means, lets return it to the days of the past, the days of discrimination, contempt and conflict. Conflict which we now know to be the mild way of saying: war.” Some are still genuinely surprised that Trump has gotten so far, just like they are that Britain chose to leave the EU. Herein, we truly see how people think. Leaders cannot lead if the people do not believe in their message. Something is fundamentally broken in the world. Perhaps my view is overly simplistic. Probably I am just a conspiracy woman….but probably I am not. In which case, we better brace ourselves. The gears are turning. War, like winter, is coming.

-Author: Shantae Stewart (