Stop! He’s A Jehovah’s Witness, We Can’t Give Him Blood.

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9 x Episode 13 – BAD BLOOD)

Last week we were introduced to a Dr. Cahil, who was brought in to help the hospital in the now BANKRUPTCY that they face (coughs and blames Derek Shepherd). This week we find that with the recommendation to close the ER because of the fact that Seattle Grace Mercy West is really a surgical hospital, the measures have already taken effect. This we see in the form of a third set of eyes. This is an automated computer generated programme that is placed in the OR’s as well as patient rooms to keep an eye on things and to give opinions on procedures that doctors will undertake. (Talk about fancy) Cahil reiterates that this will improve efficiency and cut time spent in the OR. No one is pleases especially the interns as with any upgrade of a system comes the loss of jobs for employees. So, you see where Shonda is taking us right?

The First 10 Minutes

After Cahil speaks about the new system, the doctors disperse to go about their work schedules. (Where was Derek?) According to Meredith, he has a plan to save the ER. (My dislike for Derek’s attitude are just growing). We find him and Kepner (oh how I love me some Kepner with that ginger looking self of hers –drools-) discussing their plan to save the hospital. This is where I draw a blank. ______________________________________________Didn’t they just receive $15 million from the hospital? You’d think that the good guy Shonda Rhimes makes Derek out to be, he would suggest giving a portion of the money back to the hospital. BUT no!!!! that isn’t the case. He and Kepner plan on cutting back on “unnecessary” things  in other departments and I heard nothing about his neurology department.

Yet, Derek was one of those doctors who wasted the hospital’s money on not one but two clinical trials which had to be stopped. (I’m sure you see my disgust) Oh, not to mention when he was Chief and the safety of the hospital was compromised when the shooter had done his damage. No one sued you then, DEREK! –let me move on before this turns into a bash Derek Shepherd post

Cahil introduces doctor that will, along with the new EYE, help to standardize surgical methods across ORs. This also is in a a bid to improve the hospital’s efficiency. Bailey seems to be the only one enthused about learning this new technique which Webber finds rather annoying. (Really Webber, when did Bailey become such a kiss ass? I’m sure you didn’t mind when was kissing yours all day everyday.) I for one am tired of Webber and thinks he needs to leave the show. In the meantime, there Torres, Karev and Robins all have a patient that did a double hip replacement and refuses to walk. Such a prickly and rude child she is. –her scene irrelevant but Shonda needs to have a conscience for the doctors each week in the form of patient– I always did like the use of the patients as a means for teaching the doctors some lesson. (There’s a literary term for this, not too sure what it is though). On his way to the roof, Hunt is joined by Cahil who is now complaining that her construction workers need to do their for the ER renovation and they have this talk about why it is needed etc. Somehow, by some twisted faith, the realization that it is needed is manifested through a patient who Cahil is automaically drawn in, to help Hunt with. What a surprise!

I’m Watching YOU

Dr. RichardsonBob, as Yang so affectionately calls the automated doctor, the third eye, has already started to annoy her. He keeps making recommendations that Yang doesn’t approve of and she was just ready to go off on him. Luckily, a patient with a heart problem is on his way. (Wait…did I really just say luckily? LOL I slay myself sometimes. I really do)

The patient is brought in and of course, Yang orders blood because the patient had lost some. Only to realise, after Murphy, the most irrelevant intern until now, shows her a dog chain that the patient was carrying. Immediately, Yang, shouts, “Stop, He’s a Jehovah’s Witness, we can’t give him blood.” (This is always a topic that many feel the need to speak on. I won’t get into it though but I will say I too am a Jehovah’s Witness). So, right here we will see the ultimate test of respect for the patient’s beliefs. An OR is prepped, make that a bloodless OR, for his surgery to take place. After the surgery, Murphy is sent to speak to the patient’s parents, only to find them locked in prayer. His friends decides that if the patient was a Jehovah’s Witness, he would have mentioned it to him. (I’m like, this  twat! Did you care to find out about your friend? Maybe he tried so much to fit in with you that he hid who he was, so as not to be seen as weird or foolish to be a Jehovah’s Witness.) Anyways, Yang made it clear to the family that without blood their son is going to die but they still refuse. (It must be hard on them to allow this to happen, but because of their faith in God, they trust it must be for the best.) Murphy, tries to outsmart Bob by switching fuels with blood and is caught. –this bastard sees everything lol– Like a parent Yang scolds her and sends her on her way. The patient codes and they try to revive him but to no avail. The patient therefore dies. (Hats off to you Shonda for your representation of one of the most controversial beliefs among Christians)

Final Bits

Meredith figured out that babies actually move in the belly because her baby started to kick. (A very aww moment). Kepner is still being treated like an administrative assistant instead of a surgeon. Cahil and Hunt did a successful surgery together (possible love interest for Hunt?…! She is only around for 2 more episodes). After Derek thinks his plan for saving the hospital would work, Cahil makes it even clearer, that there is no saving the hospital because Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital will wear a FOR SALE sign. (Yet, still the millionaires have not even budged to even see if they could buy it. Sigh)


Next week promises to be exciting. Stay tuned for more on Grey’s Anatomy.

– KT


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