Riley, I Love You (Too Little, Too Late)

90210 Season 5 x Episode 12 – Here Comes Honey Bye Bye

This week’s episode was packed with a whole lot of drama, I could not believe that 45 minutes of airtime was enough. So much happened, I wondered if this was the finale, but I remembered that it is too soon for the season to end. 😀 

Therapy 101

After finding out that Max lied to her about going to a ‘geek convention‘, Naomi and Max wind up in therapy. Who’d have thought these two would be trying so hard to make their marriagerelationship work? Remember how in love they were at the ending of high school? Remember Naomi in that avatar getup? >>>>quick flashback<<<<


So, what really happened to them? This is all Naomi’s fault. She tries so hard to be the best wife. girlfriend, whatever she is to Max, that she doesn’t realize she is pushing him away. (Control freak). She basically makes all his decisions for him, even if he disapproves. The therapist mentioned that maybe Naomi needs to find something to do instead of focusing on Max. LOL. I laughed a bit here because the therapist is insinuating that Naomi doesn’t work, which would be the cause of her meddling. Naomi, responded by saying, she will be all about herself from then on. (Really Naomi, as narcissistic as you are, that won’t happen). They leave therapy in a quest to find themselves in the marriage. Naomi lands an event for a Miss Tiny Tots (a children’s pageant). –In case some of you forgot Naomi is a fabulous Event Planner- She, of course, put her all into the event, even hired the very talented Adrianna Tate-Duncan to perform. (Kudos Naomi). In the meantime, Max realizes that he really wants to go to MIT, as that was his dream before he met Naomi and ran to the pageant to tell her. Naomi got really upset because she too gave up a career in New York so she could be with Max. (Isn’t that just wonderful -cues awws– They had an argument about Max’s decision and how it would affect their marriage. (These two just can’t seem to get it right.) Max walks off after Naomi reveals how she really felt only to return after the pageant, in a calmer state ready to talk like grown ups. They both acknowledge that they are in a rut and haven’t the slightest clue of what to do. I’m sure we’ll see more from these two or will we?.


Baby Mama Drama

Teddy and Silver are still going at it re the whole getting pregnant situation. After the whole fiasco with Teddy’s uncle at the party and Silver’s attempt to get the embryos by forging Teddy’s signature, Teddy is still very much angry. (How could Teddy be so f@%king insensitive? I mean when he was in the closet, and had no one to turn to, Silver was there every step of the way. She even got him back together with Shane. Yet this is the payback she gets.-SMFH-) Silver, because she has been trying to get to Teddy since the incident, showed up at the tennis court to explain things. Like an the big a**hole Teddy is, he shut her down immediately. Telling her that the only reason he is still around is because his lawyers are drawing up a petition to have the embryos destroyed. WOW!!! Didn’t see that one coming at all. I know Teddy’s uncle suggested this, but for Teddy to even consider it, I am at a loss for words. Some bestfriend he turned out to be. Silver, has now realized her chance at ever having a child has been perished so she needs a distraction. Luckily for her Naomi came to the rescue and asked her to pitch in with the pageant. 

Is this really luck? Silver, helping with a kid’s pageant? The producers sure rubbed that one in her face. It’s like they were saying this is what you’re going to miss out on- Naomi, being Naomi, tries to make the situation less depressing by telling Silver that at least she doesn’t have to worry about baby weight and she’ll still look smoking in a bikini. (ROFL, Can’t get enough of Naomi). To make matters worse, a little girl ran over to Silver hugged her and called her Mommy. [Now, I know she’s a child but I would have been so mean to her and probably make her cry, if I were Silver] Upon hearing about the situation, Navid paid Teddy a visit asking him if her really is taking Silver’s one chance of having a baby away from her. Teddy’s face actually looked empathetic and I’m like is his mind going to change? Silver got a call from Teddy’s lawyer about signing papers. She thought this meant Teddy is allowing her to have the baby, only to be smacked in the face with the S word SURROGATE. 

:O Again, didn’t see that one coming. That’s 2 for Teddy and 0 for Silver. 

Adrianna, Dixon and Megan – This is by far one of the most painful situations to watch. Adrianna, has to be be going more than the extra mile all because of a contract she signed to Dixon’s record label. She has to be working consistently at some odd hours because she is the only person signed to Dixon. Oh, also because she cheated on him and now he hates her. It’s funny how the producers broke them up and left Adrianna alone. Dixon on the other hand, has now gotten involved with Megan (the girl whose dad was in the accident with Dixon). What a twist of fate! Anyways she is a Pre-Law student and because of her father’s death, the insurance got messed up and she may have to drop out of school. Dixon offers to help but she refuses and exclaims she can take care of herself. Dixon has to go out of town with Annie on a trip and asks Megan to do some stuff for him until he gets back. She and Adrianna are left to work together which had to be the most awkward of tasks to complete. Surprisingly, they got along and dare I say, potential friends? Megan got some good news about a scholarship which she received that could pay for her tuition. After which Adrianna finds out this was all due to Dixon which not only angered her, but Megan too. They both walk out, leaving Dixon standing by himself in the rows after the pageant. Serves you right Dixon. You became very pigheaded and as always, make dumb moves. You deserve to be alone you bastard. 

Riley, I Love You (Too Little, Too Late) 

Who remembers Riley? You know, handicapped, wheelchair hunk that Annie got involved with? Well, toward the end of the winter break, we saw Riley in doubts as to whether or not Annie would stick around for a long time due to his handicap. He calls a doctor to do this experimental spine surgery to hopefully make him walk again. (Now after watching so many Grey’s Anatomy episodes, I know for a fact that experiments fail and at times cause death) Riley had only told Dixon so Annie had no clue about this. Dixon, like a damn blabbermouth, spilled the beans and told Annie where Riley was and what he was doing. She got so worked up and decides to take Dixon along with her to this place. (Remember the trip mentioned earlier?) So they turn up at the medical centre and Annie surprises Riley. She proclaims her love for him and that he doesn’t need surgery she loves him the way he is. Riley, however, lets her know the surgery was done, so it’s just observation taking place. A relieved Annie, thinking all is well, calls the medical centre when she reaches home to speak to Riley. The doctor informs her that a clot reached Riley’s lungs and he had passed. :O :O :O :O You can imagine my shock here. I mean I have been waiting to see Riley since the break and the very day I see him is the very day he dies? NO FAIR!!! I can only begin to imagine how Annie must feel. She probably feels the same way Ivy did when Raj died. (BTW when is Ivy coming back from Mexico?) I guess the ‘I Love You’  was a little too late. _SIGH_ 

Lesson:  Do not hesitate to tell the one you love that you love them. Don’t be an Annie. LOL

Irrelevant This Week

So Liam is dealing with anger issues this week. He punches a boxer and knocks him out after being told not to. He gets banned from the gym because he has issues to deal with. (This Liam thing needs to be nipped in a bud real quick. I am annoyed and it is a waste of screen time that other necessary stories could use like Silver and Teddy). 

Navid seems to be back for good. Like why is he still in the show? His character has no more relevance in my opinion and deserves the least screen time. He for some reason wants to join this elite group at the university that they all attend. (Didn’t they all plan to go elsewhere after high school). Anyways, he uses Liam as the bait so he could get in and they break into the gym and uses Liam as the person who initiates the newbies. (This is like whatever right now. It is obvious that this new guy that Teddy introduced them to, who is part of the eilte group, is around to cause trouble. When will Liam learn?

Tune in next week to see where this goes.

– KT 







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