With Friends Like These

Season 9 Episode 4 Recap: Bahama Drama This episode had my mind in a whirlwind of WTF! How these women managed to change the actual narrative of the issue had me flabbergasted. This took some real planning and orchestration, but not by Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) as Erika would want us to believe. If LVP had […]

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Splatter Paint x Britney

Shortly after I returned from my epic Twenty7 In Bali birthday trip, I learnt about Britney Spears Japan Live Tour. I was ecstatic at the thought of seeing her and so I sought more information about how I could achieve this. To make a long and interesting story short, I got my ticket and I did […]

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Throw a bomb, I’ll throw a NUKE

As the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County (#RHOC) wrapped filming a couple of weeks ago, fans were in a frenzy. By far the most entertaining of the entire franchise, everyone was speculating when the trailer would be out. In fact, it was supposed to be released last weekend but Bravo changed it due to […]

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Destiny Is Inevitable

Hi my readers, I know I’ve been a bit MIA these past couple of months, but that’s what happens when you’re swamped with a lot of work. I’m back now and completely ready to give you all the scoop. So here’s what happened on #GreysAnatomy… Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere (Episode 1 & 2) – […]

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From Darkness To Light

Before I get into this week’s finale, I bet you’re probably wondering where’s the blog  for Episode 23. I decided not to post it  so that I could do a review in this blog post and then run straight into Episode 24. I won’t even waste any more time, so let’s get down to business. […]

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Bailey Is Innocent

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 21 (Sleeping Monster) Welcome back viewers. I know you’ve missed me and yes, I missed you guys too :). After that huge curve ball Shonda threw at us a few weeks back, we are all left to wonder what will come of Bailey after it was highlighted that she […]

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