Splatter Paint x Britney

Shortly after I returned from my epic Twenty7 In Bali birthday trip, I learnt about Britney Spears Japan Live Tour. I was ecstatic at the thought of seeing her and so I sought more information about how I could achieve this. To make a long and interesting story short, I got my ticket and I did see the concert. It was everything and then some. Gimme More please! So like with any event, I needed to find the perfect outfit. This time, I had to find one that was concert ready.

In my blog LIVING MY LIFE LIKE ITS GOLDEN, I made mention of the fact that I went shopping in Osaka, Japan (大坂) when I was on holiday. While there, my eyes caught this splatter paint shirt and I fell in love. I needed a second opinion, (well, not really) which was when I messaged a friend to help with my choice. Luckily for me, the shirt was being sold with a white long tank which I thought was quite the bargain. I paid about 25 USD for both at Method. 

Since the main colour of my splatter paint shirt was black, I knew I didn’t want to wear black bottoms. Instantly, I thought of my trusty skinny, blue denim jeans which I purchased from Bershka while it was on sale about a year ago for 20 USD. When I tell you that Bershka never fails, you need to believe me. The jeans were the right choice especially cuz they were super comfortable.  I could have gone the obvious route and went with a island inspired tank and shorts from H&M or Forever21 Men but I wanted to be different or at least not be looking like every other Britney fan. Besides, being Jamaican, that didn’t feel like the best choice for an event that wasn’t a water theme.

When it was time to decide on which shoes I’d wear, I was in a rut. I wanted to wear some black boots but I didn’t own a pair. I browsed several stores here in Japan (日本) and I came across the neatest set of Timberlands (Tims) I’ve ever seen. But, when I checked the price, my wallet screamed in shock horror and I felt a sharp pain in my chest as if I was daggered. I couldn’t afford. I wept. Those Tims were going for 230 USD which would cost more than my entire outfit. That wasn’t about to happen. 2 years ago I wore a black pair of high top (more like mid high top) I got from Bershka for 40 USD and they happened to go well with the colours I chose to wear on top.

Per usual, I recycled my only necklace and bracelet but this time, I had a new pair of sunglasses I purchased from WEGO Japan for a price 8 USD. You’re probably thinking ‘sunglasses at a concert?’ Well, since summer is right around the corner, the days are much longer, so they made sense. Since this was a Britney Spears concert, I worse two of her buttons on my shirt and made signs so she could see me in the crowd.

I don’t want to get too much into my hair but I opted to put my hair in a ponytail to keep the back of my head as cool as possible. I mean, no one wants to have sweat just running down their neck. 

Everything was in place and I headed to National Yoyogi Stadium (国立代々木競技場) in Harajuku (原宿) on June 3rd, to see the Pop Princess herself, Britney Jean Spears. 



Splatter Paint Shirt, Tank (just so you know this isn’t the top I wore but it can also work),  Skinny Jeans, High Top Shoes, Necklace, Bracelet, Sunglasses

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