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As the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County (#RHOC) wrapped filming a couple of weeks ago, fans were in a frenzy. By far the most entertaining of the entire franchise, everyone was speculating when the trailer would be out. In fact, it was supposed to be released last weekend but Bravo changed it due to pictures being leaked. Anyways, it’s Tuesday in Japan (Monday in the west) and the first thing I saw when I woke up was the trailer. I wasn’t disappointed.

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The trailer opens up with soundbites from last season which tells us the drama will be an extension of the tension carried over from last year. Returning (a true legend), is Lydia who was quiet force in season 8. I love Lydia and I’m so happy to see my Queen back. Last time she and Vicki ended on rocky terms because of an altercation with Vicki’s son-in-law (Ryan) and Lydia‘s mom (Judy). So let’s see what happens with them this season.

Lydia introduces a new housewife, Peggy, which makes her the 100th US housewife in history. She seems to get right into the mix as both Kelly and Meghan are seen shouting at her. This is bound to be really juicy. 

Meghan recently had a beautiful baby girl, Aspen, who I’m dying to meet. Can’t wait to see how Meghan parents her daughter. We see her and Kelly get into it as Kelly tells her she should pay attention to her kid and gossip. Ouch! I hope their friendship doesn’t end. Shannon is seen telling Lydia and Tamra that Vicki is the causes of her stress which ultimately resulted in her weight gain. I had no idea that Vicki cheated on Shannon and embarrassed her on tv. If this is her storyline, might as well she left with Heather Dubrow. Pathetic! When Lydia told her that there’s always drama when she’s around her, I lost it. Yes! Lydia never holds back. I especially can’t wait to see Judy fairy dust Shannon. L O L.

Speaking of Tamra, it seems a lot of her drama will be a follow up of that horrendous bus ride in Ireland last season. Kelly let it out of the bag that Vicki told her Eddie was gay. We see my babe Gretchen (I forgave her after season 8) making a cameo with Queen Lizzie, trying to get the bottom of these rumours. Rumours which have been swirling around for years. Who gives a sh–! This season is gearing up to be as iconic as the last.

The biggest shock of all to most fans of the show probably will be the moment Kelly and Shannon seem to make up. Who’d have thought?

The Real Housewives of Orange County returns Monday July 10 at 9/8c only on Bravo. 


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