Saddle Up, Dallas Is Back

Hello my readers! It’s been over a month since my last entry, where I shared my thoughts on Lisa Vanderpump and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A new month has arrived and with that another series has started. I’ve decided to start blogging on The Real Housewives of Dallas (RHOD) for the first time. Here we go!

Season 4 Episode 1 – Of Friends and Frenemies

As with every season premiere, we got caught up with the cast since we last saw them on the season 3 reunion. The episode was heavily advertised with a Friendtervention for LeeAnne and D’Andra at Stephanie’s home. Before we get into that, here’s what you missed.

Rich had popped the big question to LeeAnne two seasons ago and all of last season the women kept going at her about her wedding plans. By women, I mean Brandi and D’Andra. We learnt that the wedding will be 7 weeks from when they filmed that scene, so in reality tv time and judging by the fact that they went on their cast trip after the wedding, I’ll say at about episode 10 is when we’ll see the wedding. LeeAnne let us know that after the reunion she hadn’t heard from D’Andra after she promised to reach out to her so they could both go to friend counselling (this they had agreed to at the reunion). I’m not too surprised by this.

Speaking of D’Andra, we got 5 scenes in total (flashback included) with her. Of the 5 scenes, only one had nothing to do with the same storyline she’s had since season 2, her skin care company. Firstly, while speaking with her husband (Jeremy) she expressed that after her mother signed over the company to her, she found out that it has approximately 3 months to remain open if they don’t start turning a profit. Basically, she intimated that Momma Dee (Dee) signed over a failing company to her. I truly don’t know what to make of it because D’Andra admitted that she knew they lost money when they stopped advertising on Christian networks but never said why they stopped in the first place. It also doesn’t really make sense to me that D’Andra wouldn’t have known about the company’s financial situation before it was signed over to her because she worked closely with her mom and from what we saw, she would know the ins and outs of the company. She was basically her mother’s right hand, so how could she not have known? Unless, she wasn’t as involved and devoted to the company as she claims. Idk! It just doesn’t add up.

She then confirmed what LeeAnne said by stating they hadn’t spoken since the reunion. D’Andra commented that she thought the idea of friends’ counselling was silly. I bet now that the cameras started rolling, she wouldn’t have objected. I said this because it was revealed on the reunion last season that D’Andra does some stuff, simply because the cameras are there but complains behind the women’s backs about supporting them. She alluded to the fact Rich sent her husband some horrible texts which also caused her to stall reaching out.

We got a little more insight into her family situation when she went to her adopted father’s gravestone with her mom. This is the man who raised her after her biological father committed suicide. She engaged Dee in conversation and told her that she spoke with the accountants and relayed the same information she shared with Jeremy. I’m still trying to understand exactly what Dee’s response meant but said that she doesn’t need much from the company, she just needs to be getting a cheque. D’Andra choked up because she had to take a pay cut and felt lost. They talked about what her dad would want her to do. D’Andra then raised the question of getting access to her trust to help the business and her Dee told her she needs to figure the mess out because won’t get the trust yet. It’s beyond me that D’Andra seems so overwhelmed when all she did was legally take over the company. Like I said, she’s let us believe she worked right along her mother’s side, so a simple legal document couldn’t have caused this much change. At least, I don’t think so.

A Little Bit of Steph and Brandi

Brandi caught us up on her home life and we got to see her son, Bruin, walk. He’s really grown and looks happy. Then again, he’s just a year old. He can’t not be happy. LOL. Her girls are also growing and Brooklyn, the older of the two girls, isn’t the least bit shy and a mini Brandi in the making. She seems like a fun little kid but I could hardly pay attention to Brandi’s scene as both girls kept screaming over of each other. Complete mayhem! I wouldn’t want to be the producer or the 3 camera men in that scene. This gave me flashbacks of Teresa’s kids on The Real Housewives of New Jersey when they were around that age. Yikes! No mention of Bryan

Stephanie tells us Travis went back to Harvard for more academic experience in the business field. After they finished playing around on the hover boards, she suggested he has a chat with D’Andra since she just took over the company and needs some help. Steph being the kindhearted person she is, wants LeeAnne and D’Andra to get together and squash their beef or at least come to some type of understanding. Travis seemed to think that was a good idea, considering the two had been friends for such a long time and even encouraged Stephanie to invite them to their house. We know Bryan would’ve never said this about LeeAnne. Haha! I love me some LeeAnne but Stephanie has never done wrong in my eyes. The true peacekeeper. The UN could learn a thing or two from her. Haha!

Fun Of Missing Out – FOMO


Why am I laughing? Well, Stephanie gave Kameron a ring to invite her to the friendtervention. Kam had to decline because she was preparing for Spring Break with her family and would be leaving on the day the friendtervention was to be held. In her interview, she exclaimed she had no FOMO about missing the sit down. She went on, “and if you wanna know what FOMO is (to the producers) it’s Fun Of Missing Out”. LoLoLoLoLoLoLoLoL The producers had to tell her that’s not what it stood for. Only Kam! This is why I love her. She’s unintentionally funny and brings a real lightheaded quirk to the show.

Kary for Cary

I’ve been saying since last season that Cary Deuber (former full time cast member) needed to have a reduced role if any at all. I like her but she wasn’t doing much and the show could’ve gone on without her. I guess I was right and Bravo traded Kary for Cary.

Kary is the newest cast member and we were introduced to her through D’Andra. This is the 4th scene with D’Andra. I feel like she’s being set up for some type of redemption since she came off looking really badly last season. We’ll see. Kary also knows Cary and she tells D’Andra that she had a problem with what LeeAnne did to Cary and Mark seasons ago. She’s already annoying me because she’s coming in to take on a storyline that’s over 2 years old, especially when all the parties involved have moved on and are friends. If this is what she’s going to be bringing for the rest of the season, she better get ready for the feedback cuz none of that past stuff is her business.


Steph welcomed Brandi as she was the first arrive. They chat for a moment in no time, the subjects of the matter (LeeAnne and D’Andra) showed up. I really wanted Kam to be at this sit down because it seems like everyone for that she and D’Andra also didn’t leave the season 3 reunion on a good note. Remember #ATTgate? They sat down to talk. LeeAnne opened the floor by stating that when D’Andra accused Rich of cheating on her, she crossed a line. D’Andra (her 5the scene, the most out of anyone in the premiere) brought up the texts Rich sent both her and Jeremy that he was cheating on her (D’Andra) as some counter to LeeAnne’s issue. She added she didn’t start any rumour and that she was asking LeeAnne as a friend. I’m happy the flashbacks showed that’s not at all what did. It’s important to note that D’Andra brought this cheating rumour about her husband on the season and not LeeAnne.

They went back and forth for a little while longer and agreed that they would move on. Moving on for them meant they wouldn’t bring up anything about the other to anyone but themselves. All the hype and big talk throughout the episode with this soft interaction from two former besties who hasn’t seen each other in 3 months, fell flat.

And here lies my issue with RHOD. The show is okay but it isn’t great. How is it that the whole episode was a build up to this friendtervention yet it was like they were at some book club and having a minor disagreement about characters or plot? I’m not saying they needed to go crazy like the women in Jersey and not every interaction needs to be heated but cmon…this is usually how most of their conversations go, except when LeeAnne turns up.

The cast is likeable and there doesn’t need to be down in the gutter drama but they’re on season 4 and are still playing it safe. It was a good premiere and I see many fans complaining via Twitter that they don’t know why RHOD doesn’t have high ratings and that it’s the “best”, it’s “better” than The Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP), etc. BUT the cast is missing a true socialite. RHOD started off with charities and is trying to find a proper footing. They’re almost there but they need someone who really puts their money where their mouth is.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9pm on Bravo.




With Friends Like These

Season 9 Episode 4 Recap: Bahama Drama

This episode had my mind in a whirlwind of WTF! How these women managed to change the actual narrative of the issue had me flabbergasted. This took some real planning and orchestration, but not by Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) as Erika would want us to believe. If LVP had deserved it, I would’ve been the first say she messed up, like I did when she fired James from SUR on Vanderpump Rules. Though I get it because Katie used Me Too on camera to her boss and that would’ve looked horrible on any employer to tolerate any harassment (James doesn’t harass women at work and they know it). So how does one even begin to talk about the complexities of everything that took place?


Since Teddi decided she didn’t want to be LVP’s scapegoat, I suppose it wasn’t long after that the women decided to leave the dinner table. We see flashbacks of LVP telling Dorit that her priority was always the dog and the issue wasn’t really about her as she tried to shut down talks of it. Dorit responded that it is about her which I just had to shake my head at. LVP, to Dorit’s face is letting her know that Lucy was the priority but Dorit wanted her feelings to be the focal point. How daft can one person be? Dorit could have, at that point, dropped it but Rinna got in her ear and she was now feeling validated in her victimhood. Rubbish!

In another flashback we see Kyle siding with Teddi that LVP set both her and Dorit up. I bet she won’t tell LVP that she agreed with this mess. At this point, I’m tired of Kyle so easily throwing LVP under the bus. It’s like she forgot their chat in the beginning of season 5 after the whole debacle in season 4.

Kyle figured out (and by figured out I mean it was revealed) that Brandi was causing mischief in season 4. She knew she owed LVP an apology because it was apparent that Ken & LVP had hers and Mauricio’s back re #tabloidgate. However, as we saw the next day, Kyle tried to explain Teddi’s side of things and why she felt like she was set up. Kyle once again was willing to see everyone’s point of view except LVP, who she claimed is like a sister to her. Then again, if how she treated Kim on the show is indicative of how she treats her blood sisters, she must really love LVP because she’s getting the mild dosage of Kyle’s disloyalties.


Day 2, the crusade against LVP was about to continue. Erika called Teddi so they could play golf together. I find this so surprising. Yes, they agreed at the reunion last season to move forward but they’ve not filmed any scenes together so why did Erika choose her to play golf with? She’s never called LVP to do anything and she’s been on the show with her for 4 years now. They began talking about what happened the night before and Erika wasted no time in furthering Rinna‘s agenda. She even went on to say that LVP thought she could punk Teddi but she thought wrong. Sounds eerily familiar to Rinna saying that LVP was slipping. Erika has never been excited about anything since she’s been on the show, unless it has to do with LVP. This is very similar to the moment she went back to Yolanda after Kyle’s BBQ in season 6 and told her what LVP said but somehow didn’t mention Kyle was prodding her even though Yolanda spoke to both of them about her kids having Lyme.

Anything Erika had to say about LVP should have been taken with a grain of salt because she’s never given her the chance she’s given everyone who she’s wronged. Erika lied about moving on from #pantygate only to bring it up two months after, she lied about what she told Teddi last season then reacted like a maniac when called out, so whatever she had to say about LVP, carried no weight. It’s frustrating yet amusing to see Teddi no longer be a fawn amongst sharks but is lying about her involvement to everyone.

Rinna ensured she went with Dorit because she needed to plant more seeds of doubt about LVP. I’m actually annoyed and done with Dorit. Camille was the only one asking the right questions about the whole situation. Everyone else seemed to care more about how this story got out and not that Dorit messed up the whole thing to begin with. Rinna wasn’t about to let Camille have her plans blow up so she chimed in again, telling Dorit that LVP set the whole thing up and she did nothing wrong.

I can’t believe I liked this woman. Like, Rinna was my first ever tv crush as a kid but the more I watch her on reality tv, the more repulsed I get. How can someone harbour such hatred for another person all because they didn’t take the fall for some crazy plot? Rinna, the same woman who accused Dorit of hosting a party and providing a space for people to do coke. Rinna, the same person who texted Kim that she will f*ck her up and told Eden that Kim was close to death. Yet, she is who Dorit is listening to. Dorit, seemed to be soaking up this support because she knew she was guilty and there was no way around that. After all, she already returned one dog, so she knew the procedure.


Before the ladies gathered for dinner, LVP called Teddi so they could talk about the issue. She walked into LVP’s suite and immediately demanded an apology. God, she’s like Eileen steroids. Teddi accuses her of giving John Blizzard specific instructions to tell her about the dog. LVP lets her know she never did such a thing because she wanted to shut the whole thing down. Teddi then pulls out her receipt to show that John Blizzard did tell her that. All of this is a bunch of he said she said. Teddi, on social media wants us to believe she and John Blizzard are not friends and are not close, but yet on the show she wants us to believe the word of someone she claimed she isn’t close with? She fails to realise that she’s on a tv show so we don’t only follow what’s on screen. Make it make sense. What I find funny is that Teddi supposedly showed her proof yet what we saw was a cropped photo mess of a whole text thread. Text messages that are on Teddi‘s phone. So why crop them Teddi if you have nothing to hide? They were at an impasse.

They finally made it to the dinner table but it wasn’t long before Teddi protest she can’t sit and pretend everything was fine when it wasn’t because she isn’t a fake person. At this point, Teddi has claimed she never told anyone about Lucy (she told Rinna), claimed she had proof that LVP told Blizzard to tell her (she showed a cropped text message) and said she doesn’t lie (that was the biggest lie of all). Teddi really sat at dinner and lied to everyone about her involvement and I’m just speechless. Who the hell did were we introduced to last season? Who is this new person? She has done a complete 180. To make matters worse, Dorit said she believed Teddi which was when LVP decided to leave the table. It’s Puerto Rico all over again. Dorit, has already taken on the role of the victim in this situation at this point, so anyone who’s siding with her, is going to be her best friend. Fickle!

I can’t understand why Teddi would do this. I’ve done extensive research like I was doing a thesis for my masters degree and it’s doing my head in. Let’s say LVP did want Teddi to know. Why wouldn’t she? They were friends. Teddi went into Vanderpump Dogs once per week, so she probably would have heard anyways. Does Teddi expect us to believe LVP told her to respond the way she did to John Blizzard by saying she would ask if that was Dorit’s dog? Gimme a break! Teddi claimed she isn’t the type to want to hurt Dorit but we clearly saw the text exchange and if their was a plan to talk about this, she was fully on board. What changed?

I have a theory. Filming for the new season had just started. The week of the Daily Mail party at Tom Tom, LVP was swamped work as the restaurant had no light nor water. When Teddi, Kyle and LVP filmed at Vanderpump Dogs as we saw in episode 1, this was on July 12th (the Thursday) the day after the Daily Mail party. This was Teddi’s scene to promote her business by doing something that will benefit a charity (in this case Vanderpump Dogs). Teddi and Blizzard had been texting prior to the scene and this was when Teddi mentioned she would ask about the dog if Blizzard brought it out (evidence in the clip above). Teddi’s event was the following Saturday July 14th. After this point, Teddi had no more use Vanderpump Dogs nor LVP. About a month later, even though they edited everything in episode 1, Kyle had her BBQ. LVP had already met with Dorit and PK and addressed the issue. So, if they claim LVP is this master manipulator, why wouldn’t she tell John Blizzard to tell Teddi everything was sorted? That’s because there was no plan for a set up. Teddi, after deciding to squash the beef between her and Dorit, had this information and decided to use it to her advantage. Sorta like how she ran her mouth to Rinna last season that Dorit had been talking badly about her. Kyle salivates at anything distracts people from what goes on in her actual life and this was the perfect opportunity to steer the cameras in another direction, LVP. Everything goes back to Teddi and Kyle, not dropping the subject when it really didn’t have anything to do with them. Kyle should remember….

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


If I Want Your Opinion, I’ll Give It To You

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The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s tag lines are out and I’m not super impressed. Usually the OC women have such witty and catchy tag lines, that I don’t mind hearing them at the start of every episode. This year, for season 12, I’m not sure I want to hear them for the weeks to come. Thank god for Bravo On Demand.

Upon hearing the tag lines, I didn’t know what to think at first or how I wanted to introduce them to you (if you haven’t already heard them) and I still don’t know how but here goes. ​

Kelly Dodd – “If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.” I was having my morning cereal when I heard this one and almost spat it out. It was funny. Though I’d have preferred something like this, “You can stay the puppet while I stay the master” (credit: mattymonsterz) Kelly’s choice is still good. It is very true to who she’s shown herself to be on season 11. It gives me Victoria‘s from The Real Housewives of Sydney, “My viewpoint isn’t the only one, but it’s clearly the best.” Get em Kellegend!

Meghan King Edmonds – “I can handle a baby and women who act like one.” I’d have put Meghan‘s first cuz it’s really good but I like a witty tag line more. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can check my blog for my thoughts on it. There, you’ll see why Meghan‘s tagline is no longer centred around being Jim‘s wife. ​​

Vicki Gunvalson – “I go big or go home and I’m not going home.” ​Since season 10, Tamra and Shannon have been rumoured to be lobbying for Vicki to leave the show. This is tag line is perfect cuz the OG is here to stay, woo hoo!

Lydia McLaughlin – “If you can’t take my sparkle, then stay off my rainbow.” I love Lydia to bits but I feel like Queen Judy, Lydia‘s mom, is responsible for this. L O L. She is always fairy dusting people and from the trailer we see she’s back and upgraded to sparkle. I’m here for it Lydia. ​​

Tamra Judge – I’m pint sized, baptised and highly prized.” Okay, so this isn’t so bad but when has Tamra every been pint sized? Does she think she’s Adriana De Moura from The Real Housewives of Miami? Besides, her main storyline this year, from the rumour mills, should be centred around defending her husband against the “allegations” re his sexuality. What does being pint sized have to do with any of that? I guess we’ll find out. 

Shannon Beador – “The truth is organic, but lies are just artificial.” I, for one am stunned this is her tagline. Saying lies are artificial is like saying water is wet. What happened to the woman who came up with “When life gives you lemons, put nine in a bowl”? 

Peggy Sulihan –I’m living the American dream, one sports car at a time.” When I heard this, I knew I heard it somewhere before. In fact, I knew it came from another housewife. Using my detective skills, I typed these exact words “I’m living the American dream, one mistake at a time” and I found that the tag line belonged to Kelly Bensimon of The Real Housewives of New York City season 4. Peggy, you should have done adequate research. Can’t believe Andy approved it. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County returns Monday July 10 at 9/8c only on Bravo


Throw a bomb, I’ll throw a NUKE

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As the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County (#RHOC) wrapped filming a couple of weeks ago, fans were in a frenzy. By far the most entertaining of the entire franchise, everyone was speculating when the trailer would be out. In fact, it was supposed to be released last weekend but Bravo changed it due to pictures being leaked. Anyways, it’s Tuesday in Japan (Monday in the west) and the first thing I saw when I woke up was the trailer. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I almost choked on my morning breath. Haha!

The trailer opens up with soundbites from last season which tells us the drama will be an extension of the tension carried over from last year. Returning (a true legend), is Lydia who was quiet force in season 8. I for one love Lydia and I’m so happy to see my Queen back. Last time she and Vicki ended on rocky terms because of an altercation with her daughter’s, Briana, husband (Ryan) and Lydia‘s mom (Judy). So let’s see what happens with them this season.

Lydia introduces a new housewife, Peggy, which makes her the 100th US housewife in history. She seems to get right into the mix as both Kelly and Meghan are seen shouting at her. This is bound to be really juicy. 

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Meghan recently had a beautiful baby girl, Aspen, who I’m dying to meet. Can’t wait to see how Meghan parents her daughter. We see her and Kelly get into it as Kelly tells her she should pay attention to her kid and gossip. Ouch! I hope their friendship doesn’t end. Shannon is seen telling Lydia and Tamra that Vicki is the causes of her stress which ultimately resulted in her weight gain. I had no idea that Vicki cheated on Shannon and embarrassed her on tv. If this is her storyline, might as well she left with Heather Dubrow. Pathetic! When Lydia told her that there’s always drama when she’s around her, I lost it. Lydia never holds back. I especially can’t wait to see Judy fairy dust Shannon. L O L.

Speaking of Tamra, it seems a lot of her drama will be a follow up of that horrendous bus ride in Ireland last season. Kelly let it out of the bag that Vicki told her Eddie was gay. So we see my babe Gretchen making a cameo with Queen Lizzie, trying to get the bottom of these rumours. Rumours which have been swirling around for years. Who gives a sh–! This season is gearing up to be as iconic as the last.

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The biggest shock of all to most fans of the show probably will be the moment Kelly and Shannon seem to make up. Who’d have thought?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County returns Monday July 10 at 9/8c only on Bravo. 


Lydia In Your Face

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 x Episode 12 (Chicks and Salsa)

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Heck, I haven’t blogged about #RHOC since the very first episode this season. Just as Andy (@BravoAndy) on Watch What Happens Live that it was hard to edit this season, it has been hard to find something to blog about. Although I enjoy the episodes, the fire just wasn’t there. That changed for me after viewing this episode as I found it quite the spectacle. So here we go!

The Invite

The ladies have returned from a fun and exciting trip in Mexico for Tamra’s bachelorette party and things re getting back to normal. Lydia decides that since she’s been out with the ladies on various occasions for their events, she should throw something herself. She plans this salsa party which everyone is invited to. But there’s a slight problem here, everyone isn’t friends with everyone and this may pose a problem. She calls up Heather to speak to her about the situation between her and Alexis and asks if they can have it resolved because she wants them both at the party. Heather makes a claim that Lydia is so sweet trying to get everyone to talk but doesn’t understand the history of the girls in the group. Lydia may not know the history of the group in general but just being on the show for one year doesn’t give Heather much to say about Alexis as she basically judged her from the jump. Heather being Heather doesn’t want the conflict so she agrees to give Alexis a call and invites her out for coffee so they can “talk”. (Why do I smell trouble brewing?)

Heather and Alexis: Agree to Disagree

Both ladies turn up looking absolutely beautiful. Yes, I’m being nice to Heather as she has started to grown on me, somewhat. They sit down and instantly go right to the meat of the matter. Alexis lays her case on the table demanding (but subtly) an apology from Heather but that doesn’t seem to be what Heather has in mind. She goes in on Alexis bringing up, yet again the whole Costa Rica incident. I for one am tired of hearing about the whole Costa Rica incident. She does make a valid point that Alexis her a question and she answered but in Alexis’ mind, she was talking down to her. The ladies agree, not on who is right or wrong, but that they should be able to walk into a room and say hi to each other without any problems. Finally, the whole drama can be put to rest between these two.

Lydia In Your Face

It’s the night of the salsa party and everything is looking very elegant and beautiful. I thought only Lisa could throw such classy events LOL. The guests start filing in one by one and the party kicks off right away. Tamra invites Lauri (former housewife of the show) to the event and Lydia has no problems with it. For all of you hwo may not know Lauri, she was a former employees of Vicki as well as their co-star and friend on the show. She left in the middle of Season 3 if memory serves correct, so all the ladies would have met her before. Well with the exception of Heather, Alexis and Lydia. Vicki isn’t even phased by the fact that she’s at the party but Lauri seems to have come back with guns blazing for Vicki. She lead us to believe that Vicki has been unfaithful to Don (her ex-husband) and that her now boyfriend Brooks, is dating an escort. How does Lauri know this? She goes on to say her daughter is friends with this girl and


My thing is, why after so long has Lauri decided to come on the show? She’s never been featured at Tamra’s game parties where former wives have gone, so why now? Furthermore, if her daughter is friends with someone who gets paid to do stuff with men, what does that say for her daughter? Get a life Lauri. No one really missed you.

The party seems to be going quite well until Slade (Gretchen’s fiance) decides to whisper something in her ear about Lydia, thinking perhaps she wouldn’t hear, but is instead stopped in his tracks right there and then.

Lydia basically calls him out on being a douche because of the comment he made and even went further to say maybe that had something to do with why Vicki did plastice surgery on her nose because he had been offensive to women before. I was blown away when Lydia stood her ground with Gretchen an Slade at this point because she wasn’t about to be dissed at her event. Lydia makes it known what she stands for and shut the two up once and for all. Idk what happened over the past two years but Gretchen is becoming very unlikable and I was always gunning for her. Hopefully by season 9 she turns things around.

Stay tuned because you never know when I’ll be back.


The First Ladies Are Back

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 x Episode 1 (Bullies and Babies)

It’s a new year which means new set of drama from the OC housewives. If we recall last season clearly, new housewife Heather Dubrow came waltzing into town with her holier than thou attitude and immediately started hating on my girl Alexis Bellino. Friendships were tested, some broken beyond repair it seems while new ones were formed. Tamra and Gretchen finally got what they wanted, each other which saw Gretchen instantly switching on Alexis and start bashing her with Heather and Tamra. Vicki was the only who had Alexis’ back last season and because of this, she and Tamra were at odds.

The reunion proved that Gretchen, Heather and Tamra will always be on one side and include Vicki if they felt like but Alexis was on the outskirts. Where does this leave us?

Let The Clam Bake Begin

We kick off this season with the very irrelevant and forced Heather preparing for a clam bake she is having. She makes it clear that she isn’t inviting Alexis, like we care, because she and her just don’t seem to mesh. Alexis only appears in one scene with her husband as she is focusing more on her new home that she bought and her clothing line which means she works from home. Still #TeamAlexis.

Vicki’s daughter, Briana, is still very much pregnant from the last time we saw her at the reunion. She has, since then with her husband, moved back in with her mom and is just moments away from having her baby. She is in the hospital and has to undergo a C-section to have her baby. She has a baby boy which turns Vicki in a grandma. Things aren’t the same with Vicki either as we learn that she and Brooks, her ex [I think], are no longer together. That’s not the only thing that’s different with Vicki, she has done some surgical reconstruction to her face as she wants look revitalized and much younger. I mean, she has the money, so why not do it? She knows that she will be the topic of discussion at the clam bake especially because she has not seen Tamra nor have she spoken to her since the reunion. Can you spot the tension already?

Gretchen and Slade are still together it seems and things look good for them. Likewise Eddie and Tamra have moved in together since he proposed last season. I refuse to believe that all will be well with these two. Slade finally has a job that isn’t centered around Gretchen which means he may or may not be seen as often this season hanging around Gretchen like a pup.

The clam bake has begun and Heather has set up and is waiting for the ladies to show up. Of course, Gretchen and Tamra have to arrive together because they are now joint to the hip it seems with Tamra’s handbag, Eddie. They arrive at Heather’s house and start talking about Vicki and Alexis. Like when will they stop talking about Alexis though? Tamra/Gretchen [I don’t remember who] asks Heather if she has spoken to Vicki and Heather makes it known she and Vicki are good and text on occasion. They immediately ask her if she has seen what she’s done to her face which we know will stir the pot.Vicki shows up and the drama begins.

Stay tuned for the next episode as the First Ladies of The Real Housewives are back!


Catch Up & Get You Some Quad

Married to Medicine Season 1 Episode 2 (Mistress of Medicine)


We join the wives and their husbands at the Docs On The Dock event put on by Mariah. As we saw on the last episode Quad isn’t about to let Toya and Kari fly under the radar with what they did at Mariah’s birthday. As soon as Quad arrives, Toya begins the the trash talk. Quad goes over to the girls and greet everyone except Toya. LOL serves you right Toya, you’re so fake. Toya then says if it hurts that much just to say hi. Quad then says hi and goes right back into her conversation with the other ladies. As far as we’re concerned, Toya can catch fire [which simply means – go to hell]. LOL.

Kari then starts apologizing to Quad which leads a very heated conversation. Quad starts questioning Kari about how she and her husband, Dr. Duncan met. Kari tells the ladies that she started dating Duncan when he was separated from his ex-wife. Quad’s antennae went off and asks if Duncan was still married, then that means Kari was a medical mistress. Kari was taken aback by this comment and gets up and reports to her husband about what happened. All the ladies start talking about how disrespectful Quad was and that she didn’t need to say that. Even Dr. Simone decides she wants to join in and tell Quad she needs to control herself. Um…Dr. Simone please stay out of this because you do not want Quad to come for you. HaHa. Quad tells her every dog has it’s day, it ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun. Quad is therefore telling Dr. Simone that those ladies better keep their and stop coming for her.

Soon after the Quad and Kari get into it again with Mariah, her mom Lucy and sister Lake standing by. Kari starts talking about maybe Quad is jealous of her and even says

Is Kari even serious at this point? I mean does she even have a mirror at home? Quad was like 

Kari starts attacking Quad’s marriage which leads Quad to mention something which shocked the ladies. Quad mentions something about Kari being anorexic. Everyone was taken aback and could not believe Quad said what she said. Mariah was like

Of course Toya comes in and takes Kari’s side. Kari shuts up and starts going on about who acts like that in front of their husband, especially a doctor’s wife. This whole talk of being a doctor’s wife is pretty annoying especially when it comes from treacherous Toya and Kari as they seem to not see how rude they are. 

Start Acting Like A Doctor’s Wife

We see Toya [irrelevant] and her husband having lunch together and start talking about what happened at the party. Her husband tries to be optimistic but Toya still tries her best to make Quad look bad. I mean Toya doesn’t even work yet she wants her husband to buy a new house and he is just starting out his business is some regard. Is this how doctor’s wives act? 

Dr. Jackie visits Dr. Simone to talk to her about what happened at Mariah’s party. Like Dr. Jackie needs to leave the show. #SorryNotSorry They start talking about Quad’s behavior and that or her to survive in their world she has to learn how to behave like a Mrs. MD. We then see the two doing their jobs in their respective offices as both are OBGYNs. I won’t even delve too much into these two as they are a bit boring for now.

Kari and Toya meet up and who is the topic of discussion but Quad. Kari and Mariah are planning a party for their husbands together and Kari decides she isn’t planning on inviting Quad. She informs Toya that she sent a text message to Quad which reads 

Like is Kari even serious? I mean she was a medical mistress. LOL.

Toya’s face was like

As shocked as she was, they laugh it off. Is this how doctor’s wives act?

During all this, Quad is at work doing what she does best. She is an Account Executive for a health care company. Quad is probably the only doctor’s wive that is making her own. Now I’m sure this is what a doctor’s wife should be. Quad informs Mariah about the whole thing and Mariah is upset because Kari isn’t the only person that is hosting the party so texting Quad that she can’t come to the party wasn’t happening. The drama is about to begin. 

Stay tuned.