RHOBH: Trouble’s Brewing at Lake Tahoe

Episode 3 – Sutton’s Gotta Give


So here we are again. Another week with the RHOBH. The last episode ended with a “to be continued” as Sutton and Crystal engaged in a tense exchange. Was Sutton going to say she is “that girl that doesn’t see colour”? I was sort of hoping she wouldn’t (I think even Crystal and Kyle thought as much) but she straight up said she did. She did this while crying. I like Sutton but those tears weren’t going to work. In her mind she sees everyone as equal (that’s a good thing) so she didn’t see a problem with her position. Kyle understood Sutton’s viewpoint because she basically confirmed that she shared a similar sentiment. The problem with that is, as Crystal pointed out, it erases an individual’s identity. Crystal has to see colour because she doesn’t have that much of a luxury ( in all spaces) not to. I believe a lot of people (like Sutton) have said such out loud or have thought as much. Though some of them are coming from a good place, it’s an outdated viewpoint that needs retiring. They decided to table the discussion for another time


As the women are all getting ready for bed. Little Kathy decided she would make her rounds for the night. She’s walking around with a bunch of pills, newspapers, snacks and her fan. If you had told me that this is what Little Kathy was up to on RHOBH, I would’ve called you a liar. All her appearances on the show have always been a bit standoffish. I don’t know if she’s putting on a show for the cameras because she doesn’t have to share much of anything in her life (being a Friend) but it sure is a welcomed distraction from the performance being put on by the “friends”. Little Kathy walked in on Sutton as steps out of the shower and I think my favourite bit is when she’s sat up in bed, eating crisps and drinking red bull in Kyle’s bed, preventing her from falling asleep. I’m here for all the Kyle torment.


The very next morning, they start getting ready for the day trip. Sutton goes to find Crystal to clear the air so that the day isn’t spoiled. They sit on the outside overlooking the lake with the most beautiful view. Sutton opens up by apologising to Crystal for offending her the night before as that was not her aim. She explained to Crystal that there is a perception that people from the south are all racist, so she got defensive instead of simply listening to what Crystal had to say. Crystal saw this as an opportunity to open up a little bit to Sutton and chose to accept her apology. I wanted to believe they would move on fully but the trailer told us enough – these two were not going to get along.


I’m going to skip over the day’s trip because it was a pointless excursion. Crystal and Sutton had more time together and found that they both lost their fathers. Why couldn’t this just be the thing that brings them together? Back at the Lake Tahoe house, Little Kathy was getting herself into more trouble. Already basically blind, she dropped ear drops in her eyes in. Poor thing. These cute little moments are soon becoming a bit of a concern for me. First she mistook Garcelle for Kyle, the redbull for soda and now ear drops in her eyes.


They go out to dinner. Apparently Little Kathy is known for pranks and she decided to prank Dorit by ordering a fake martini, challenging her to chug it. In the mean time, Sutton was telling Erika and Rinna about what went down with Crystal. Dorit being, well, Dorit, completely hijacked the moment to remind us that she’s well traveled and has never heard of the southern stereotype that Sutton spoke of. Sutton looked to Erika for some kind of backup but was let down in the process.


They continued to drinks and dinner then left for the house. Sutton started an argument with Crystal for kicking her leg. Crystal did this so that Sutton wouldn’t ruin the prank that Little Kathy pulled on Dorit. But Dorit got Erika and Rinna to join in to prank Little Kathy. It was honestly a fun moment. Everyone was basically in on the joke and Sutton felt out. Even Garcelle, her biggest ally on the show, tried to bring help diffuse the situation but Sutton as couldn’t let the mouse go. I get it but I don’t. No one wants to be left out of a joke because then it seems like you’re the butt of it. On the flip side, it didn’t need to be a thing but I guess they needed something.

Anyways, they figured it out and at the end of the episode, Crystal can be heard saying she was right about Sutton. This too me is a bit two-faced because why tell someone you were all right with them then call your friend to slag them off? I remember when the taglines for the season were released and upon hearing Crystal’s, I had suspicion and she’s sort of proving that especially with the preview for episode 4.

There’s a shift taking place on RHOBH but I can’t quite put my finger on it just yet. It feels like I’m watching a parody of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the preview for the next episode we finally get to the announcement of Erika and Tom’s divorce. This after spending all this time during filming started, praising him. Did Erika usually talk about Tom this much and it was edited out? Has Erika spoken more about Tom now, to help with her divorce storyline? I guess we’ll find out.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired Wednesdays at 8pm on BravoTV.


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