Leah Like A Hurricane


On episode 6 of RHONY we begin where we left off with Eboni being asked to leave Lu’s home. Lu mentions again that she didn’t bring up Eboni’s race and would never but she still feels right in her feelings. She asks the same question many have on their lips and minds. If I can’t say angry, what can I say? Victoria, Lus daughter quips, using the word upset (which is actually synonymous with angry but I digress) is better. Heather, bless her, attempts to explain things to Lu because she is more aware of and understanding of Eboni’s position. She means well here but it can come off as being preachy as well as speaking for Eboni when she can do it herself. They don’t call her Holla Mama for nothing. Lu owed Eboni an apology and, I know this may be unpopular, Eboni owed Lu one as well.


Simultaneously, Eboni is at back at the house, giving Leah the lowdown. She actually gave a good summary of what took place and admitted that she had to flex a little bit when she heard “education” being brought up. Like, I stated before, Eboni misheard or misunderstood the context of the conversation just like she didn’t hear Ramona call Leah aggressive. She tells Leah that Lu called her an angry Black woman. Like the actress she is, Leah gets all dramatic and is upset for Eboni, ready to put on her faux cape of advocacy. Not buying it

The other women rejoin Eboni and Leah back at this house and the atmosphere was palpable. No one knew what to say, rather, what not to say. Heather went to Eboni in an attempt to show her support. Eboni felt as though Heather was speaking about something she has no experience with, so she should stop while she was ahead. They gather in the living room because a conversation had to happen. I appreciate this way of communicating amongst the RHONY. They’re usually good at addressing situations immediately, unless you’re Bethenny in season 10, talking behind Carole’s back, planting seeds, to have backup when you all meet as a cast for a Halloween party, two months into filming.

Eboni shares her side of things and why she reacted the way she did. She was a bit disappointed in Lu because she held Lu in high regard. Lu apologizes to her and then says she also deserves an apology too. Eboni didn’t think that she had anything to apologize for, so she offered one for raising her voice in Lu’s home. Shortly after that, we see Eboni’s opinion of Heather changing to suit that of Leah’s. She felt some micro-aggression when Heather told her that she was very articulate in how she brought across her point to the ladies. Heather might have meant well but for Eboni that isn’t something she likes being told, especially by white women. Sonja made the most sense in her confessional, regarding this scene. She said the burden is on white women to educate themselves on matters of relating to race,


The next day they went fishing and Lu and Ebony had another chat, this time privately. The two spoke very openly with Lu being more receptive and were able to come to an understanding. All was going well until the topic of the 2020 US Election came up. Eboni invited the women to an election viewing party and Leah immediately got defensive. She mentions that she doesn’t like any of the candidates and she struggled with who to vote for in 2016. Heather asks if she ultimately decided to vote and she all but chewed Heather’s head off. I’m over Leah.


They head back to the house and Eboni decides to tell Leah that Heather brought up the podcast again. Then she turns around and said it was more about Leah being hard on Heather. Eboni recounts Heather saying that everyone should vote for change, something Eboni agreed with. Leah used this as another means to launch an attack on Heather. She hurls her insults at Heather, calling her a Karen. This is laughable because it’s obvious Leah is searching for any reason to have an issue with Heather. Both Leah and Heather wind up the car before everyone else and Leah throws flowers at Heather continuing her outrageous behaviour. Someone give Leah the award for worst actress in a tv series.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesdays at 8pm on Bravotv.


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