The First Domino Has Fallen

Episode 4 – Overexposed

We’re finally at the episode where things took a turn for the worse in the press for Erika and Tom. But let’s back up a little.

This episode really had very little going on. If there was ever a cast in the franchise that are actually coworkers, it would be the RHOBH.

It’s the final day in Lake Tahoe and the ladies are getting ready for an afternoon boat ride. The night before Sutton brought Crystal’s coat to her room which, in hindsight, she probably shouldn’t have. She wanted to show that she moved on from their little disagreement earlier that night. This turned out to bite her in that exquisite derrière later.

Rinna and Kyle go to have a chat with Sutton to find out where her headspace was at after the night they had. She tells them that she doesn’t like being called names and she wrote a whole list that Crystal called her. I agree with her in this regard because Crystal’s name calling and diagnosis of Sutton’s mental state was too much. Kyle then suggests to her that maybe she should apologise and like Sutton, I’m wondering what for. Elsewhere Garcelle is having a similar discussion with Crystal about how she was feeling. Crystal is new and I get that this was her first time away from her family with this group, but she didn’t mention that. In fact, I’m projecting this thought onto her because her issue was with Sutton’s behaviour. She recalled the conversation she had with Sutton and Kyle but wasn’t exactly truthful. She made it out to seem like Sutton’s comment came directly after Kyle spoke about her and Garcelle’s lunch. She also neglected to tell Garcelle that she and Sutton spoke after that, an apology was issued to her and she accepted it. What’s your angle here Crystal?

L to R – Crystal and Sutton.

Afternoon arrived and they head to the boat. This was the most boring boat ride known to the housewives. Nothing happened. They literally got dressed and rode around some lake. Anyways, Sutton pulled Crystal aside again to try and clear the air once and for all. Crystal tells her that she is untrustworthy. Crystal sure loves to make sweeping generalisations about Sutton. Sutton tries to explain that she hadn’t realise how overwhelming the most recent events in her life had been, so she is sorry that being so sensitive and is sorry for causing any upset. Crystal couldn’t care less what Sutton had to say as she looked disinterested. Garcelle had a moment with Erika where she asked her about Tom. Erika says he’s a work horse as being a lawyer is his life. Interesting given the events that followed in real life.That concludes the boat ride.

It’s dinner time and Crystal decides not to show up. She sends Garcelle and Kyle a message that she’s losing her sh*t. Rinna takes over the conversation and says one of the most asinine and cruel comparisons I’ve ever heard. She shared a story about her husband not sticking by a friend of his that raped a girl, so that’s why she couldn’t blindly support Denise. Read that again. Lisa Rinna compared Harry Hamlin not sticking up for his rapist friend to her not standing by Denise last season. Garcelle is in complete shock.

What kind of story is that? Is Rinna serious? Erika jumps to Rinna’s defense by saying that Rinna had information no one else knew that she kept safe. This makes no sense. In episode 1, Lisa Rinna said that she and Denise weren’t close, so how then does she expect us to believe that Denise shared personal information with someone she wasn’t close to? Which is it? Garcelle says sometimes it’s better not to say anything at all which is what Rinna needs to put into practice. After everyone retired to bed, Crystal joins Kyle on the balcony and tells her that she felt like her space was invaded when Sutton came to bring her the coat. Kyle asked her why she waited so long to bring up the issue if she was that upset and I have to agree.

Sutton drops by the next morning to see if Crystal was all right. She tells Sutton that she felt like her personal space was violated when Sutton returned the coat. She’s all upset and I’m over it because this is ridiculous. Time to head back Beverly Hills.

4 days later…

Kyle, Dorit and Rinna receive the following text.

Their best acting chops were put on display in this scene. All three exclaimed that they had no idea, prior to this scene, that Erika and Tom were getting a divorce. It begs one to question how close they actually are. All eyes are now going to be on the following episodes because of the media storm that the Girardis got caught up in – and it’s bad! A documentary was produced on what’s known so far with former clients, now victims of the alleged crimes Tom is being charged for. You can listen to that coverage on my podcast, on any platform.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesday at 8pm on Bravotv.


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