The First Ladies Are Back

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 x Episode 1 (Bullies and Babies)

It’s a new year which means new set of drama from the OC housewives. If we recall last season clearly, new housewife Heather Dubrow came waltzing into town with her holier than thou attitude and immediately started hating on my girl Alexis Bellino. Friendships were tested, some broken beyond repair it seems while new ones were formed. Tamra and Gretchen finally got what they wanted, each other which saw Gretchen instantly switching on Alexis and start bashing her with Heather and Tamra. Vicki was the only who had Alexis’ back last season and because of this, she and Tamra were at odds.

The reunion proved that Gretchen, Heather and Tamra will always be on one side and include Vicki if they felt like but Alexis was on the outskirts. Where does this leave us?

Let The Clam Bake Begin

We kick off this season with the very irrelevant and forced Heather preparing for a clam bake she is having. She makes it clear that she isn’t inviting Alexis, like we care, because she and her just don’t seem to mesh. Alexis only appears in one scene with her husband as she is focusing more on her new home that she bought and her clothing line which means she works from home. Still #TeamAlexis.

Vicki’s daughter, Briana, is still very much pregnant from the last time we saw her at the reunion. She has, since then with her husband, moved back in with her mom and is just moments away from having her baby. She is in the hospital and has to undergo a C-section to have her baby. She has a baby boy which turns Vicki in a grandma. Things aren’t the same with Vicki either as we learn that she and Brooks, her ex [I think], are no longer together. That’s not the only thing that’s different with Vicki, she has done some surgical reconstruction to her face as she wants look revitalized and much younger. I mean, she has the money, so why not do it? She knows that she will be the topic of discussion at the clam bake especially because she has not seen Tamra nor have she spoken to her since the reunion. Can you spot the tension already?

Gretchen and Slade are still together it seems and things look good for them. Likewise Eddie and Tamra have moved in together since he proposed last season. I refuse to believe that all will be well with these two. Slade finally has a job that isn’t centered around Gretchen which means he may or may not be seen as often this season hanging around Gretchen like a pup.

The clam bake has begun and Heather has set up and is waiting for the ladies to show up. Of course, Gretchen and Tamra have to arrive together because they are now joint to the hip it seems with Tamra’s handbag, Eddie. They arrive at Heather’s house and start talking about Vicki and Alexis. Like when will they stop talking about Alexis though? Tamra/Gretchen [I don’t remember who] asks Heather if she has spoken to Vicki and Heather makes it known she and Vicki are good and text on occasion. They immediately ask her if she has seen what she’s done to her face which we know will stir the pot.Vicki shows up and the drama begins.

Stay tuned for the next episode as the First Ladies of The Real Housewives are back!


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