Catch Up & Get You Some Quad

Married to Medicine Season 1 Episode 2 (Mistress of Medicine)

We join the wives and their husbands at the Docs On The Dock event put on by Mariah. As we saw on the last episode Quad isn’t about to let Toya and Kari fly under the radar with what they did at Mariah’s birthday. As soon as Quad arrives, Toya begins the the trash talk. Quad goes over to the girls and greet everyone except Toya. LOL serves you right Toya, you’re so fake. Toya then says if it hurts that much just to say hi. Quad then says hi and goes right back into her conversation with the other ladies. As far as we’re concerned, Toya can catch fire [which simply means – go to hell]. LOL.

Kari then starts apologizing to Quad which leads a very heated conversation. Quad starts questioning Kari about how she and her husband, Dr. Duncan met. Kari tells the ladies that she started dating Duncan when he was separated from his ex-wife. Quad’s antennae went off and asks if Duncan was still married, then that means Kari was a medical mistress. Kari was taken aback by this comment and gets up and reports to her husband about what happened. All the ladies start talking about how disrespectful Quad was and that she didn’t need to say that. Even Dr. Simone decides she wants to join in and tell Quad she needs to control herself. Um…Dr. Simone please stay out of this because you do not want Quad to come for you. HaHa. Quad tells her every dog has it’s day, it ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun. Quad is therefore telling Dr. Simone that those ladies better keep their and stop coming for her.

Soon after the Quad and Kari get into it again with Mariah, her mom Lucy and sister Lake standing by. Kari starts talking about maybe Quad is jealous of her and even says

Is Kari even serious at this point? I mean does she even have a mirror at home? Quad was like 

Kari starts attacking Quad’s marriage which leads Quad to mention something which shocked the ladies. Quad mentions something about Kari being anorexic. Everyone was taken aback and could not believe Quad said what she said. Mariah was like

Of course Toya comes in and takes Kari’s side. Kari shuts up and starts going on about who acts like that in front of their husband, especially a doctor’s wife. This whole talk of being a doctor’s wife is pretty annoying especially when it comes from treacherous Toya and Kari as they seem to not see how rude they are. 

Start Acting Like A Doctor’s Wife

We see Toya [irrelevant] and her husband having lunch together and start talking about what happened at the party. Her husband tries to be optimistic but Toya still tries her best to make Quad look bad. I mean Toya doesn’t even work yet she wants her husband to buy a new house and he is just starting out his business is some regard. Is this how doctor’s wives act? 

Dr. Jackie visits Dr. Simone to talk to her about what happened at Mariah’s party. Like Dr. Jackie needs to leave the show. #SorryNotSorry They start talking about Quad’s behavior and that or her to survive in their world she has to learn how to behave like a Mrs. MD. We then see the two doing their jobs in their respective offices as both are OBGYNs. I won’t even delve too much into these two as they are a bit boring for now.

Kari and Toya meet up and who is the topic of discussion but Quad. Kari and Mariah are planning a party for their husbands together and Kari decides she isn’t planning on inviting Quad. She informs Toya that she sent a text message to Quad which reads 

Like is Kari even serious? I mean she was a medical mistress. LOL.

Toya’s face was like

As shocked as she was, they laugh it off. Is this how doctor’s wives act?

During all this, Quad is at work doing what she does best. She is an Account Executive for a health care company. Quad is probably the only doctor’s wive that is making her own. Now I’m sure this is what a doctor’s wife should be. Quad informs Mariah about the whole thing and Mariah is upset because Kari isn’t the only person that is hosting the party so texting Quad that she can’t come to the party wasn’t happening. The drama is about to begin. 

Stay tuned.


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