Murphy: What Did You Do?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 20 (She’s Killing Me)

This week Grey’s took us for a loop. The first I have ever seen a particular doctor in so much trouble. Well, except when Derek caused the whole shooting fiasco. Anyways, what you are about to find out will blow your minds. 

You’re Positive

In the previous episode we were left with Meredith talking to Bailey about mapping genes. Meredith and Derek are now in front of Bailey for the results of her genome mapping test. Bailey starts beating around the bush instead of going in straight for the kill and deliver the news. Meredith tells her skip the intro and give her the news because she can handle it. Bailey then tells her she has tested positive for the Alzheimer’s gene which means there is a chance she may end up like her mom. Just great, like Meredith needed to hear that she is going to turn out just like Alice. Meredith basically freaks out but does so calmly and tells Derek their will needs updating.

So you see Meredith’s dilemma as Lexie is dead. 

Meredith suggests that she will ask Yang to be the legal guardian but after this conversation, Meredith realizes Derek was right, Yang would not want to be her children’s mother if anything is to happen to her.

Poor Yang, will she ever change her mind about having kids?

Later on Derek shows up with his results from the genome mapping and decides to share them with Meredith. He does this in a very humorous way so that Meredith can realize that testing positive for the Alzheimer’s gene does not mean she will get it.

Meredith cheers up a little bit until Derek tells her they need to fill out a life insurance policy where Meredith tells him she doesn’t want to be a potato so he should pull the plug on her in the worst case scenario. Derek’s demeanor is changing slightly and I like it.

Why Is Hunt Acting Strange?

Since the situation with the little kid came up in the last episode, Hunt hasn’t been acting the same. The patient Yang operated on is still in the hospital because he hasn’t woken up from the surgery as yet. This wife is doing better and now remembers her son. Hunt approaches Yang about the patient and why he hasn’t woken up from the surgery as yet. he snaps at her and tells her that he and Russell will join her in observing the patient. This doesn’t sit well with Yang and asks Meredith what she thinks. Hunt is then seen with the little boy again and pulled some strings to get him to stay in the hospital for just one more night.

Yang finally realizes why Hunt is acting strange. He has become attached to the little boy which is bringing to fore suppressed feelings he had about having a child. The reason he and Yang had split in the first place. What are you trying to do here Shonda?

The Syrians Are Here

Two Syrian Field Doctors are at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to learn some technique to use back in Syria. They are short on equipment and do not even have sufficient light to perform surgeries. The doctors decide to teach them how to do surgeries with the limited supplies so that they can even save one life. However, they do more than learn new technique. One of the doctors, after hearing about Kepner’s relationship problems, decide to share a little story with her.

Kepner is very happy to hear this as she is struggling with the decision as to whether or not she should come clean to Matthew about her virginity. Being the sap she is Kepner’s face is lit up after hearing the story.

You’d think that this was so romantic and just unbelievable but the doctor had another thing coming for Kepner.

Seems like everyone is making fun of Kepner. However, she decides to tell Matthew the truth which comes out not how she wanted it to. Matthew isn’t pleased and is very disappointed in Kepner, not because she isn’t a virgin, but because she lied to him. Is this the end for Mattner?

Murphy: What Did You Do?

A post op patient comes with her husband with an infection in her arm. Bailey attends to her along with Murphy as she is on the Bailey’s service this week. They check the patient and realize that the patient needs surgery as the infection is quite aggressive. Edwards then informs them of another patient that did surgery the same day that also has a post op infection. Murphy realizes she worked on both patients with Bailey and starts to panic. Edwards asks her what in the world did she do where she informs her that she had a terrible fever that day. Uh Oh!!! This is not a good look for Murphy.

Bailey asks Meredith to join her with the first patient as she needs to extra pair of hands. It wasn’t long after that Webber delivers another shocking news. A third patient comes in with a similar infection. Webber informs Bailey but being the chatterbox Bailey is, she doesn’t listen to what Webber is telling her until he makes it clear that the patient he is speaking of is a guy and not another woman. They instruct Murphy to go over her notes for that day because she is in so much trouble. Murphy then realizes something which no one saw coming. In the same breath, Edwards informs Bailey the patient she and Meredith just performed the surgery on is crashing. She tries her best to save the patient but fails to do so. Bailey is enraged and decides that the other surgeons need to know what took place. It is here that Meredith walks in with Murphy to deliver a total game changer. She informs them she only worked on two of the three patients that came in with the post op infections so she could not be the cause for this epidemic. It is further revealed that Bailey is the only person that dealt with all three patients wit the infection. Dun, Dun, Dun!!!! Shonda, we didn’t see this coming. What does this mean for Bailey?

Too bad we have to wait until the 25th of April to find out what happens next. Stay tuned. 


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