It’s All About Quad

Married to Medicine Season 1 Episode 1 (A Taste Of Your Own Medicine)

Now once again, Bravo take us on a trip to Atlanta but now of real housewives per se, but doctors’ wives. Although a new show, the casting is a bit similar to that of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in that majority of the cast is black with the exception for one white cast member. Let’s not read too much into that though because I didn’t even take note of that until I read what someone wrote. Regardless, this series made history with it’s first episode which premiered right after The Real Housewives of Atlanta on March 24, 2013. Ratings went through the roof and so too did social media. 

My first blog on this episode will be short and a bit concise and will just give a synopsis of the ladies.

This episode was basically introducing us to the ladies and what they do. We are met with Mariah Huq who seems to the main thread that connects all the ladies. She is having a birthday party and invites all the ladies in her circle. [Mariah is the wife of Dr. Huq who is an emergency room surgeon. She seems to be very fun and sociable but hey, that’s early analysis] First to arrive is Kari [wife of a doctor whose name I don’t recall at this point] who is a friend of Mariah as their husbands work together. Kari is also the her husband’s CFO which shows she isn’t a dumb broad. I’ll let you look at Kari’s appearance and judge her for yourselfToya [wife of a doctor] shows up. I don’t like Toya but that’s all I’ll say for now. I’ll let you watch for yourself. Soon after, Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone [the only doctors in the group of ladies] show up. Finally, Quad [whom I absolutely adore] is the last one to arrive. She is the closest to Mariah as they have a bond.

Kari and Toya start going in on Quad almost immediately about her marriage as they think she isn’t fit to be in their circle and start disrespecting her husband. You see, Quad’s husband is a psychiatrist but Kari and Toya start throwing shade by acting like he isn’t a doctor all because their husbands are surgeons. Quad takes offence especially when Toya starts disrespecting her and questions her character. Quad flips

letting Mariah know she will cut a bvtch if she ever does that again. Anyways, the party subsides leaving Dr. Jackie speechless at the behaviour and dress code of the ladies. Dr. Jackie is more conservative and is an OBGYN and is a survivor of breast cancer. What she is doing with these girls beats me but hey, everyone knows everyone. 

Mariah decides to have another thing at her house with all the husbands and wives this time. Doesn’t this spell trouble? Seeing as though stuff went down at her party she calls up Quad to talk to her. Quad basically tells her that she is sorry for how she acted but the ladies were out of line. I totally agree with Quad here. The ladies show up and immediately, Kari has something to say.

I’m sure you can’t wait to hear what’s to come. Stay tuned.

I wonder why Kari said this?


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