A Mother Knows Her Child

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 19 (Can’t Fight This Feeling)

Where do I even begin with this episode? From the moment it started I was like, I better pay attention so as not miss any detail. Well, here we go. I’m going to try my very best to dissect the episode very carefully. 

A Tanker Blew Up?

After getting the page that a gasoline tank spilled on the road causing a huge pile up, the doctors all gear up for a what will be a very hectic day. Patients start rolling in one by one with severe injuries that need to be looked at urgently. Of course Yang gets a patient that has injuries to the chest and possible aortic problems so she jumps on the case as soon as possible. This patient has a wife and kid that were in the pile up too. The son seems to be fine but the wife sustained injuries to the head, so Derek is the man on the case. Hunt gets stuck with the child who is very annoying at the very least, and has to be basically be babysitting for the day. Shonda really knows how to strike a nerve with Hunt. She keeps flashing kids in front of Hunt knowing very well he can’t have any with the woman he loves. 

Shonda is trying to say something about this scene. Pretty sad.

Yang is in surgery doing what she does best by saving a life. Yang goes ahead with the surgery without even consulting Dr. Russell which Hunt, by the look on his face, isn’t fond of but lets happen regardless. The surgery takes longer than expected as the heart was badly damaged. However, the surgery went well and the patient is stable for now.

The wife is looked after by Derek and his team, Brooks and Ross. You see Hunt sent a memo to the surgeons that they need to rotate the interns so that they become more rounded. Brooks got placed with Derek who we know has been working with Ross since the interns arrived, and is a bit annoyed at Brooks chatter in surgery but is impressed with her quick hands. So you know Ross is going to get jealous of Brooks now like a lovesick puppy. The surgery is completed and Derek gives his instructions for post op. The damn annoying child somehow finds his way to his mother’s room and runs in shouting “Mom!” only to have the woman ask who he was. Clearly, Derek screwed up again. He seems to always do this with his neuro cases. He goes back into surgery and fixes the problem but instead of using Ross’ hands, he uses Brooks and has Ross on the side. Luckily, the mistake was corrected and all is well with the mom.

So, remember the husband? Somehow the husband went into cardiac arrest and Yang is summoned immediately. She charges the defibrillator which restarted the heart of the patient but he is still critical. Yang uses cooling pads to reduce the chances of the patient having another cardiac arrest. Hunt isn’t please with this move but she assures him she too has to patient’s interest at heart. Here we see that Hunt is emotionally attached to this case because of the little boy as we see him spending a quality of time with him. Shonda you’re so cruel. LOL.

The Tanker Finally Blew

The first set of patients that came in to the hospital were lucky enough to not have been directly affected by the blow up. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on everyone’s side. A pregnant woman came in that suffered injuries from the blow up. Kepner is dealing with patient until Karev realises she is bleeding out. They call for the OB, Jason [Wilson’s boyfriend] but he is nowhere to be found. He probably was off somewhere making out with Wilson. Anyways, Karev secures the umbilical cord by pushing it back inside the patient but then orders that she goes into the delivery room immediately if they want to save the baby. They take the baby out but while doing so Karev goes in on Jason for not turning up on time but we know it’s also because he keeps catching Jason making out with Wilson. If only Karev was brave enough in the beginning to tell Wilson how he actually felt? 

The patient bleeds out and Kepner jumps in to save the day. All went well and Kepner goes to talk to her husband. He shares a very touching story with her which played on Kepner’s current love life. In the midst of all this, Matthew [Kepner’s boyfriend who I’ve missed dearly] is also a patient. This caused Kepner to panic as Matthew is badly burned. Avery steps in to assist Matthew as he is the head of plastics and Matt needs his expert help. Soon after Kepner’s patient went into VFib (Ventricular fibrillation) and starts bleeding out yet again. Nothing could be done to save her and the patient dies. Shonda is really testing Kepner though. I mean she loses a lot of her patients. Kepner takes this loss very hard because of the touching story shared to her about how God intended for the patient and her husband to be together. Somewhat similar to what Kepner thinks, but is it for Matthew or Avery? She turns to Avery for comfort and they share a moment together.

Can Shonda hurry and reunite these two please? Although I like Matthew for Kepner, Avery is compatible. 

My Son Has Kawasaki Disease

Sarah Chalke joins this week’s episode as Kasey, a single mother with a very sick child. She has been going to different hospitals in a week and none have been able to help her. She came to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and is attended to by Wilson who is now on the service of Meredith. Her child has a high fever and a rash on his belly. They do all types of test and nothing seems to add up. Kasey is convinced her child is sick but has a hard time convincing everyone else. I even thought she was making the child sick myself. It was not until the labs were updated that Wilson alerted Meredith that a test came back negative. Meredith checks her calendar and realizes they are at day 10 and if they don’t act now, the child will have a heart attack. They end up treating the child before things escalated any further. Kasey felt at relieved to know she wasn’t crazy and that even though she isn’t a doctor, she did her research and fought for her child.

Meredith, upon realizing this, goes to Bailey with Zola because she needs to know about Zola’s genetic make up. She also tells Bailey she too needs to be mapped, because she needs to know if she will have alzheimer’s. I guess Bailey’s genome mapping comes in quite handy. 

It must have been difficult for Sarah Chalke to play this role as she experienced the same thing in reality. This storyline was very personal to her and she is glad to have been able to share it through Grey’s Anatomy. 

Let’s see what the results will be like on the next episode. 



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