No More Adrienne Maloof

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion Part 1

So The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 has finally ended and the reunion came right after. A first for BravoTv. Like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season had a lot of firsts which was just simply amazing. Anyways let’s get right into it.

Once again Andy is seated with the ladies from Beverly Hills to go over what has transpired in the season.

Andy begins by telling us that Adrienne is not going to be at the reunion and that her final act as a housewife is not turning up for the reunion. Simply put, she won’t be part of the show anymore. It’s a bit odd that Adrienne decided not to attend the reunion and that she went to the press bashing the show. The ladies all share their views about this act that and that they think Adrienne is a bit cowardice for leaving things unsettled. I for one will not miss her as she was a too much self involved and was probably as fake as her face. Anyways, no more Adrienne Maloof.

Andy then goes into his questions immediately and asks Brandi about what happened between her and Adrienne. Brandi sticks to her story that Adrienne had wanted her to bash Lisa in the Season 2 reunion which she was going to do. This decision made things tense between Adrienne and Brandi which built up during filming and Brandi went ham on Adrienne. She revealed something that all the ladies may have known but didn’t say to the group which sparked a series long feud. Not much was said about it as Adrienne refused to speak on the issue and since she wasn’t there to explain, Andy quickly shifted gears.

A New Housewife

Yolanda was the newest cast member for Beverly Hills and my oh my did she come in at the right time. She came in having neutral ground as she isn’t one for drama but is taken with Brandi. I’m so glad she was on Brandi’s side because Lisa alone could not do. Andy asked her how she felt joining the cast and why do people think she holds herself to a higher degree than the other ladies. Yolanda made it clear that she isn’t like that at all and it’s the Dutch within her that warrants her behaviour as she is by no means some who looks down on others. More questions came flying in at Yolanda from viewers who wanted to know why she puts David on a pedestal. She defends her husband by making it clear she feels honored to even be married to him and just wanted the ladies to respect that.

Soon after, the claws came out when Andy touched on the Kyle and Lisa issue. Viewers, like myself, wanted to know why Kyle didn’t back Lisa all throughout the season.

Quite shockingly, Lisa says, Kyle switched on her because she and Mauricio needed to nurture that business relationship with Adrienne and Paul in order to get the listing for their house.  I was like, did Lisa really just say that? Kyle says that is a low blow on Lisa’s part and a defamation of her character.

Lisa then asks if she and Adrienne speak currently

and Kyle responds by saying, she and Adrienne were never really friends.

Pause for a minute. Is this the same Kyle that was basically “blowing sunshine up Adrienne’s ass” the whole season? Lisa’s went further to say that her relationship with Kyle also changed after Mauricio sold their house. Kim jumps in to defend Kyle like a true sister should. How long will this last? Did I even see right? Kim is actually making a lot of sense with her speech in this reunion. Finally she is lucid. I’m happy for her.

Kim decides she wants to call Lisa out on what she did to her in Paris. She starts saying Lisa was talking behind her back the whole time and didn’t really care about her. She basically insinuated that Lisa was doing it for the camera.

Of course Yolanda jumps in to defend Lisa, something Kyle would have never done.

A very lucid and in control Kim, totally flips out

I was like whoa! Where did this come from. Are they now turning on Lisa?

Brandi and Yolanda give their two cents while Taylor sits and observes as her time is basically done with the wives as far as I’m concerned. Brandi and Yolanda both agree with this bit and Brandi also says that she and Lisa are friends even outside of filming because she doesn’t talk smack behind her friends’ backs. Yolanda agrees which has Kyle on the war path.

She and Kim jump in to say Yolanda called Lisa a fake, phony and pretentious when they were at the airport.  Yolanda was like

Meanwhile, all Lisa could do was

Now if this were the case, why didn’t the producers show this to the world to stir up more drama? Lisa makes it clear she doesn’t believe Yolanda said that which Kyle and Kim are shocked to hear.

You don’t want to miss what’s coming on Part 2 of the reunion.


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