Lisa & Ken: Forever

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 19 (Finale)

A Night of Romance Maybe?

After such a long and drama filled season, we are now in the finale. Last week were left with Faye barging in on a conversation that had nothing to do with her and instantly she, Brandi and Yolanda went at it. The drama continued as soon as the episode started. Yolanda and Brandi are seen talking about what Faye did where Lisa joins them and they fill her in. Since Faye had barged in on the discussion with Marissa, Jennifer (Brandi’s friend) calls out to Marissa so the conversation could be finished. Marissa comes joins Yolanda, Brandi, Lisa and Jennifer and they go over what the text meant that Brandi sent to Marissa. The seem to  have resolved that bit but Brandi wants to know who said she would sleep with a married man. Of course, Marissa [probably feeling cornered] threw Faye right under the bus 😀 which not only is a recipe for disaster at this point but upset Lisa.

We then see Taylor and her friend Dwight (who got quite a few air time his season) speaking to Linda, who was married to Yolanda’s husband at one point. What a world these ladies live in! They go on to talk about Yolanda and how Taylor felt at first when she met her. I could understand where Taylor was coming from but it’s always best to know people for yourself instead of using information received from a third party. Taylor told her she judged Yolanda wrongfully and she just wants to know if Linda will feel betrayed if she becomes friends with Yolanda. Linda of course tells her, the past is the past and she and Yolanda and David are in a good place so she needs not worry her head.


Lisa is then seen with Faye which has everyone on high alert because they know something’s about to go down. Lisa asks Faye if she thinks Brandi is her mouth piece which we then see a very rude and morally corrupt Faye responding that she thinks Brandi speaks for Lisa and that she is out to get Adrienne. Like I’m so tired of Faye and her meddling and hope Lisa puts her in her place. Being the lady Lisa is, she cusses Faye out in the most respectable way possible. They keep going at it, back and forth, where we then see Yolanda walking up to them, somewhat similar to what Faye did a few moments before, to show her that she was in the wrong. Brandi follows shortly and Lisa immediately tells her what Faye is saying about her. How dare Faye come in Lisa’s home and accuse her of being cowardice, manipulative and inauthentic? Faye then uses a phrase that Kyle used on Lisa in last season’s reunion, that being in a friendship with Lisa is like playing chess, which made Lisa realize that Kyle really has been filling Faye on a whole lot. Lisa is irritated at Faye because basically they are accusing her of being calculated just like actual chess so that when the time comes Lisa can goimage.

I have been sticking up for Kyle all season because I genuinely thought she was staying true to Lisa but that statement proved she isn’t as loyal as she makes herself out to be. Faye goes on and on about how Brandi broke up a family yet again, which I found quite interesting as she is doing what she’s accusing Brandi of. Hypocritical much!

Kyle sees what is taking place and decides she needs to go over to where the ladies were because she wants to find out what is happening. She goes on to say in her interview she is tired of fighting people’s battles but we know that’s not true. Soon after, Kim and Taylor are seen and the discussion go more intense. Yolanda, Brandi and Lisa start going in on Faye again about her accusations about Brandi having sex in Kyle’s house at the white party, which no one saw, and Kyle just stands there looking. Soon after, Faye blurts out she is bored of the conversation when Brandi tells her again she should leave because she has no real place there. This is where Lisa mentions to Kyle that  Faye has been saying stuff about her and Kyle responds this is not about her, which offends Lisa and proves that Kyle doesn’t have her back. I bet this is the end of the friendship :(.

Faye walks away leaving Kyle to defend her as the ladies are all riled up at the moment. In doing so, she gets Kim angry at her because she wasn’t that much defensive of Kim last season. Kim’s view here was a bit off as this wasn’t needed. 

The drama then subsides and the atmosphere changes a bit.

Out of the blue, Adrienne turns up at Lisa’s house, tonight of all nights. Kyle , Kim, Camille , Wendy and Mauricio all greet her and the very emotional Kyle starts crying. I am very surprised to see Adrienne at Lisa’s house because she just announced that she and Paul will be separating. But we all know Adrienne is a fame seeker so she wouldn’t miss this opportunity. She sits down an starts telling them about the situation. She lets little out and appears to be broken but I bet you are as much confused as I am because she didn’t appear to love her husband

She then stops crying and tells Kyle to give Lisa her best. She even went on to say that she thinks Lisa is cold for not going over to her but neglects to recognize that she came to Lisa’s house and not the other way around. Ken was even upset that Adrienne came and did not say an thing to them. She then leaves and her friends follow her out. Kyle responds in her interview that it’s weird that  she found out her friend was getting a divorce in the press and not from her friend. Uh, if someone you thought was your friend didn’t tell you they were getting a divorce, that means you aren’t friends. Get it right Kyle.

Lisa is then seen upstairs feeling uncomfortable about the night to come. Brandi joins her and tells her not to let Adrienne’s drama cloud her night as this was about her and not Adrienne.  Being the type of person Lisa is, she just didn’t feel right but Brandi reassures her that she and Ken need to do this as their love is unlike no other.

A very good friend indeed Brandi.

The Moment For Life

Finally, after such a long and exhausting evening, The Vanderpump-Todd family renewed their vows which was just magical. Ken was adorable as ever and his vows were unbelievable. He made a little joke that he will obey Lisa forever because that’s just how much he loved her. Lisa recites her vows which brought tears to my eyes. Of course she made it very much emotional and fun just as how their relationship have been. 30 years in love and she made it clear that she is the woman today because she grew up with Ken. :’) ❤

The ceremony was beautiful and everyone could not stop talking about Lisa and Ken.

As for the wives…


An amazing end to one of my favourite housewives franchise. Can’t wait for the reunion and Season 4. No more Adrienne 😀 :D.

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