I Really Like Going To The Carnival

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 18 (Idle Hands)

So I’m a bit late with this blog but it was too funny and I was having myself a very long laugh. Anyways let’s get straight into it.

After such a beautiful episode last week, the new hospital is now up and running the way the doctors want it. In fact there is a brand new machine The Lodox full body scanner, that the hospital has invested in to save time and money which the episode seemed to be centred around.

We join Meredith and Derek talking in bed about their baby and how it is developing. These doctors just keep being doctors even when they’re supposed to be parents. Meredith and Derek are unaware of the sex of the baby and decide to refer to the child as it for now.

Arizona and Callie are seen in there house and Arizona has a surprise for Callie. She comes out wearing heels (which I found a bit awkward looking but hey :/). Callie is instantly turned on but the very insecure Arizona blows her off as she still feels weird with just one leg. I’m still puzzled as to how they film this part with Arizona and that missing leg.
A New Day For Grey + Sloan Memorial Hospital
The hospital now has new logo and the doctors, well Webber, are raving [quite sarcastically] about this. They begin to talk about the coffee sleeves and that the hospital really needed them. Arizona and Callie walk in and Callie instantly brings attention to Arizona. The doctors start looking as they are unsure of what Callie wants them to see. The scene plays out in a most humorous manner. Callie goes…
Of course the little begins. Meredith responds:
Callie in turn goes on to say:
I died here much like the gang below. I mean look at Yang and Meredith. LOL 😀 😀 😀
Anyways, they disperse and get ready for work.
Meredith brings up the concerns she has about her pregnancy to Karev as she wants to ensure that her baby is healthy and has no deformities. But if we know Shonda, when that baby is ready to be born, something will happen. Let’s just wait for now. Meredith’s scene takes place with a patient who came in with  abdominal pains. The patient is an older woman, much like Meredith’s mother, and has always been working up until she took the day off. This day off turned sour when she started feeling pains. She visits the hospital to check herself out and Meredith is giving her an ultra sound. Since The Lodox has been introduced everyone wants to test it out, so Hunt and Avery decide they want to use Meredith’s patient as the guinea pig but is rejected when Meredith assures them using the machine isn’t necessary. The ultra sound shows signs of gall stones and to surgery they went. It just so happened that when in surgery, it was revealed the patient had cancer and there was no way she would live. As heartbreaking as it, she has to tell her students, who we see toward the end of the scene crying by her bedside. 😥
Karev has a patient who also has cancer and could possibly die any time soon. Such a brave little kid he is, the patient shows sign of worry that he could die any time soon. I’m guessing he accepts that he will die and there’s nothing to do about it. Wilson of course is paired with Karev as his intern and the kid seems to like her too. Wilson’s fling/bf/whatever comes in the room and the patient wets his pants with some of the drip. I’m sensing he doesn’t like this dude for Karev. For the entire day they play some pranks on the guy [notice I haven’t even mentioned his name? That’s how irrelevant he is]. Even Webber joins in on the fun but are busted when they go a little too far.
Still No Lodox
We see Kepner in a bit of a sticky situation this week with her boyfriend Matthew. They’ve been going out for a while and things seem to be going very well. At least of screen since we haven’t seen Matthew for a while. Kepner wants to take things a bit further because she really isn’t the virgin [even though she told Matthew she was]. She goes around the hospital asking people what she should do and uses the “carnival” as the word for sex. Since Meredith is the sex expert, Kepner asks her what she thinks about taking Matthew to the carnival. Meredith responds
Look at how carefree and nonchalant Meredith says this. LOL. It’s like she’s saying Kepner, it’s no big deal. Kepner continues on throughout the day and asks Callie the same question but in relation to The Lodox. Callie tells her God did not buy the machine the board did so she should do whatever basically. At the end of the day when a patient came in with broken bones, the machine was used and Kepner along with the other doctors realized, when the timing is right, everything will fall into place.
The Yang, The Shepherds and It’s a BOY!!!
Yang, feeling obligated to jump on a new scientific research, land herself on Dr. Russell’s research team. They perform a surgery that Yang could only dream about together which made her whole day. Dr. Russell on the other hand has a different agenda for bringing Yang in the surgery. He wants her to fund the research and basically shut her out afterwards. She goes to Meredith complaining about this and that she can’t believe he was just using her. They go over a few things and she realizes she owns the hospital and can basically do whatever she pleases. Before that however, Meredith feeling a bit uneasy, asks Yang to talk to the baby. Now we know Yang as the hardcore type that doesn’t really like children so this must be weird for her. Meredith asks her to talk to the baby so that it can behave itself.
She goes…
I find this so funny, especially Yang’s facial expressions. LOL LOL ROFL.
After a long day at the hospital, it was now time for Meredith to put her mind at ease. She and Derek decide to do an ultra sound so Meredith can see if the baby has formed properly. What they made them very excited and happy which was truly a special moment. After counting all 10 fingers, Meredith saw another thing looking like a finger but was told that isn’t a finger which was when they realized they were having a boy. This was the only time I’ve ever felt truly happy for these two. The happiness shown was truly amazing.
Stay tuned for next week. 

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