No Matter How Many Chanels You Borrow, You’ll Never Be A Lady

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 18 (A Shot Through The Heart)

After Kyle’s big store opening last week, the only event that we knew of to be held was Lisa’s housewarming party (Anniversary Party). However, out of nowhere Adrienne is also throwing a party launching her new vodka Zing. Adrienne goes big with party and she had invited all the girls except Brandi of course. Meanwhile at Villa Rosa we see Brandi and Lisa having a little spa get together. I assume Lisa did this so that Brandi does not feel alone if she went to Adrienne’s party. Brandi and Lisa touch on the topic of Adrienne’s marriage stating she and Paul do not look happy. Brandi even alludes to the fact that their marriage must be some business type thing and not affectionate. Ken joins in to add his little humour, and climbs atop Lisa. I just love these two. 

Zing Party

So Adrienne’s party is in full swing and the ladies and the rest of the guests start turning up. I must admit, the party is extravagant and is looking quite amazing. They starting taking shots which Yolanda isn’t really into it. Soon after Marisa brings up a text that Brandi sent her in the group which has everyone in a state of shock. Everyone starts going in on how Brandi is rude to be texting Marisa about how she can save her marriage and of course the very irrelevant Faye decides she wants to make her name on the show once again. I am so tired on Faye because she just stirs the pot. I don’t know why Marisa did this because she and Brandi are friends. Kyle actually sticks up for Brandi which was unexpected. She tells the girls she doesn’t think Brandi would get involved with a married man. Faye was like

It’s clear Faye disagrees. Faye goes on to say that Brandi had sex at Kyle’s White Party which even Kyle said she didn’t see so she doesn’t believe it happened. The chatter continues and Yolanda (thank God she was there) tells them  

I’m a firm believer in what Yolanda preaches throughout the season. Love her to bits. I felt really sick to my stomach when Marisa was going in on Brandi because I thought they were cool but you never know. The party continues and Paul decides to so something spontaneous for Adrienne by getting spray painted and pretends to be one of the models in the tree. When she sees this, she does what she does best and insults him. Even calling him pathetic. I really do feel for Paul as Adrienne always bring him down. Yolanda pulls Kyle to the side and tells her what Marisa did was not the best thing and she thinks she needs to bring it up to Brandi herself. I wonder how the confrontation will turn out.

Lisa and Ken’s Anniversary Party

It’s the day of Lisa and Ken’s anniversary and a big announcement rocked the group. Adrienne announces her separation from Paul on Radar Online. Big surprise there. All the guests starts showing up and everyone has something to say about the Adrienne issue. Her friend Wendy defends her by saying Paul embarrasses her and always wants the attention and what not which Kyle jumps in and says her piece by defending Paul. We learn from the various conversations that the marriage wasn’t good especially when Kyle says she knows they had problems but was dealing with them even more so with the whole Brandi situation. Faye (who enters with her fiance [suspicious?]) and Camille of course want to point fingers at Brandi claiming she pushed them there. Like really Faye? And Camille, I thought you were cool with Brandi.

Yolanda and Brandi then call Marisa over to ask her about what happened at Adrienne’s party. Marisa crawls in a shell and starts saying Yolanda may have misinterpreted what she was saying and that she has no issue with Brandi. She claims she never really said she didn’t like her husband. However, we have seen where Marisa has said that but she says she is joking.

Camille sees what is going on which is when Faye tries to get Kyle over to where Yolanda and Brandi are but she says no. Like the attack dog that Faye is she walks right over there and tries to pry in what doesn’t concern her. Immediately Brandi tunes her out. 

Like the fame hungry person Faye is she decides she isn’t going anywhere because she claims that this is her business too.

Brandi and Yolanda start going in on her because they have had it. She tries to be nice to Yolanda but disses Brandi in a way that none expected.

I’m sorry but is this lady-like for Faye to be this insulting to someone who has done nothing to her? Faye continues her diatribe and starts accusing Brandi for breaking up Paul and Adrienne. If she was truly Adrienne’s friend, she would have known that their marriage had problems. Marisa at this point jumps in and tells Faye that is unfair of her because everyone knows that they had problems before what Brandi said. While all this is going on with these four ladies, Kyle and Camille are watching the drama from the sidelines. No Lisa in sight. Yolanda and Brandi, having had enough of this morally corrupt woman, walk off before anything further erupts. Can we just ban Faye from the show? Furthermore..

Until next week week in the Finale. Really hope she isn’t at the reunion…


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