Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 17 (Transplant Wasteland)

A New Beginning For Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital

After weeks of waiting, I finally found the time to post my blog on Grey’s Anatomy. We join the gang in a meeting going over the plans for the hospital since the Harper Avery Foundation jumped in to save the day. They begin going over the plans where Yang expresses her concern about having Avery at the head of the board. Meredith stays on the positive by saying there is no way Avery will make a lot of changes and he will just go along with their plans. Why do I sense a problem here?

Meanwhile…Catherine and Webber are having a little squabble over the decision he influenced. Not that it matters really but Catherine has finally gotten Avery right where she wants him to be.

Avery joins the gang for the meeting and walks in with some donuts. Everyone basically stares him down as they aren’t there for break, they’re in that meeting to discuss business. Even Callie who loves her donuts didn’t even take one. Anyways, they start shooting their plans at Avery including reopening the ER but Avery stopped them dead in their tracks and shed some light on issue. He tells them the reopening of the ER is still under review and that the Chief of Surgery is being questioned as well. Yang is infuriated at this because this would mean replacing Hunt and she was not having it. Meredith then tells him that even though they bailed them out of the mess doesn’t mean they can just change policies at the drop of a hat. This is like a battle with words as Avery quickly jumps in.

Is this a low blow or what? I didn’t expect Avery to say this but I guess when you’re being disrespected anything goes. Meredith responds buying asking Avery “For the plane crash that killed Lexie?”

I bet he thought that sounded better in his head. A very disappointed Yang and Meredith look at him and walk out.

Let The Drama Begin

As soon as Yang leaves the room she finds Hunt at the OR schedule board where she blurts out that there is talking of replacing him as Chief of Surgery. Hunt feels completely betrayed as he had been trying everything imaginable to salvage the situation since the bankruptcy, only to have his hard work thrown in his face. He is angry at this point and marches off to find Avery. The now enraged Hunt starts screaming at Avery where Derek decides to walk in. He tries to calm them down before he too gets upset and once again plays the blame game where he points the finger at Hunt for causing the plane crash. I’m sure by now you know how much I dislike Derek. Hunt is still shocked that Derek brings this up yet again and tells Avery he quits. I mean, I would have punched Derek in his face before I quit. My thing is, when will Derek stop blaming people for things they have no control over? I mean it was him who said…

So why is it that difficult for him to forgive Hunt for something he wouldn’t have intentionally done? Derek just really needs to get over himself and give Hunt a break.

As the work day continues we see that the work load still has not been easy. Almost all the doctors have a patient that needs some type of surgery but there is an issue with that. The ORs are fully booked and they are short staffed because the nurses still have not returned.

Kepner has a patient that is being kept alive by a machine who is ready to pull the plug. When will Kepner sit her boards again? I just really want to know. I sure hope this doesn’t cause something like what happened when Derek was Chief. They go back and for the day because Kepner doesn’t think the decision is right but neglects the fact that the patient is also a doctor and is making a decision to give his organs to help save lives. The decision proved to be a lot for his parents to handle as the clock was ticking and the organs needed to come out of his body withing 5 minutes after his last breath.

Karev has a kidney patient on dialysis but will soon be off if she accepts the kidney transplant. Meredith and Wilson are sent to get the kidney and bring it back to the hospital. When they arrive at the hospital they were told the kidney had already left on a plane by itself. This was all due to the Pegasus policies that were in place and still haven’t been thrown out. Karev is trying to hold it down at SGMW with the patient as she doesn’t want to get the kidney because of a boy she met while on dialysis. Karev works his charm and convinces her to do the surgery so she could have a healthier life. Meanwhile he snubs Wilson because he wasn’t brave enough to tell her he liked her and now she has the hots for another doctor from the dermatology department. When will Karev find HIS one true love?

Avery steps in with a decision that proved he has the balls for the job when he had to decide which surgery would be done first; whether Yang’s heart and liver transplant or Karev’s kidney transplant. He of course gives the heart transplant the go ahead and tells Karev to wait because the kidney patient can wait. All this is taking place with Callie standing close by observing Avery at work.

Derek goes to visit Hunt at the trailer to apologize for his actions. He tells Hunt he doesn’t blame him for what happened because he knows he wouldn’t intentionally sign Mark’s and Lexie’s death wish. He is basically angry with the world. Derek needs some psychiatric help I feel like.

It’s Decision Time

After a long day, the doctors gather once again to meet with Avery. He starts off by telling them that the Pegasus policies will be thrown out and that there will be new policies. Policies that they approve of. Policies that work best with their hospital. In the same breath he tells them that Hunt will remain as Chief and his duty is to ensure that he represents their vision to the best of his ability on the board. I’m like whoa!!! Avery steps up. Additionally, he adds…

Everyone was a bit skeptic as this would be the 3rd time the hospital changes it’s name. Callie adds humor by saying…

But Avery has a different plan. It seems whatever Meredith had said to him earlier resonated with him and he comes up with a brilliant name for what was Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Avery adds…

I was shocked when he turned the paper around but felt at ease with the decision. As with everything else since the buyout, there needs to be a unanimous decision so Avery asks if everyone was in favour of the name change. The ayes kept rolling in..

Just like that, what seemed to be a very hectic day, ended on a positive note.

Stay tuned for the next episode.


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  1. I’m so glad they’re renaming the hospital to something that is relevant to the doctors. Such a good episode and an amazing ending.

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      Likewise, I think the name is good but will take some getting use to. Thanks for liking my post and for the follow.

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