Au Revoir Paris

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 17 (No Business Like Clothes Business)

Au Revoir Paris

It’s the final day in Paris and the ladies along with Ken and Mauricio go on a cruise. The atmosphere is light and fun and it seems everyone is in better spirits. Even Kim who was a bit moody just last week, is laughing and just sharing in the laughs with everyone. They sit to have dinner and Yolanda brings a gift for Brandi because she wants Brandi to have something special since they are in the City of Love and Brandi has no spouse.

The shoes must cost a fortune but hey, Brandi deserves the best.

They start reminiscing on good times and Lisa and is thinking it’s time to renew her vows with Ken because it is just romantic. To everyone’s surprise after Kim does her very thoughtful toast, Brandi announces that her favourite part of being in Paris was with Kim as they basically buried the hatchet and moved on. I’m sure Kim is like… 

Anyways, I happen to like a good dinner without drama and this was a very lovely one šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ :D. 

It’s Good To Be Home

The ladies are now back in the Hills and we see Marisa (who I missed dearly because she wasn’t in Paris with the ladies) and Kyle catching up. If we recall, Marisa’s father-in-law Richard Zanuck died the very day they were leaving for Paris. May he rest in peace. Anyways, Kyle tells her the trip was fun and she is gearing up for her store opening. She’s been hinting about this for quite sometime, so I can’t wait to see it. She mentions the little scare they had with Kim and that she still worries for her. Marisa is there to talk business though and tells Kyle she wants to sell Richard’s house and she wants to do the listing with Mauricio. This is the first time I’ve ever heard what Marisa does. Pretty cool stuff. Marisa later joins Mauricio at the Richard’s house and they take a tour of it and talk business.

I mean with a house like this, the pricing better be right and they come up with a $23M price. Whoa!!! That’s more than I will ever make in my entire life. Meanwhile…Kyle is seen with her business partners buying some more merchandise for her new store called Kyle by Alene Too which is part of the Alene Too businesses.

Lisa is then joined by Kevin Lee at her beautiful home because she is planning a house warming party and of course, Kevin Lee is the man for the job. He goes on with his ever dramatic self about his plans which is quite hilarious to watch. Lisa and Ken shares their ideas for the party and that they also want to renew their vows the same day. I can’t wait for this day. I just love me some Vanderpump. šŸ™‚

The gorgeous Yolanda has a photoshoot to do with David for some Asian magazine. I’m sure you’re like an Asian magazine? I guess David really is known worldwide. She gets dressed and David joins her for the shoot. The shoot goes beautifully but David has to wrap it up quite quickly because he has a show to prepare for with Barbara Streisand.  Like these housewives sure have connections.

Isn’t this just divine? 

Where was Dana?

So last year we met one of Taylor’s friends Dana and since the start of the season I’ve been wondering where she was. I guess it’s time to find out. So Taylor meets up with Dana who we met last year as the girl who just spends money on let’s say a $25 000 sunglasses. This time Dana is not so rich as she seems to be coming out of a divorce and is basically broke. Like Taylor Dana turns to alcohol to soothe her. Taylor even said she wants to help Dana because she was where she was at one point. Now hold up! Wasn’t Taylor just given an intervention with Kyle and Kim like yesterday? Who is she to speak on someone else’s drinking problem? Dana goes on and on about the ladies in their group which leaves me wondering, when did Dana become part of the group? However, Taylor seems more lucid than Dana as she appears very fidgety.  

Can you say nutjob? LOL. Although quite tipsy now, Dana tells Taylor to be careful of her friends and she should reevaluate some of the friendships she has formed in “their” group.

Kyle By Alene Too

It’s finally the opening of Kyle’s store and everything is just going perfect. The paparazzi is there snapping pictures of the wives, good music and the shopping atmosphere is pretty cool. Brandi and Adrienne stay at opposite ends of the store to avoid any form of interaction as they are seeing each other for the first time since the Kyle’s White Party. You’d think this would be drama free, but there is no party without a little drama. Taylor confronts Yolanda about the issue she has, not with her but with her husband. Yolanda is infuriated as Taylor has no business talking about her husband. Take a look for yourself…

Anyways Taylor apologises and she and Yolanda hug it out. This probably something Adrienne and Brandi need to do as well as Kyle and Lisa.

Gears shifted a bit to Kyle and Kim in the back having their sisterly talk. Kim explains why he behaviour waas off on the trip. She has mixed up her meds and had taken the wrong one on the trip. As usual Kyle starts crying because she loves her sister and doesn’t want her to relapse. They hug and express their love and all that good stuff as Kim shared that there was a time where she thought she was dying and that no one cared. Really heartbreaking moment. The night goes on and the ladies buy what they could and leave for their homes.

Till next time. Yolanda gets annoyed at Faye’s meddling, so stay tuned.


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