I Don’t Do Strip Clubs

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 5 x Episode 17 (Strip Is A Trip)

So the ladies are ready for part 2 of their girls trip and are headed to Vegas. NeNe hires a party bus to take the girls to Vega but she is doing it in style. She is flying first class to meet them there as she has a scene to shoot for The New NormalThis is going to be one interesting ride from LA to Vegas. 

Party Bus or Kenya Bus?

The girls are seen getting ready for the bus but before they do Kenya of course goes in to talk to Cynthia bout what happened the night before. She goes on to say she flipped out because she doesn’t want to share any personal information around her enemies (FakePhaedra and Porsha). She further adds that she better get more lotion on her because she can’t b ashy.

Clearly what Porsha said to her must have been true. That discussion dies down and they are now in the bus.

Kenya, thinking she is the vibe queen, decides to play games to pass the time in the bus. They play a game that allows them to imitate each other and who else to impersonate Kenya than Phaedra herself. She does the gone with the wind twirl and flips her hair which everyone immediately knew it was Kenya. Let’s have a look at the twirl again. image

Can’t get enough of this twirl. LOL. Kenya seems to be annoyed by this and proclaims that in order to do that twirl one must have beauty. Clearly implying Phaedra is ugly. Now I’m not Kenya’s biggest fan but Phaedra isn’t the cutest of all the ladies. They continue their fun and the topic of Porsha and her eating comes up. They believe she is pregnant but no one knows and Porsha isn’t letting anything out.

Meanwhile…NeNe arrives at Planet Hollywood and does so before the girls show up. Now she is going on about how these “bitches” are late again and she shows signs of being annoyed and irritated. Nene is really getting on my nerves right now. I mean when did she ever show up on time for anything? Not because she is making it big now means she has changed all of a sudden. 

The girls continue on what was supposed to be 4 hours journey, which turned into 8 hours. They touch on which places they would go and someone mentioned a something like a strip club. This raised flags for Porsha as she isn’t about that strip club life.

Finally, they all arrive at the hotel and they immediately ran to their rooms to get dressed.

I Don’t Do Strip Clubs

After getting dressed they all jump in the limo. Once again the strip club is brought up and Porsha makes it know she isn’t going. NeNe begins rolling her eyes at Porsha because she is now thinking this is total bullsh_t. Porsha defends herself and of course sticks to her decision by not going and goes back to the hotel. The other ladies keep on hinting that Kordell is controlling and I’m beginning to think they may be right. Kenya makes a very snide remark about Kordell not signing a permission slip for Porsha to go to the club. I’m like when will Kenya stop hating? Does she not realise that she cannot get a husband? The ladies say their goodbyes to Porsha and in the club they went. Judging by the GIF below it is obvious they are having a good time. Phaedra sure is.


It’s the next day and the ladies are gearing up for a fun day at Jubilee. However, NeNe wants them to have a Porsha-vention. What this is, is a talk amongs all the women to Porsha about leaving from under Kordell’s shadow. They go in on her and how Kordell is and what it means for her. She assures them that Kordell isn’t like that but still listens and is taking it in. If we look carefully at this episode, Kenya’s face looks concerned and sincere about this whole Porsha situation but when she is in her interviews she shows a different side. Kenya just be real. NeNe offers some sound advice as she knows what it’s like for the guy to be in charge.

They arrive at Jubilee and start having a ball. While trying the various boas on Kenya decides to strut her stuff with her boobs hanging out. NeNe was not having it and was like

so Kenya better recognise who’s HBIC – Head Bitch In Charge. Move over, this ain’t your show. 

They visit a jewelry store and Kandi is there scoping out diamonds. She and Todd seem to be taking things serious and she sends him a picture of the diamond ring. Really hope all goes well.

Bedroom Kandi

Kandi throws a party for the ladies in the hotel since Porsha doesn’t want to go out with them really. Everyone gets a gift and Kandi plays a little joke on Porsha by giving her a pregnancy test. LOL 😀 :D. Kenya mentions that the balls can’t hold as she is small but is instantly reminded that if a penis can hold, the balls should be no problem. Things seemed to be going well until Phaedra stirs the pot by bringing up Walter. She and Kenya get into it yet once again. My thing is why get into it if you don’t want an apology Kenya? NeNe goes on to say Kenya saw Phaedra for who she really is. I’m like what is NeNe talking about because she doesn’t have the best track record for being a saint. 

The drama doesn’t end here. Next week will bring a lot to the front.


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