Let’s Go To France (Part 2)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 16 (The Real Housewives of Paris Part Deux)

We join in on the fun with Yolanda and Brandi as they jog through the streets of Paris. They start talking about what it was like living in Paris and that nothing much has changed. I just love this new found friendship. They even go into discussions about modeling and what it was like back then. Such an amazing start.

The City of Love/Drama

Mauricio and Kyle take a walk down by the river. He starts talking about how romantic Paris is and show Kyle a bridge that lovers visit when in Paris. The bridge is filled with locks that are initialed by couples and Kyle and Mauricio place a lock on the bridge and they through the key into the river. I’m just loving each scene here in Paris.

Kim, Lisa and Ken take walk through the streets from shopping. Lisa is concerned about Kim’s speech as she is slurring and it appears she may have relapsed. Kim goes on to say that her relationship with Kyle is still not so strong but they are working on it where Lisa interjects and let Kim know that her and Kyle are in a bit of a rough spot too. The discussion eventually dies down and they leave for their rooms as the rain has started. Well Kim leaves and Yolanda joins Ken and Lisa. They of course go into talks about Kim’s sobriety as Lisa is genuinely concerned and so too is Yolanda. Why do I get the feeling that Lisa’s concern for Kim is going to cause some problem?

Where Is Kim?

Since Paris is also known for its cuisine the ladies decide to make dinner for themselves. We see them at the front of the hotel, all in attendance except Kim. Immediately they start asking where the heck is she? Lisa tells them she was with her and left for her room so Kyle starts to call her. Yolanda suggests they should go to the room  and look for her.

They knock at the door and Kim takes a while to answer, however she opens up and allow Yolanda and Kyle to go in. Yolanda assures us that there weren’t any alcohol bottles nor pills in the room, so it was obvious she overslept. They go back downstairs and start to wait for Kim in the car. When Kim arrives Lisa immediately starts asking her why she was late and if it is because she took sleeping pills. Who told Lisa to do this? Kim reacts in a very defensive manner to Lisa and gets upset. They arrive at the place for cooking but Kim stays in the car with Kyle while the other ladies leave. She starts saying how mean Lisa was for saying what she said and that she is having a hard time with being sober. Come on now Kim. Lisa was just concerned although it may come across negatively.

Cooking Time

So the ladies all get themselves together for cooking. Kim decides to join them after talking to Kyle. The chef starts explaining the process and the fun begins. Lisa pulls Kyle to the side and goes in on the Kim situation again. Yolanda is annoyed at this as she thinks Lisa should not be talking about the issue with Kim in the room. Kim gets upset and starts talking about Lisa stirring the pot. 

Although I love Lisa, I think she should let this go before it blows up in her face. The men join them as they are finished cooking and they have a very beautiful dinner. Lisa pulls Mauricio aside and start telling him about the Kim situation again. Yolanda outright tells her that they have already spoken about it so let it go now. I’m sort of tired of hearing about this too, so Lisa just needs to keep quiet right now for reals.

The Eiffel Tower Confrontation

After shopping in the early morning, the ladies take a tour of the Eiffel Tower. Kyle confronts Lisa about their friendship yet again and that she  needs to let her knows where their friendship stands. Lisa thinks this was resolve but Kyle starts talking about things aren’t the same and that Lisa has more time for Brandi than she does for her. A bit of jealousy? Lisa assures her that she doesn’t hold a grudge but the moment she didn’t have her back, things changed and they should just accept it. I don’t know what to make of this friendship now and I’m worried they may breakup. 😦

See you guys next week.


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