I’m In The Hollywood Hills Honey

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 5 x Episode 16 (Peaches Don’t Grow In Hollywood)

Hey fans, it’s been a while since I blogged about The Real Housewives of  Atlanta but I’m back now. The last two episodes before this one I felt were a bit bland, so I wasn’t feeling it. This week for sure needs a recap.

The ladies take a girls trip to LA to see Ms. NeNe in action. We see NeNe and Greg making preparations for their guests. However, NeNe makes it clear that the ladies are welcomed in her house but not to stay, so she has paid for a house for them to stop while in LA. Let’s pray this trip is drama free.

It’s Hollywood 

The girls finally land in LA with the exception of Phaedra. For some reason she missed her flight and will join the girls later. They all hop in their limo and head for NeNe’s. Kenya of course has to bring up the fact that she isn’t a fan of Porsha nor Phaedra but if not stressing over them reduces her chance of having breast cancer, she’ll do it. The limo is too wide to even make it up the hill, so NeNe decides to come pick the girls up. Is it just me or does NeNe have the most fabulous life right now? Phaedra finally joins the girls but shows up talking about how tired she is and wants to sleep. I think Phaedra got knocked up around this time.

Kicked Out

The girls are seen in their limo driving in the streets of Hollywood. Cynthia calls NeNe on the phone trying to tell her that they are on their way. NeNe outright tells them they do not need to turn up because it’s after 11 and they are two hours late. They still decide to go and ended up being stopped by NeNe outside. She is standing out at the front with Greg and she is adamant that no one can come in and she isn’t even entertaining them. In fact she makes it clear that even though she’s in the hills she knows how to get hood.

I for one thought NeNe was too dramatic and disrespectful in her approach. I’m not saying she was wrong for not letting them in but her approach was very bitchy. Cynthia, like the suck up she has always been, decides to say that she understands where NeNe is coming from. Of course you would Cynthia -__- All of this upset Kandi as all she wanted was just something to eat.

The girls leave and go to get some fast food because NeNe was just not having it. It was clear that the ladies collectively thought this wasn’t  good move on NeNe’s part as not because she moved to Hollywood doesn’t mean she is Hollywood.

A Day In The Life Of

The girls are getting ready to go to an improv class that has been set up for them. Kenya gets up rather early and even made breakfast because she wants to keep everyone in check and on time. In case you haven’t noticed, I have been a bit quiet re Kenya and her asides but right now she is irrelevant and as Phaedra puts it, this is NeNe’s trip not hers. As usual Kenya tries to make it about her when Kandi says they aren’t as accomplished as NeNe. At the class the ladies are given a lessen on complimenting each other which Kenya isn’t really into. NeNe shows up but a bit late for the class as it is now over.

NeNe shows them around the Paramount Pictures where all the magic happens. The tour seems to be going well and the girls seem to be having fun. They meet up for dinner at Crustacean, a very high end restaurant in Beverly Hills. They start their chatter about babies and Kandi brings up the fact that Kim Zolciak stole her baby name. The topic changes to them being independent and the question about Porsha not working came up. Then the gears shift to Kenya and Walter and immediately she gets upset when Porsha mentions Walter was at Kordel’s party. Like why is Kenya upset at this? Didn’t she and Walter break up? I mean Kordel and he are friends so this should not bother as he owes Kenya nothing. She gets up and storms off with NeNe chasing after her. Kenya is going on and on about she doesn’t want to discuss Walter at the table with Porsha and Phaedra there as if they were the ones who broke them up. Once again she makes everything about her. I’m so tired of this girl. She needs to sit her ass down and keep quiet. 

Stay tuned for more next week as the ladies hit Vegas and Kenya flips out yet again.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sheree says:

    nene flipping out was super funny lol but she got over kenya jus like everyone needs to get ova kenya….to me she no like d girl (porsha) but yet she upset she neva get invited to the party of porshas husband -____- wtf
    then kandi did kinda snotty to me but she was hungry lol
    the looked beautiful at the dinner btw

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      Kenya needs to keep it in check and stop with all this self proclamation. I mean I’m so over her.

      I just think NeNe went about it the wrong way is all not that what she did was wrong.

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