Let’s Go To France

So I wasn’t here to blog last week because it was my birthday and I had a huge celebration for the whole and the internet was acting all dodgey. Now that we are in a new week, I plan on just doing a recap on last week before we go into this week. Let’s go! 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 14 (White Party Pooper)

After the whole thing at Lisa’s party, it was now time for Kim to reveal her new nose. So she decided to have a party to make the big reveal. As in these people have a party for everything. LOL. Anyways, she invites her close friends and relatives to the big event. During the event, they receive a very strange call from Taylor that she is going off with a man she rekindled some old flame with. What was strange about the call was that Taylor sounded a bit drunk. Oh lord not another one. Kyle tells her Kennedy is with her which is surprising to Taylor as she had no idea. Kim and Kyle and shocked at this and of course tells their friends about the incident. Marisa goes in for the kill and starts saying Taylor is always at Kyle’s house and that she doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time with her own child. Whoa!! Marisa speaks. Yes!!! Kim makes the big reveal of her nose and Adrienne just keeps going on and on about how Paul would have done a good j0b just the same. I wonder why Kim didn’t ask Adrienne’s husband to do it?

We then see Adrienne with her kids in her backyard. This rarely happens. I was shocked here. Suddenly they smell smoke and what do you know?, Lisa’s old house is on fire. Adrienne starts to panic and decides she is leaving her home because she fears the fire affect them. A bit melodramatic if I may. The fire is controlled but Lisa’s old house was basically destroyed.

Kyle throws her annual White Party. All seemed to be going well until Brandi decides to talk to Adrienne. They go back and forth about the lawsuit bit until Paul admits (in his interviews)  that they did send a letter to Brandi’s lawyer saying she needs to stop talking about them. Lisa brings to attention the situation with Camille at the last White Party and that it seems a bit double standard to not ask Paul and Adrienne to leave. Like a coward, Kyle tries to duck out and say she doesn’t want to get involved bu Lisa is not having it. They all go into the room to hear what was going on when Ken and Paul get into it as Ken goes in to defend Brandi yet once again. The situation was squashed and the party proceeded. Finally, not so much drama unfolded really. Now let’s go straight into this week.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 15 (The Real Housewives of Paris Part Un)

So we pick up from the whole Taylor now being a drunk bit and find the newly sober Kim talking to her sister, Kyle about the situation. Kim is worried that Taylor has turned to alcohol to deal with her problems. She feels she needs to say something to Taylor especially since Kennedy is being affected. They visit Taylor and sit her down and immediately dove into the meat of the matter. I find this funny that Kim is now commenting on someone’s drinking when she is still recovering and may relapse. LOL. Taylor receives the advise well and tells them she will work on it. Point for Kim.

Yolanda Foster In Action

Yolanda throws a party at her Mohammed’s, her ex husband’s house and invites all the girls. It is good to see that she has a good relationship with Mohammed and that David gets along with him well also. Everyone turns up except Adrienne for reasons unknown. The vibe is going well and Yolanda announces to Lisa that she is going to Paris only to find out Lisa is too. She and Ken are going to visit Ken’s son (who we are just hearing about for the first time ever). She then tells Kyle she is going to Paris when Kyle tells her she and Mauricio too are going to Paris. Can you say Girls’ Trip. So they all decide that they are going to Paris and everyone is pretty much excited. Taylor however can’t make it because she decides she needs to spend more time with her daughter. Yolanda confronts her about why she has a problem with her but Taylor acts dumb and says she has no problem. We’ll what will unfold.

To Paris With Giggy

So the girls arrive in Paris except for Marisa as the very day they were leaving, Dean’s father (Richard Zanuck) passed away. RIP Richard Zanuck. We see Lisa with her stepson who is now married to a friend of hers. She reveals that Ken’s son is just 5 yrs her junior and they all get along quite well. They spend some quality time together but the real party started when she joins the girls.

Everyone meets up in what seems to be either Yolanda or Brandi’s room to watch the fireworks but not Kim in sight. Kyle calls her and she says she is on her way. When Kim appears this is what we see.

Kyle seems worried as her face is showing that she knows something is not right. Lisa picks this up and asks her if she is alright but the Kim she is seeing doesn’t look like the Kim that’s in sobriety. Oh gee. Has Kim relapsed? 

Stay tuned for more from the wives next week.


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