No More Vanderpump

So I’ve been missing for a week as last week was my birthday and I celebrated for the whole week. 😀 Say Happy Belated Birthday KT!!! Now that things are back on track, let me get back into the scene. Firstly, I’ll give a quick recap of last week’s episode.

Recap: In Love With Someone Else (Aired February 18, 2013)

Jax and Laura-Leigh seemed to be moving a tad bit fast as every scene showed Jax’s annoyance with her and it is obvious he wants things to end. The go to a session for substance abusers and he realizes that Lisa was right all along when she told him that Laura-Leigh had some issues and is very fragile. A little too late now. He tells her they need space but what he actually did was break up with her and started texting Stassi, now that Frank was out of the picture. An enraged Laura-Leigh confronted Jax at work and told him off proper. I enjoyed that bit.

There was a major VIP dinner to be held at SUR and Brandi of course is one of Lisa’s guest. However, prior to the dinner, the schedule was made and Scheana was supposed to work the party because Peter wasn’t aware Brandi would show up. Like really Peter? Brandi is like Lisa’s bestie, you did that sh_t on purpose. Anyways, he calls to tell Scheana she can no longer work the party and have to instead cover Kristen’s shift. This angered Scheana as she missed an audition to work, only to be told she can’t. She loses it and breaks down even arguing with Lisa about the whole situation. She in turn leaves as she thought the big sit down with Brandi would have resolved everything. Poor Scheana. I really think Brandi should just let it go now. I mean Eddie married Leanne and not Scheana.

Stassi has been slacking off at work, both at Sur and with Pandora (Lisa’s daughter). This all happened during the break up with Jax, the hook up and break up with Frank and losing her besties and then gaining back Katie but still at odds with Kristen. Lisa and Pandora both meet with her and tell her she needs to get her act together or else they will replace her. At Sur, Laura-Leigh confronts her and  tells her she needs to stop be a coward and just say whatever she has to say, to her face. This happened because Jax pulled the plug on their relationship because he still has feelings for Stassi which he confessed to her.

And that’s what you missed last week. 

Vanderpump Rules Season 1 x Episode 8 (Last Call)

This week Vanderpump Rules comes to an end. Draws for tissues and wipes tears. Don’t want it to end :'(. After such a long summer, things seem to finally be going the way everyone wants it to. Scheana now feels like she is part of the Sur family as she is basically cool with everyone, Stassi included. After her big meltdown last week. She felt she needed to address the issue with Lisa and apologise as she knows, this was not like her. But before I get there, let me back track a little. 

Laura-Leigh Goes to Hollywood

Laura-Leighs turns up at work with the most shocking news ever. She tells Lisa that she is quitting but not for reasons people may think. She had been going on and on for weeks about an audition she has for a movie role. Luckily she lands the part and is being flown to North Carolina where she will be filming along side Jennifer Aniston. When she gives Lisa the news, Lisa couldn’t be happier as this is what she wants for her staff. I’m so proud of Laura-Leigh and I can’t wait to see her on the big screen. In you face Jax! The news spread of Laura-Leigh’s big break and Stassi seems to be happy, not that she got the part, but that she has left Sur. What a bitch move. Anyways, it’s good to see that at least one person isn’t going to be stuck at Sur.

Photoshoot Day

Lisa decides that she needs to have a photoshoot for all the Sur staff and where else to do it than her beautiful home. She invites them all, even Scheana, to do a swimsuit shoot in her pool. Scheana was a bit taken aback but grateful nonetheless because of what went down the last time she saw Lisa. The shoot seemed to be going well and judging from the pic above, it is obvious that it was steamy!!! Jax decides to ask Stassi when is she going to stop teasing him and let him back in her life. She admits it isn’t that easy to do and she still needs time. When will these two make their minds up and stick with it?

The shoot continues and the staff moves from swimwear to more elegant stuff. Lisa of course dominates and does the best. My bias comes alive. Scheana decides to go to Lisa and apologise to her for her behaviour and Lisa assures her all is forgiven but she needs to realize that time does heal wounds and Brandi may get over the affair in time. It is here we realize a change in Jax as he wants to be the man for Stassi.

Jax in Therapy

Since Stassi and Frank broke things off, Jax has been spending more and more time with Stassi in order to win her love again. He tries to show how much he has changed by following Stassi around like a puppy dog but that doesn’t seem to be working. We find him seeing a shrink, explaining to the shrink that he loves Stassi and thinks he really needs to grow up and be the man she needs. Where have we heard that before? He confesses to the shrink what he already told Peter that he did in fact cheat on Stassi and it was during the time Frank said it happened. I guess Frank was actually telling the truth all this time.

The Summer Has Ended But Sur Is Hotter Than Ever

Jax shows up at the after party for the photoshoot and tells Lisa he is leaving Sur to try and find himself and also to give Stassi peace. He decides to confess everything to Stassi which opened up even more worms and upset Stassi. She basically tells him to leave and that she doesn’t want to see him again because he caused her so much pain. Jax then tells everyone else at the party what he has done which leaves them all shocked. I’m just remembering how Tom took his shirt off to fight Frank for Jax because he thought Frank was the problem. They all felt like crap because they stood up for Jax and left Stassi in the cold thinking she was being to naive to believe Frank. Everyone basically feels punked by Jax as he did the best acting he could have ever done throughout the season. I even think he is acting at this point and being all dramatic.

What will the reunion bring? 

Stay tuned.


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