Avery To The Rescue

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 16 (This Is Why We Fight)

After quitting their jobs last week, the doctors caused chaos and uproar (not the animals in a jungle type thing) in the hospital. Nurses have started walking out and ORs have been overbooked because of the lack of surgeons. Who thought these doctors were that important?

The Crest Meeting

Arizona, Meredith, Yang, Torres and Derek Shepherd himself, along with the financial advisor, have a meeting with a possible investor to buy into the idea of owning a hospital. This investor, Julian Crest, seems to be a very wealthy man who has his foot in every door except that of a hospital. They end up meeting his son as Julian is a very busy man. The meeting went well but they have to return a little later to actually meet Julian in person. They then meet with Julian’s people who pass the information off to Julian who then agrees to meet with the gang. In this meeting Julian is impressed by the doctors’ drive and passion for Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital but isn’t convinced that they have the administrative experience to run a hospital. So he turns them down. The doctors are crushed. At this point I began changing my mind and started thinking this was a bad idea to support. >>>take a breather, more to come from this meeting<<<

Is This The Last Of Cahil?

Cahil (in what is supposed to be her last episode) tells Hunt that Pegasus is back on board with the purchase which seems to be great news. Hunt is really pleased with this and  now feels all is well. Am the only one that is suspicious of this? It is further revealed that Pegasus is in fact buying the hospital but is planning on liquidating it and cutting staff. Cahil seemed to have left this part out of the news. Not to fear, Brooks aka Mousey, spread the news like wildfire.

Seattle Grace Mercy West: Shambles

The hospital is in a frenzy right now and the few doctors that are left (well those from the main cast); Karev, Kepner, Bailey, Webber and Avery are either taking it easy or in a panic.

Bailey for instance is already seeking employment elsewhere as the belief is that they no longer have a buyer since Pegasus walked. She however is reassured by Hunt that she is the heart of the hospital and she can’t leave.

She does her best with her patient with the help of Brooks (Meredith’s intern, who is keeping her up to date with the patient’s stat). It wasn’t until she was in surgery with Webber (who had to leave because of a call from Meredith -who was now at the hospital to see him-), that Brooks told her that the idea for the surgery was Meredith’s. Meredith is asking Richard for his help in their plan to buy the hospital but not financial. She wants him to be the administrator.

Karev is trying his best to keep his cool with his patient for the day – a little boy with a tumor called Phil -. Isn’t Karev just the dearest? He of course pulls his surgery off without any problems but had personal problems of his own, intern problems. Jo is crying because she feels like because the hospital is closing she won’t see Karev again and she isn’t ready for that. I can’t wait for them to hook up.

Kepner is in surgery with Ross and Hunt when a very nervous irate Ross starts going in on Hunt about the news that Brooks gave them. Hunt is totally unaware of what Ross is asking him and assures the room that this is not so, only to have Ross declare it. I felt like punching Ross in the face. Hunt walks out and Kepner takes over, telling Ross in a very disapproving tone, that Hunt had no idea of those allegations.

Avery too is in surgery with his little intern girlfriend, Edwards. He is upset at what is taking place and is now faced with the decision of leaving to join his mother in Boston. Edwards is contemplating following him wherever he goes because she is in love but only to hear Avery say, he’s sure they’ll meet up again even at the same hospital. What a knife to the heart! 

At this point, keeping the secret of buying the hospital from Hunt makes no sense and Yang shows up telling Hunt about the plan. Hunt goes in the board room telling them to hold off on Pegasus as there may be another buyer. Cahil tries to tell him if Pegasus walks again, there is no deal especially if this new deal with Crest doesn’t go according to plan. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Avery To The Rescue 

After getting Webber on board, he and Derek take a ride in a chopper with Crest trying to win him over. After returning to the awaiting few, they are then told that the deal didn’t follow through. Spirits had to be crushed at this point.

We are joined with Webber and Katherine, Avery’s mother, in bed going over the failed attempt. Lightbulb! 

The very next day, Meredith, Avery, Yang, Derek, Webber, Arizona, Torres are called in a meeting with Webber and Katherine. She tells them The Harper Avery Foundation is interested in being their investor but under one condition, that her son Avery sits on the board. Without hesitation, the gang is excited and agrees but not Avery. His faced got real upset when his mother told them the news. This can only spell T R O U B L E. Not what I thought would happen, but hey…Shonda knows what she is doing.

See you guys next week.


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  1. Joanna Dunham says:

    Do you know where I can find the brand on the hoodie that Avery wears in the last scene?

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      I’m sorry but I don’t. I could check though.

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