We Quit

Grey Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 15 (Hard Bargain)

Picking up from where we left off last week, the gang is now at Meredith and Derek’s house continuing the discussion on whether or not they should buy the hospital. Callie still thinks it’s a good and idea and tries her best to persuade the others. Meredith and Derek (surprisingly) are receptive towards the idea but to Arizona isn’t too keen on the whole idea. Meanwhile…Yang and Hunt are shacking up in what seems to the on-call room, totally unaware of the heated discussion taking place. Arizona starts saying she doesn’t think it’s a good idea as they do not know how to run a hospital and that her money should not be used to save Seattle Grace Mercy West HospitalI’m very shocked yet understanding of Arizona’s position because she did lose half her leg in the crash and probably still has and will forever feel resentment toward the hospital. However, she forced herself on the plane as Karev was supposed to go but let’s not rehash the past. In fact she goes in on Derek, completely blaming him for what is happening. I guess we are on the same side here.

I really love the look on Derek’s face after Arizona what Arizona did. 😀 😀 😀 😀

Let The Sale Begin

Last week we saw that neither Karev nor Avery got the job as the Brand Ambassador for the hospital. However, Derek Shepherdwas chosen instead and has his face plastered all over the hospital. While he may have the gorgeous hair and beautiful smile, Derek is disgusted and wants all the pictures taken down. Cahil assures him that this is what is best for the hospital and if he truly cares he’ll allow it. Of course, Derek’s number one intern fan thinks this is something amazing and he can’t wait to join him in surgery but Derek disappoints by tell him he has to meet with the buyers, Pegasus.

Kepner: Born Again Virgin

After kissing Matthew last week, Kepner seems to be hooking up in the ambulance with him on a regular. They are both seen making out in the back of the vehicle which comes to a sudden halt when Matthew blurts out he can’t continue like this. He wants to take Kepner on a date and the two agree on going out later that evening. A very nervous Kepner runs to Avery, her ex, to ask for advice as she fears Matthew may leave her if she tells him that she is a born again virgin. Didn’t know there was such a thing. Avery tells her to just be herself and if Matthew can’t accept that, then he doesn’t deserve her. It’s quite obvious here that Avery still is in love with Kepner. Later in the evening, they go on their date and start making out in the couch. Matthew stops the process again proclaim that he wants to wait until marriage. Yes! Kepner this is you shot. Kepner tells him she’s waiting too and neglects to tell him she has had sex before. Why would Kepner do this? I guess they won’t last.

Derek Has A Plan

Since Arizona blew up on Derek, he feels the need to save the day. He calls in his Financial Advisor to hear what he has to say about the idea of buying the hospital. They meet outside in a van to ensure this is top secret. Callie goes in and gets the scare of her life. LOL.

 Callie just kills me every time. 😀 

He tells them that in order for this to work, they must first become an organization that can be hired by the hospital as physicians cannot own the hospital in which they work. He adds that they also need the financial statement of the hospital so that they can know the amount they’ll need to make the purchase happen. However, Hunt can’t know of this which Yang isn’t too keen about as they are now on good terms. Meredith and Derek used their mischievous nature to disrupt the meeting with the accountants and gets their hands on the statement. Voila! The day is saved.

An Angry Staff

Hunt meets with the nurses to inform them that their shifts will be altered a bit and this does not sit well with them. They start raising a lot of questions which Hunt could not answer at the time and they get up and leave. Now you know when the nurses leave, there’s a problem. Bailey is sort of on the same page as a medical procedure that could save a child’s life had been turned down by Hunt because they are in a financial bind. She does what any angry doctor would do and tells Arizona she may leave the hospital too because she doesn’t want to get lost in the process of the sale.

We Quit

After hearing that Pegasus wants to purchase the hospital tonight, the doctors perform the most extreme act. They realize that in order for Pegasus to withdraw their offer, the only thing to do is to quit and have them back off. One by one they file in the conference room to make the decision known.



Torres and Arizona……….


…………………….and Yang

Hunt is dumbstruck at this point because this was never expected. What will they do now as irreplaceable doctors just quit?

Hunt’s reaction to the shocking news.

Stay tuned for next week.


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