Frank No More

Vanderpump Rules Season 1 x Episode 6 (Caught With Your Trousers Down)

This week Pump Rules takes a different route. We got to see what each person at Sur does when they’re not working at the restaurant. We even saw Kristen tell us she’d leave in a heartbeat.

Jax and Laura-Leigh’s Sexcapades
Since Jax hooked up with Laura-Leigh, they have been having sex everywhere. It has been brought to Lisa’s attention that they got caught in the act on her restaurant.

Lisa meets with them to discuss the allegations. Of course they lie to try and cover there asses. Lisa knows the truth as Ken told her and lets them off with a warning. Pretty soft here Lisa. This is not acceptable at all.

Katie Meets Up With Stassi

Vegas was so horrible that once besties, Katie and Stassi, had not spoken since. Katie starts telling Stassi how she feels about the situation and that Stassi wasn’t being fair with how she treated her. Stassi responds by saying she was just overwhelmed and she’s sorry. Where is Kristen? I guess Stassi isn’t ready to make up with her.

Katie breaks down tells Stassi she is like a sister so she was just concerned she was moving too fast with Frank. They continue their talk and make up, declaring their love for each other.

Frank No More

There’s a rumour going around that Frank got into it with a customer and Jax seems very much interested in this gossip. As it seems the rumour is true and so Frank has to meet with Lisa. Lisa sits him down and immediately she starts laying down the rule.

Frank tries hard to defend himself but very nonchalantly almost like he’s mocking Lisa. She lets him know this is not acceptable as the customer is always right. She ends up firing him right then and there. I feel as though Lisa fired Frank because she prefers Jax to Frank. I mean, how can she let Jax off the hook for shagging in the restaurant, yet fire Frank for defending himself? Not a fair move Lisa.

Frank tells Stassi what’s up and the news quickly spread like a wildfire all over Sur. The others seem to be happy about it but not Stassi as she feared her parents would disapprove.

Trouble In Paradise

The two start talking about how being fired which seems to be getting on Frank’s nerves. He disses Lisa slightly which is quite offensive. They then start talking about Stassi’s parents and he says to her they are nice but her dad serves her mom just as she expects him to serve under her.

Stassi feels Frank is being a dick and attacks him about it. Of course, Frank isn’t taking her bulls__t and defends himself. Stassi walks out crying like the attention seeking person she is.

Frank start telling her she is self centered and they need a break. Could this be the end for Frassi?

Stay tuned for next week.


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