Poor Kenya

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 x Episode 14 (Prayed Up)

After so long without an episode, finally RHOA returns. It’s Kordel’s birthday and Porsha is planning a big party for him. She flew in a party planner and they go over what it is that will be at the party. The theme is Harlem Nights, which means that there has to be some kind of old school dress up. Can’t wait to see it unfold.

Chatting It Up
Phaedra visits Kandi at her house to gossip about Kenya. We see Kandi cooking which is so refreshing. At least she has other talents. They start talking and according to Phaedra, Kenya is obsessed with her which was the reason she did what she did at NeNe’s event. She goes on about how Kenya doesn’t phase her but we know that’s a lie. Even Kandi said Phaedra seemed a little flustered. Phaedra just needs to leave the show. I’m so sick of her prissy attitude.

Poor Kenya

Kenya is at the doctor’s to do a biopsy as she may have cancer. :O What a sad, sad position to be in. She does her ultrasound and the doctor takes the samples from her breasts that they will test for cancer. I feel for her as breast cancer in black women is more severe than in white women. In her interviews, she explains how she felt at the time and that it was scary. As much as I dislike Kenya, I wouldn’t want her to have cancer. She returns to the doctor’s and got great news. The lumps were benign but the doctor said she should return for check ups.

Kandi, Hallelujah!

Since the whole moving in her new house and having a boyfriend, Kandi has a lot to be thankful for. This inspired her to try her luck with a gospel record.

Like a true boss, Kandi delivers so she is definitely on the right path. She sings her song “Prayed Up” which was basically what she had been doing ever since she lost her fiance in a very tragic way a few years back. We’re rooting for you Kandi.

Where’s The Class Cynthia?

Cynthia and Porsha meet up at The Bailey Agency to discuss the pageant they had been planning. Before Porsha turns up though, Cynthia feels it necessary to tell her staff that Porsha didn’t want them there because they are strangers. I’m baffled because it is Porsha’s house. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Anyways they decide to bitch Porsha about it and start making some comments about her being a stranger in the agency. Very classless and distasteful of you ask me.

We then see Kordel and Porsha discussing what went down at the meeting and we see a very commanding and irritated Kordel. He tells Porsha to “check Cynthia” which to me just simply means talk to her. According to online sources, an irate Peter, after seeing this episode, took to Twitter and started attacking Kordel. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why? Wasn’t Peter all giddy over meeting Kordel? Furthermore, this happen last fall, so Peter going to Twitter now isn’t really relevant.

Cynthia and Porsha meet to again to discuss business. Cynthia is not pleased with the lack of effort put in by Porsha and tells her she doesn’t think she can work with her anymore on the pageant. Porsha seems to be shocked by this but if nothing was done, Cynthia is in the right.

Harlem Nights

It’s the actual day of the party and Kordel sits down with Cynthia to discuss the situation with her and Porsha. Cynthia feels Kordel is overpowering and should leave this between her and Porsha. I sorta have to agree with Cynthia here.

These two then start to discuss the whole thing and thanks to Kordel’s meddling, everything is resolved. Well for now at least. Can’t wait to see the reunion.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Kenya always crack me up haha

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      She is disgusting and annoying. She is trying too hard to be relevant but her ass still isn’t.

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