Sebastian Who?

The Carrie Diaries Season 1 x Episode 5 (Dangerous Territory)

This week is all about a fancy soiree that this new guy, George Silver, has invited Carrie to. The two met at the office Carrie does her intership in Manhattan only to realize they had already met when they were kids. This must be fate. Initially Carrie declined the invitation but upon seeing Sebastian and Donna making out, Carrie decided that she’ll go.

The Diner Turf War

Mouse, Walt and Maggie meet at the diner and the topic of discussion is Carrie and Sebastian. They, with the exception of Walt, could not believe Sebastian moved on with Donna. Walt asks why would Sebastian go for girl like Donna, when a very insecure Mouse utters “she has a hot body”. Walt, thinking he is has the right thing to say, says that some guys like their girlfriends for their personality which caused Maggie to wonder if she too is not hot.

Donna and her friends turn up in the diner which is weird to the gang as they don’t hang around the diner. Of course like teenagers, they start talking about who should be there and who should. While Mouse and Walt leave, Maggie sticks around to defend their turf.

Maggie leaves for the bathroom and returns to see her seat taken and her bag on the ground. It’s now obvious that Donna wants war but Maggie puts her foot down and let her know she isn’t taking over.

Now that’s what call badass. Maggie spills food on Donna and a physical turf war ensued. This scene was real funny. Sebastian turns up and calms Donna down and they leave, declaring Maggie the winner of this turf war.

Kik Silver’s Soiree

This party is one of Upper New York’s finest. I mean a partysoiree that requires the ladies to wear ruby, emerald and saphire dresses must be quite posh. Carrie wears something she had to throw a tutu over as her original dress was cocktail. She and George enter the party and Kik is nothing but nice to Carrie. In fact she asks Carrie if her dress is courture. I died at Carrie’s face as she has no idea what courture is. Kik, George’s mom, then let them know she invited George’s ex, Blythe (who just got back from rehab) to the party and Carrie realizes she has competition.

Blythe tries her best to make Carrie look bad but Carrie, like the strong girl she is, stands her ground. Kik then pulls George aside telling him that Carrie doesn’t fit into their world so he should go back to Blythe. Carrie hears this and runs off. George chases her and tells her he likes her and they should give each other a shot. They return to the party where Kik realizes she knew Carrie’s mom and now she suddenly likes her. I like this new relationship that’s building.

Mouse’s Sex Education

After watching a video on how to have great sex, Mouse wowed her Seth in bed which he did not expect. He then assumes that she must have had other sexual encounters to have gotten so good. Uh oh! Someone sounds guilty of something. Seth then starts spilling the beans about who he slept with when they had broken up. Mouse tries to compete and tells Seth that Walt taught her all those sex moves and he swears if he meets Walt, he’ll bash his face in. Poor Walt.

Change Is Good
Carrie finally passes her driving test and shows up at the diner to tell everyone only to find a lot happened while she was in the city.

Mouse comes clean about not having slept with Walt and that Seth should not keep up the double standard.

Carrie’s dad meets a woman he accidentally hit with his car and brings her home. She gives him her number in hopes of being called for a date.

I like where this is heading.

See you guys next week.


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