Bailey Is Innocent

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 21 (Sleeping Monster)

Welcome back viewers. I know you’ve missed me and yes, I missed you guys too :). After that huge curve ball Shonda threw at us a few weeks back, we are all left to wonder what will come of Bailey after it was highlighted that she may be the one that caused the infections.

Operation: Prove Bailey’s Innocence

Since the infection scare, the hospital has to get the situation under control as two patients have already died and one is in critical condition currently. Bailey, although in deep waters at this point, is still worried about her patient where Webber assures her he will step in and take control. She is seen in the conference room with an investigator from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who is there to try and figure out what has caused such a vicious infection. Bailey goes back and forth trying her best to blame everything else on the infection instead of taking responsibility. I mean, all the odds are against her at this point. She is asked numerous questions about the steps she took in preparing for surgery. She seems a bit flustered as she tells one side then tells another. She then storms out because she can’t take the pressure.


A an entire family has been rushed to the ER and need surgery ASAP. Callie, April and Avery are all on the cases as their area of expertise is needed. This family had a reunion and used a clothing line to play tug-o-war which cut their fingers off. There really isn’t much to be said about this scenario as all went well for the patients and their fingers were reattached. I think the focus here was more so on April and her guilty conscience for having sex with Avery and for lying to Matthew. She once again decides to blame Avery where he tells her he will not apologize for having sex with her because he isn’t sorry. While this is happening, Matthew shows up to tell her he wants to give things another shot which once again puts April in an uncomfortable position. When will this drama end?

Yang, Karev and Jason (Wilson’s boyfriends the OB/GYN) have a patient that needs to have a C-section to try and save the baby’s life as well as the mother’s. Normally, they would deliver the baby first then move to another room for the heart surgery but they decide to do everything in the one OR. The surgeries went perfectly and both patients are ok. With this baby drama going on, Meredith is seen from time to time having talks about how she wants to have her baby. She tells Yang she wants a natural birth and wants her in the room. Of course Yang declines because she really wants nothing to do with babies.

Aside – Jo Wilson, Jason (OB/GYN) and Karev are in this weird twisty love triangle. Wilson tells Karev she is moving in with Jason and he outright tells her that she is making a huge mistake. He then blabs to Jason about Wilson’s past which gets in trouble with her and she tells him to stay out of her life. Karev claims he and Wilson are just friends but makes a shocking revelation after taking a step back to think.

Way to go Karev, you’re just realizing this? SMH

Do you remember the patient that Owen has this connection to since the blow up a few weeks ago? Well it just so happened that the father is in a coma and the mother seems to be fine. The grandmother comes to visit because the kid needs someone to be with. She breaks down in the hospital because she knows her son is dying. The kid and his mom are seen in cafeteria where she begins to have a seizure and is rushed to the elevator by Derek to try and save her. Unfortunately, she dies and Owen feels guilty. Oh Shonda, what plan do you have for Owen? Yang identifies here that Owen’s desire for kids have been awakened and knows that the time will come when she will lose him. Shonda just couldn’t leave well enough alone now could she?

Bailey after storming out of the investigation, now overhears Webber telling the other infected patient’s parents that she is the one that caused the infection but doesn’t stay to hear when Webber tells Murphy he said what he said in order to have the parents sign off on the operation. He does his best to try and save the patient but the infection won and the patient died. Bailey walks back in the room with the investigator where he makes her realize she is the one that caused it.

Did Bailey Really Do It?

After the investigation was completed, the board meets with the investigative team where Bailey walks in and of course being outnumbered, Avery loses the vote to have Bailey in the room. It is revealed that Bailey does have an infection but it would not have been passed on if the gloves weren’t defective. She feels some sort of relief but is still feeling guilty as her patients died because of her. I am really loving this Shonda. Bailey was on too much of a high horse and needed to be cut down a bit. Too bad Webber got in the crossfire, now she doesn’t trust him anymore. 

I wasn’t really a fan of this week’s episode as it wasn’t what I thought it would be. I mean why give us the Bailey scare if the plan was to make her come out innocent? However, the next episode seems like it will be dramatic. Here’s a glimpse. 

Stay tuned.


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