Doctors Aren’t Miracle Workers

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 22 (Do You Believe In Magic)

This episode was nothing less short of drama as there are only 2 episodes left in the season. 

We Belong Together?

A patient is brought in under serious conditions. She was part of a magic act which went horribly wrong. She was basically sawed in half at the abdomen by her husband the magician and somehow is still alive. The doctors are stunned at this and are a bit quizzical as they expect this patient to be dead. Meredith and Webber take this patient on as Bailey is off somewhere locked in the genome lab dealing with her own issues. While all this is going on, the husband and his stage assistant keep going at it and are blaming each other for what happened. The assistant outright tells the husband he is delusional and wasn’t making his wife happy as they are in love and she was going to leave him for her. Yep you heard right, the assistant is a female. What I find remarkable is how Shonda uses the patients to somehow mirror what is going on in the lives of the doctors.

They miraculously save this lady which they still are even shocked at and the husband finally decides to let his wife go as he has come to the realization that she belongs with the assistant because he wasn’t making her happy.  I link this to what is going on in Meredith’s and Derek’s life as finally they are in a place where they both want to be and it shows that they were meant to be together.  In the last scenes of this episode we see them at home with Zola talking about what to expect with the new baby on the way.

How precious? Finally I can say Derek is not so annoying as he was before.

Where Is Bailey?

As you should be well aware by now, Bailey has been under some serious pressure lately and is just now coming out of an investigation. She has locked herself in the genome lab since she’s been cleared because she still can’t believe she caused the death of 3 patients.

I’m so over Bailey you have no idea. Doctors lose patients all the time, so I really don’t know why she is taking this so personal. I mean it’s not like she did it intentionally. I wonder if this is Shonda’s way of telling us she is forcing Bailey to quit? Doubt it. Everyone tries to get her to speak because they need her in the OR because of course she has a job to do. Callie seems to be the one that needs her to come out the most as she wants her to gain her confidence back. She tries to convince Webber to talk to her where he tells her Bailey no longer trusts him. However, after seeing the husband walk away from his wife, Webber calls in Bailey’s husband (the anesthesia guy) as he may be the one person that Bailey will talk to. When she hears him outside the door, she opens up and breaks down.

I just hope this is the last of Bailey and her nonsense because I can’t deal with another week of her foolishness.

That Darn Kid

Remember that same kid Hunt has been involved with for some time now because of his dad being hospitalized? Well he is finally sent home with his grandmother because he can no longer stay in the hospital. The little glimpse I showed in the last blog gave you an idea that he was still going to be around. Anyways, while the kid is sent home, Yang is trying everything in her power to get his father out of the coma because she sees how much this is affecting Hunt. To their surprise, the kid is rushed to the ER because he had overdose on his grandma’s sleeping pills and Hunt is furious. I was taken aback when Hunt snapped the grandma because this kid isn’t his. He is taken care of and is alright but his father will never recover from the coma it seems. Shonda, where are you taking us with this one really?

Love Hurts

Since Karev’s confession that he is in love with Jo, he is seeing her everywhere. Well, duh! They do work at the same hospital, so Karev cannot avoid this. Karev tries his best to stay away from Jo but she confronts him after a surgery and he tells her that he is doing exactly what she wants by staying away from her and out or her life because she’s the one that decided to go out with the duechebag (Jason).  Upon leaving the hospital, Karev sees the two, Jo & Jason, arguing but walks away because that isn’t his problem. He arrives home just in time to see Jo on the bench outside his house and is greeted with a total game changer.

How Shonda does it? We just will never know.

Stay tuned because it’s about to get heated.


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