From Darkness To Light

Before I get into this week’s finale, I bet you’re probably wondering where’s the blog  for Episode 23. I decided not to post it  so that I could do a review in this blog post and then run straight into Episode 24. I won’t even waste any more time, so let’s get down to business.

ReviewGrey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 23 (Readiness Is All)

After seeing Jo beaten up outside his house, Karev decides to take matters in to his own hands. He storms out in a rage as if he is going to kill Jason. Jason is then brought in to the hospital by Karev, very much banged up and is need of a brain surgery. Now I’m sure you’re thinking Karev what did you do? Surprisingly, it was revealed that Jo actually beat the living daylights out of Jason because has hit her. Karev gave the impression that he did it and even gave Jason (after a successful surgery) an ultimatum, not press charges and leave Jo alone or press charges and possibly face jail time for hitting her. Karev always wants to save the day and always picks the crazy ones. 

Bailey is still being a pain in the rear since the whole infection scare. She has basically demoted herself to Administrative Assistant as she is filing patient files manually because a storm’s said to be coming in 3 days but knowing the weather, it may come earlier. Although she makes an excellent point to Ross, she is getting on my last nerve. Shonda just needs to get rid of her. Webber makes it clear to her that if she doesn’t get her act together, he will have to fire her because he too has a share in the hospital.

Owen is still pressuring Yang to try her best to wake Ethan’s father even though day 8 has passed. Yang orders Edwards to do another scan and what do you know, a clot was  in his brain. Derek and Brooks operate and the 50/50 chance of survival/death turned in his favor. The guy woke up which is a good thing and finally Ethan can get out of the picture. Owen should be happy about this but he orders that the man be removed to Seattle Presbyterian as soon as possible. Shonda really did a number on Owen. I mean she even made it seems as though Owen had a chance of adopting the kid, only to have his father wake.

After being kicked out of surgery by Owen, Kepner is sent back to the ER to deal with traumas. She is furious at him but doesn’t know this is part of Matthew’s plan to surprise her with a proposal. Kepner had no idea and was really emotional. She said yes but the look on her face after seeing Jackson leaves one to question whether she’ll go through with it.

And Arizona…see for yourself

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 x Episode 24: Season Finale (Perfect Storm)

Meredith is in labor and has to do a C-section in order to have the baby. She is panicking because she wants to push the baby out but is advised that is not possible. The light goes out which is now a major problem as the doctors are fearful of performing any type of surgery in this condition. Shonda really had to cause a storm, didn’t she? Ross is left to assist the OB that is set to deliver Meredith’s baby, with Derek in the room acting like the prick he is. The baby comes out and gave a little scare because he wasn’t crying but when he does, they realize they the baby has to be rushed to NIC Unit. Thinking everything is all fine and dandy now? Nope, it couldn’t be that easy. Meredith is bleeding out because she has fallen prior to the storm and Ross is left to operate on her. Upon hearing this Yang and Derek run off to the OR because they know that Meredith is in trouble. 

Running simultaneously, Brooks broke the news to Bailey about Meredith, which was just what she needed to snap out of whatever she had going on because she wound up operating on Meredith and saved her life. Meredith and Derek then decide to name their baby Bailey. Aww…how sweet!

The Big Boom

With all the panic and chaos in the hospital because of the absence of light, a bus toppling over and catching fire right at the entrance of the hospital was just what was needed to get things even more intense for the staff. Everyone stood still and witnessed the tragic accident and as soon as they thought it safe enough to leave, they run to the passengers’ rescue. Yes,  even Bailey ran to the injured’s rescue. 

While this is going on Yang is forced to operate in the dark on a patient’s heart by the encouraging words of former chief, Webber. She then realizes that this is her calling and that she can’t keep things going with Owen because she won’t change and she won’t hinder him from living the life he wants. At this time too the babies need special attention in the NIC Unit as the battery in the respiratory machines are dying. Parents begin to scramble and start asking a host of questions about how the babies will survive the night. The idea was arrived at to have the parents manually ventilate the babies to help with the limited staff.

The passengers in the bus are evacuated one by one and Avery and Owen stay behind to save a lady and her daughter. The lady is taken out and Owen brings her inside but Avery turns back to save the little girl. With the gas leakage, Avery has very limited time to get this little girl out before the bus explodes. Kepner realizes Avery is still out by the bus and before you know it….

the bus explodes. Kepner loses it 

which is isn’t quite so shocking. Avery emerges from the smokes with the little girl and Kepner could breathe a little. I guess Shonda isn’t ready to get rid of Avery. So who will die? We’ll see. After Avery is checked to see if he had any serious injuries, Kepner barges in attacking Avery like some crazy girlfriend where Matthew realizes she is deeply in love with Avery.

Love Isn’t Always Enough

Karev and Jo are off somewhere talking where he tells her he loves her and they share the long awaited kiss. Kepner, after cooling down, goes back to talk to Avery. She begins her rant about how she felt knowing he was that close to death and that she wants him. Shonda basically has Kepner begging Avery to give her a reason not to marry Matthew that is if he will still marry her. 

Things calm down a bit in the NIC Unit and Arizona and Dr. Lauren are seen expressing regret as well as a liking for what happened. Callie enters and is ready to talk to her wife after such a hectic day. The light comes back on and she notices that Arizona’s ring was on Dr. Lauren’s chest. Instantly she recognises that Arizona had cheated on her. They go into this nasty fight where Arizona once again brings up the fact that Callie is responsible for her having one leg.

She really gives it to Callie saying she didn’t lose anything and that  they won’t be even until Callie loses a leg. Damn bvtch! I was so shocked at what Arizona was saying. I mean, would she have liked Callie to bring up the car crash she caused that almost killed her and her baby?  A very hurt Callie responds to her…

Is this the end of Calzona?

There’s An End To Every Storm

The lights had come back on and were all by now knew who turned it on. Webber went down to the electrical room where the electrician is seen on the ground as he fainted from a heart attack. He tells Webber that he fixed the generator and all that needs to be done is for the switch to be flicked on. As the season winds down, we all expected someone to die and we are left with this image on Webber on the ground. Electrocuted! Thanks Shonda -_-

See you next season.


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  1. ShelMac says:

    Arizona is so ungrateful… what would be the other option if Callie didn’t let them cut off the leg. RE: Webber – I know you’ll be happy to see him go.

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      I guess she wanted Callie to have her try all options. She must think Callie gave up too easy. Webber now…we’ll see. LOL.

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