“give thanks #TVJ for allowing #Quilt to be a part of the programme this morning, let us never forget those who remain nameless 73…?” – Nadia Roxburgh, Technical Director, Quilt Performing Arts Compnany

385881_313657568662245_931798688_n (2)

Today, May 23, 2013, the Quilt Performing Arts Company (Quilt for short) a group of young actors, dancers, singers, writers and directors, performed excerpts from their award winning piece 73…? on the Smile Jamaica morning programme on TvJ, a local tv channel.

Now you’re probably wondering, what is 73…? and where did it come from? 73..? was created in 2011 for a performing arts competition, Tallawah, staged at the Philip Sherlock Centre For The Creative Arts annually. The piece was made in a bid to tell a story of what happened during the Tivoli Incursion which started on May 24, 2010. (See the following links to get an understanding of what happened http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLrb28fn_mo / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKEhoG8MKG8)

The content of the piece was so heavy and well potrayed that it got what could be deemed as the premier award of the competition, Best Production. That about sums it up right? Wrong!

As a former member of the group, I has an inside view of what went into devising such a piece. Research was done and not just your everyday internet search but interviews with residents were also conducted. I can recall the Saturday in rehearsal when Nadia brought some brown sheets of paper and pens and told us she and Rayon had something they’d like us to do. A video was shown of the Tivoli Incursion and the rehearsal space was dead silent. We were asked to write what we felt at that moment after watching the video through whichever lens we wanted to; whether it be the police, a mother, a child or a “gunman”. What happened after that was just short of amazing. Through weeks of intense preparation for the competition, the group had to pull on emotions they never thought they had and not just perform for the sake of performing but as the Director, Rayon Mclean, always says, “do not act, become”. That was exactly what they did.

Why Now?

So why would Quilt reenact this piece today? For one, the long awaited report on the incursion was released last month which of course raised a number of questions. Secondly, tomorrow (May 24, 2013) will be mark 3 years since incursion took place and finally the residents still need closure.

Since the entire piece would be too long to perform on Smile Jamaica, Quilt chose three emotive excerpts from the overall piece which blew up my entire Twitter page. Well, for those who were watching it anyways. The first piece showed two views on the incursion; the police and the residents.

337669_279213202120754_1720750641_o                                                                            327459_279213322120742_303275713_o

(Pictures taken from the theatre performance of the 73…?)

This particular excerpt was that of a countdown. Let’s call it: The Countdown. It started at 73 and ended with 1 Don. Now it is up to you to decide who the “don” is for both groups highlighted. While watching it, I only wished I was part of the original cast but at least I got a chance to perform in the piece last year some time in January. My Twitter feed was buzzing as people were simply amazed at what they were seeing coming from such young people. I must admit, seeing this piece again after so long, brought about a reflective state of mind, especially because it was aired nationally. I’m sure the residents of Tivoli as well as the wider Jamaica appreciated this.

If that wasn’t enough, Quilt did it a second time around with their second excerpt. I’ll call this one: The Voting Line.

339360_279144168794324_2025761773_o                                                                            338110_279145635460844_699619977_o

(Pictures taken from the theatre performance of the 73…?)

Patrice Anderson, the female in the middle, was more powerful than I’ve ever seen in her performance. I mean she did get award for her role in this piece at said competition. I don’t know what happened in the studio before the second excerpt but it must have been mind boggling. Maybe it was because two residents from Tivoli had just finished their interviews which brought about such raw emotion. Then again, Patrice has always done this part justice.

This excerpt has the actors in a line, ready to mark their Xs. The mark they’re making represents the choice of representation; but it seems that such representation has failed them and so instead they place their hands “in ink, in blood and mark the X of death”. Words just simply cannot explain how and what this piece is like. One would have to see it live. Is this a hint for a Quilt Season?

The final excerpt is known as the Tug-O-War. You’d probably think this was your average rope and two teams tugging at each other but this isn’t the case. Never have I seen or had ever thought to interpret a tug-o-war like this.

331989_279222465453161_1944270632_o                                                                            331338_279222708786470_937867398_o

(Pictures taken from the theatre performance of the 73…?)

Dancers used their bodies as the literally tugging instrument while a monologue is taking place. You could hear the screams and cries as what was once a fun game of tug-o-war became a fight for survival. One Smile Jamaica, the piece was amplified as more dancers were included and new choreography introduced which brought the struggle to life.

328102_279223435453064_1898462234_o (1)                    325907_279223575453050_15593813_o

(Pictures taken from the theatre performance of the 73…?)

None of us can ever say we know what happened in Tivoli. None of us can say we know what these people went through and are still going through. We don’t and wouldn’t know what it was like if we weren’t part of the situation. All that can be said is that it was indeed tragic to hear and watch on the television what was taking place.

Quilt did an amazing job on Smile Jamaica and I’m positive the hosts were at a loss for words. Like I’ve always said, I don’t know how Rayon sees what he sees, but when he says and believes in something, it turns out beautifully. Job well done. Although not a member of the group presently, I will forever be a Quiltan. #MyPresence #MyArt #Quilt


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