Lydia In Your Face

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 x Episode 12 (Chicks and Salsa)

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Heck, I haven’t blogged about #RHOC since the very first episode this season. Just as Andy (@BravoAndy) on Watch What Happens Live that it was hard to edit this season, it has been hard to find something to blog about. Although I enjoy the episodes, the fire just wasn’t there. That changed for me after viewing this episode as I found it quite the spectacle. So here we go!

The Invite

The ladies have returned from a fun and exciting trip in Mexico for Tamra’s bachelorette party and things re getting back to normal. Lydia decides that since she’s been out with the ladies on various occasions for their events, she should throw something herself. She plans this salsa party which everyone is invited to. But there’s a slight problem here, everyone isn’t friends with everyone and this may pose a problem. She calls up Heather to speak to her about the situation between her and Alexis and asks if they can have it resolved because she wants them both at the party. Heather makes a claim that Lydia is so sweet trying to get everyone to talk but doesn’t understand the history of the girls in the group. Lydia may not know the history of the group in general but just being on the show for one year doesn’t give Heather much to say about Alexis as she basically judged her from the jump. Heather being Heather doesn’t want the conflict so she agrees to give Alexis a call and invites her out for coffee so they can “talk”. (Why do I smell trouble brewing?)

Heather and Alexis: Agree to Disagree

Both ladies turn up looking absolutely beautiful. Yes, I’m being nice to Heather as she has started to grown on me, somewhat. They sit down and instantly go right to the meat of the matter. Alexis lays her case on the table demanding (but subtly) an apology from Heather but that doesn’t seem to be what Heather has in mind. She goes in on Alexis bringing up, yet again the whole Costa Rica incident. I for one am tired of hearing about the whole Costa Rica incident. She does make a valid point that Alexis her a question and she answered but in Alexis’ mind, she was talking down to her. The ladies agree, not on who is right or wrong, but that they should be able to walk into a room and say hi to each other without any problems. Finally, the whole drama can be put to rest between these two.

Lydia In Your Face

It’s the night of the salsa party and everything is looking very elegant and beautiful. I thought only Lisa could throw such classy events LOL. The guests start filing in one by one and the party kicks off right away. Tamra invites Lauri (former housewife of the show) to the event and Lydia has no problems with it. For all of you hwo may not know Lauri, she was a former employees of Vicki as well as their co-star and friend on the show. She left in the middle of Season 3 if memory serves correct, so all the ladies would have met her before. Well with the exception of Heather, Alexis and Lydia. Vicki isn’t even phased by the fact that she’s at the party but Lauri seems to have come back with guns blazing for Vicki. She lead us to believe that Vicki has been unfaithful to Don (her ex-husband) and that her now boyfriend Brooks, is dating an escort. How does Lauri know this? She goes on to say her daughter is friends with this girl and


My thing is, why after so long has Lauri decided to come on the show? She’s never been featured at Tamra’s game parties where former wives have gone, so why now? Furthermore, if her daughter is friends with someone who gets paid to do stuff with men, what does that say for her daughter? Get a life Lauri. No one really missed you.

The party seems to be going quite well until Slade (Gretchen’s fiance) decides to whisper something in her ear about Lydia, thinking perhaps she wouldn’t hear, but is instead stopped in his tracks right there and then.

Lydia basically calls him out on being a douche because of the comment he made and even went further to say maybe that had something to do with why Vicki did plastice surgery on her nose because he had been offensive to women before. I was blown away when Lydia stood her ground with Gretchen an Slade at this point because she wasn’t about to be dissed at her event. Lydia makes it known what she stands for and shut the two up once and for all. Idk what happened over the past two years but Gretchen is becoming very unlikable and I was always gunning for her. Hopefully by season 9 she turns things around.

Stay tuned because you never know when I’ll be back.


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