Blood Is Thicker Than Water or Is It?

All season long I’ve been waiting for this moment. The moment when I can start blogging about one of my favourite housewife franchise. Finally it is here. So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 x Episode 7 (When Joes Collide)

So Far This Season

We’ve been on a rollercoaster ride with these women for 4 whole seasons and at the end of Season 4’s reunion, my heart was aching for these families. Such hurt and pain that has been built up because of lack of communication has been to their detriment. We’ve seen so far Caroline and Teresa making some ground to just be civil with each other because the animosity was too much. Kathy and Rich are having their struggles as Kat is now embarking on her pastry business and Rich feels the need to take charge of it. Joe puts Melissa in her place by telling her she needs to stop saying stuff about his sister, because at the end of the day, that’s his sister. Jacqueline’s and Chris’ everyday struggles with Nick’s autism is being brought more to the light and every scene with them has been painful to watch. 😥 –prays for continued progress for Nick- Also Jacqueline and Teresa have it out on the phone where we still see that both ladies (although claiming to be over each other) still feel some hurt and resentment towards each other. As usual Kim D can’t resist bringing drama for Melissa and what better way to do it than when Teresa is there. Tre should realize by now Kim D is just unnecessary drama that is adding fuel to an already dangerous fire.

Let’s Have A Retreat

Stemming from the last episode that we saw, Rosie and Teresa had a passionate conversation about the state of their family. You just hear the hurt coming from both of them. Mind you, I didn’t like the Teresa I started seeing since Season 3 but you can’t knock someone down when you see them hurting.

Teresa introduced the idea of a retreat to Ro that she would like to bring her brother to. Rosie comes up with the idea of having everyone there to just hash everything out. However, both Jacqueline and Caroline decide to stay away from the retreat and let the Wakiles, Gorgas and Guidices work out their family issues as it they are in a mess. You could see the disappointment in Teresa’s face as for the first time in a long time, she actually looked like she wanted to bury the hatchet. This brought tears to my eyes.

Team Building Gone Awry 

Teresa and Joe Guidice first arrive and wait in anxiety for everyone else to show up. The Gorgas and Wakiles travel together in a party bus and have their little talks about what they think the weekend will be about. Joe Gorga just wants his sister to take responsibility for her part in their fall out so they can work from there. It seems as though that is the general consensus with the whole group as they claim Teresa plays the blame/deflecting game all too well and they’ve just had enough. Shortly after, they all arrive and so the retreat begins.

Everyone gathers for a bite to eat and have what could be the most awkward dinner in housewives history. No one spoke for nearly 5 minutes but when they did, the squabble starts. It’s a good thing the team builders showed up when they did because all hell was about to break lose. Kathy and Melissa make this funny comment that the team builders look so young and cute and have no idea what they are in for. 😀

All seemed to be going quite well but things take a nasty turn. Tempers and emotions got the better of everyone and so the name calling and shade throwing started. It wasn’t long after that the Joes clashed after Joe Gorga called Teresa scum. This was only after Teresa said he should stick to blood because blood is thicker than water. What happened next has never before happened on any housewives franchise in history.

Joe Gorga charges Joe Guidice while Teresa runs out the door saying someone should call the cops.

This GIF is sorta funny as Melissa is calling out to Teresa to help her brother but she scurries off leaving Joe Gorga at the hands of her husband.

#RHONJ seems to be making loads of history this season and I am here for the ride. Are you? Till next time.


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