Life’s Not Always A Beach In Miami

I don’t about you but I am super excited for the return of The Real Housewives of Miami. After such a great season 2 and an explosive reunion, the wait was well worth it. If you recall, the reunion was very messy and dirty especially when my girl, Ana Quincoces, read Lea Black like a book. I was completely amused by it and was saying finally someone else doesn’t put up with Lea’s holier than thou act. However, when the trailer was released (excellent trailer and film quality) I noticed Ana and Karent Sierra weren’t part of it. I guess the blogs were true which spoke of Karent’s  exit and Ana’s demoted status to recurring housewife. I am completely upset at this as Ana was REAL and the dynamic was good with all the wives but hey, Ana said in a tweet that we will see why she is now recurring. Now let’s get to the good stuff. 

Queen Alexia Returns


After going through such a rough time with her son, Frankie, after his accident, Alexia returns with her fabulous self and a very fitting tagline “This Cuban doll is back on the scene and living the dream”. She is now back to her regular role and we got a little insight into what has been happening with her since last season. We pick this season with her joining the ladies for Miami Fashion Week and instantly there is some drama that’s about to begin. But before I get into that let me finish up on Alexia. We got a chance to meet Frankie after not seeing him since season 1 and he is doing really well. So happy about that :). Then we met NancyAlexia’s mother, and her other son Peter. I’m not sure if you guys know of what happened last year when Peter had hit a homeless man in the private area but that is something Alexia has to be dealing with which is another additional stress. Nancy is amazing though and seems like she’ll be fun to watch this season. 

Adriana: Married Since 2008?

You’d think that the ladies would wait until episode 2 before the drama begins, but not while there’s hot gossip going around. At the end of last season and into the reunion of season 2 we learnt that both Adriana and Joanna were planning on having a spring wedding. What the ladies weren’t privy to was that Adriana was legally married on paper but had no ceremony. We see Lea and Joanna coming from the airport and of course this would be the topic up for discussion. Lea claims here that she feels betrayed by Adriana because they’ve been friends for years and she didn’t know that Adriana had this secret. I’m like…really Lea? I don’t buy this side of the story. Of course Joanna is having a field day with this gossip because she wants to somehow call Adriana out on something which I found odd as they sort of had some closure to their fight throughout season 2.

The rest of the ladies in the mean time were at Miami Fashion Week waiting on Adriana when Lisa decides she needs to drop the bomb in the event the ladies didn’t know. However, Marysol, Ana and Alexia didn’t want to discuss it because they felt there was more to he story than what Joanna and Lea were discussing as well as what was in the media.

Adriana arrives and informs the ladies that yes there is a legal document saying that she is married but there was no ceremony as her son wasn’t so accepting of her fiance/husband and so the wedding was called off. Ana is upset because she and Lea had that falling out and knows that this is how Lea functions and make everything about her. Adriana is furious and knows she has to talk to Lea about this.

Mama Elsa’s Priority

The ladies all meet up at Lisa’s for a get together and to somehow mend broken fences. All the ladies show up with a very nervous Adriana because she has not spoken to or seen Lea in a while. Lisa then informs them that Ana wasn’t invited because of Lea yet Lea called her to cancel because she didn’t want to see AdrianaI’m now wondering if this was what Ana meant. As the trend may be that she was not being allowed to be with the other ladies because Lea had to be around and she wasn’t having it. Well we’ll see. Joanna decides she will be Lea’s mouthpiece at the event and starts telling Adriana how betrayed she felt.

The bickering started and so the fire was fueled. Alexia chimed in with her two cents saying she also needs to talk to Lea because she made her out to be a bad mother and that she can’t control her son. Marysol interjects telling the ladies to shut it and informs them that her mother is sick so what the are arguing about is petty. Now we see why Marysol is now has a recurring role. Seems like she and Alexia switched places. LOL. I just pray that Mama Elsa keeps getting better. 

Cheers To New Beginnings (Hopefully)

Realizing that they do need to get over the drama, the ladies clinked their glasses to start on a clean slate and wish nothing but the best for Mama Elsa and each other. Let’s see how long this will last.

Till next time: KT Speaks

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  1. Jewel says:

    I believe that this season will be a good one. The first episode was saucy, so I am expecting a lot from this season.

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      Me too. Loved every bit of it and the trailer was fantastic.

    2. KeirnyTee says:

      Most definitely. The trailer looked damn good too.

    3. KeirnyTee says:

      The trailer was off the chain too. Love it.

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