Destiny Is Inevitable

Hi my readers, I know I’ve been a bit MIA these past couple of months, but that’s what happens when you’re swamped with a lot of work. I’m back now and completely ready to give you all the scoop. So here’s what happened on #GreysAnatomy…

After such a dramatic ending to Season 9 and months of anticipation, I’m sure we were all wondering what next could Shonda Rhimes possibly do after basically “offing” our beloved Webber. To our surprise, as you’ll see later on, this wasn’t the case. Staying true to her writing style and element of surprise, Shonda had another thing coming for us.

A New Beginning?

After the storm subsided, Owen called for a meeting with the board members to discuss the way forward. All were in attendance in Meredith’s room except for Webber. As usual there were some pressing and urgent matter to be discussed and everyone’s input was vital. If only they knew that Webber had been knocked unconscious after trying to get the lights back on down by the generator. As usual Meredith wants to play superwoman and help out but after having that abdominal surgery, after giving birth, there was no way Derek was going to let her to anything.

Meanwhile, the hospital had an influx of trauma which they weren’t ready for because the Emergency Room needed to be repaired. But they couldn’t shut their doors to patients in need. One by one the traumas came in and each doctor took on a patient. This was just to distract us from what was really going I believe. Now to get to the juicy stuff.

If we recall what happened with Calzona, we will understand why Callie felt the need out her slut of a wife (her words not mine) in front of everyone when this was asked

Callie’s response coupled with Yang’s facial expression killed me. LOL 

I, just like every other Calzona fan, really do not like Arizona’s nonchalant attitude towards this as she makes it seems she did nothing wrong and that Callie should just forget about it and move on. Idk what Shonda is doing here but I trust her. The two go back and forth for the whole two hours as the sight of Arizona just seemed to disgust Callie. This leads Callie to take some drastic measures and by drastic I mean MOVE THE HELL OUT with Sofia, their daughter. 

Callie is putting on a brave face here but deep down she’s a wreck as we will learn from the following. 

I’m here to see how long they’ll take before things are mended.

A Decision To Live With

The interns are normally at war with each other and this being one the most epic situations they are in, the claws came. Bailey sends Ross to go find Webber as the very last time she spoke him was when she told him off. Ross, being the little bitch he is, runs into Brooks and tells her Derek wants her to go find Webber because he wants to get in on Derek’s and Brooks’ case. This seemed all innocent until Brooks winds up getting electrocuted causing her to bang her head in so hard against a metal container of some sort in a bid to save WebberI could have killed Ross myself as I was filled with anger. He should have been the one to get shocked to the point on unconsciousness not Brooks

Concerns started to rise as Brooks and Webber were nowhere to be found. A concerned Derek sent Ross to go find his star pupil and mentee which gave Ross the shock of his life. What he found made him speechless for the duration of the premiere as he is consumed by guilt because he feels responsible for what happened to Brooks. He is sort of responsible and should feel very much guilty as she was only in the generator room because he lied to her. 

Both Webber and Brooks were rushed into separate ORs and surgeries started. Bailey felt that she needed to do Webber’s surgery because of how she dealt with him the last time they spoke. She and Yang did everything in their power to repair any damage that was done which turned out to be a success. Unfortunately the same could not be said for Brooks. A devastated and hurt Derek couldn’t hide his pain for losing Brooks on the OR table. I cried like a little baby 😥 😥 when I saw that  she would no longer be with us. Ross had better come clean or else he will be hated forever!!!

Till next time.

-KT Speaks

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