Mustard Please

This is not a post about food. I repeat, this is not a post about. Haha! Instead I’ll share with you a relaxed look for going to the movies. Bare in mind, I’ve been living in Japan for the past 3 years, so my choices may not be what others in different parts of the world might make. Like I stated in my previous blog, I’m not trying to break the bank on clothes by chasing after top brands. I’d rather buy 10 of the same stuff for the cost of one. Let’s get into it.

I’ve been waiting for the chance to watch Beauty and the Beast for quite some time. I could go see it alone, like I usually do, but a friend of mine wanted to see it as well. The day finally arrived yet I had no idea what to wear. I rummaged through my closets (yes closets – not by choice) to see which colour was calling out to me. Duh, Keirn! You’re going to see the gorgeous Belle, wear YELLOW, I thought. I mean, it was only fitting for the movie I was about to see, plus it was very much a colour for the season. Skipping through the various hues of yellow in my closet I came across a mustard T-shirt I had worn about two times before. It was perfect. You know those $10 (USD) tees that you can buy at Forever21 Men or H&M? That’s exactly the shirt I chose. You can choose a graphic tee if you’d like. Not a big fan of round neck shirts, although I have some, I chose a v-neck, cuz you know, gotta appear tall and everything. L O L. Now that I had the top, everything would fall in place quite easily, or so I thought.

Denim pants or shorts? Joggers or chinos? Skinny or slim? Straight or boot cut? See my dilemma? While trying to decide what bottom to go with, time was catching up to me. I tried on about 5 different pairs and types of bottoms and threw myself down on the carpet in my flat. *exasperated sigh* Then, in the corner of my right eye, I saw something grey peeking out. I reached for the item and my prayers were answered. They were one of two sets of shorts I purchased from Forever21 Men, ON SALE, for $20 (USD) total. I keep winning in the sale department. Haha!

Shoes! What about shoes?! This was a no brainer for me. Though I had coloured shoes, that worked well with the mustard top, I went with black. Like I said before, black just goes with everything. My shoes aren’t from a well known store to many outside of Asia and those involved in retail but the prices make me want to spend all my salary – most months. GU! If you haven’t heard of it before this, check out their site. I think I paid about $12 (USD) for them. They would be your Airwalk of Japan.

I was now ready. Didn’t need much accessories (not that I had many to choose from) so I wore my black bracelet that I got from Bershka for $10 (USD). The sunglasses I bought from H&M for $10 about a year ago and they’re still in good condition. Something was still off. I looked rather plain. Yes it was just a movie but I needed one more item. On a trip to Osaka a few weeks prior, I wore long, black and grey, checkered, flannel shirt which would go well with what I chose to wear. This shirt is a favourite of mine and I’d wear it everyday if I could. Closed my eyes and purchased it in H&M, for $35 (USD) and it was worth it. Usually, checkered flannel shirts are worn in the fall but it worked out well in for this look. This time I was definitely ready.

I was off to see my favourite Disney animation of all time come to life as a feature film. No one was happier than I was and I felt like this easy look made it even better.


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