Plaid is for Fall

Fall is here, well, it has been here and almost gone. While we are have already started layering up in Japan, that wasn’t the case in the earlier fall months. This post is a little late, so forgive me.

I was invited to go for lunch with a friend of mine and hadn’t the faintest idea what I wanted to wear. The temperature had not yet fallen and the trees were still a little green, so a jacket wasn’t necessary. As usual, I looked in amongst my things to see if I’d have had to buy something new. I came upon my red light jacket but it didn’t feel right. I kept looking for about 10 minutes. Wanting to stay on trend with the plaid theme for fall, I recalled a red, plaid kimono cardigan I purchased in the summer which I intended to wear for this purpose. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I bought this cardigan in Osaka, Japan (大阪市) during my visit in May at this store, Method. When I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. 25USD was nothing to me this point. The rest of my outfit was easily assembled.


I chose a black t-shirt from H&M to wear under the cardigan but you can pair it with any solid of your choice that best represents your style/feeling for any event. I love black and since I was already running late, I had no time to dilly-dally.

My choice for pants came down to a black pair of skinny jeans bought in Forever21 Men for 28USD or a grey, ripped skinny jeans from Bershka that I copped for 30 USD. Both pair of pants were bought on sale. Never turn down a good sale. I opted for the latter and added my black sneakers from GU (16 USD).


I liked what I chose in the end and off to lunch I went. Unfortunately, fall lasted all of 2 seconds, so about a week after that, I started layering up. Even though it’s much colder now than it was when I wore this outfit, you can choose to wear something similar in another climate.



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