The Agenda: Protect Erika

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Season 11 Episode 7 – Defining Women

Well, well, if I didn’t have my faculties in check or rather, if I was a shallow human, I’d have been got by this episode. Mind you, I did tweet that it was a good episode and that’s because it was. The editing was on par with what’s expected from production. It was well balanced with the right amount of drama and fun. Shocking but not to a large extent. This is Evolution USA we’re talking about and they produced the heck out of season 8. If you know, you know. LOL.

Sutton, in her new Bentley, picks Erika up and treats her to a full spa day. She gets Erika to open up about how she’s feeling. Erika tells her that she hasn’t spoken to Tom as there is nothing really to say. She suspects he’s angry. No kidding! If this divorce is for real, why wouldn’t he be? She continues by stating that she knows how mean and dismissive Tom is, something she has dealt with for 22 years. Production keeps replaying the same two clips they have of Tom from season 6. You know, the double date Erika and Tom had with LVP and Ken where he basically told her to hush. It was also this moment that many have speculated is the reason Erika doesn’t like LVP. Tom made her feel small but was exalting LVP. The second clip is from the dinner Erika and Tom hosted at their home with the full cast, where Tom was short with Kathryn Edwards and again told Erika to be quiet. As I tweeted during the episode, Erika could’ve won me over with this divorce storyline had she not spent all her time on the show praising Tom. Now, before you think I’m being easy on Erika, I’m not. I’m commenting on the episodes as they air with knowledge of what was in the media at that time. Erika has now spent two episodes trashing the husband who she says supported and funded her, the husband she got closer to during quarantine, the husband that allowed her to be herself. Something doesn’t add up. Has she been lying to the audience since season 6 or is she lying now? Either way, she’s now proven herself to be a liar.

Sutton asks her if she was also mad at Tom for not seeing her on broadway. She responds that she is mad at Tom, especially having supported and funded her all those years. She adds that “a lot of the reasons I was on broadway is because of all of the great support that Tom had given me throughout the years, this was the pay off…”. In one breath Tom was the worst husband and didn’t care about her or show her love but yet he offered her great support as Erika Jayne, which landed her on broadway. She’s telling two stories in one, as Erika Jayne and as Mrs. Erika Girardi. Unfortunately for her, this doesn’t hold up in court. She knows exactly why Tom hadn’t been to New York to see her on broadway. Could it be that he was busy with the lawsuits that were piling up?

Credit: The Sun

Erika laments that her marriage was not like that of Kyle and Mauricio’s or Dorit and PK‘s and it’s the hard part to reconcile. I may sound as cold as she has presented herself to be but boo-f’ckingg-hoo! Wasn’t she the one that pursued Tom? She was a 29 year old waitress in Los Angeles and Tom was a 61 year old attorney. She can’t tell me that me that she married for love. Listen, people do things and sometimes they regret it. It’s normal. But Erika trying to sell this sob story, at this point, isn’t doing it for me.

Moms on Display

Garcelle has a moment with her sons after shooting an episode at her new job on Th Real. I love Garcelle. She’s open and comes across very genuine. She asks her boys how’d they’d feel about her getting married again and one of them, Jaid, said he wouldn’t like it. Garcelle’s boys are at the age now where they probably feel protective of her and who could blame them? Garcelle deserves a love that won’t hurt her. We later see her share more about her eldest son and how his new relationship and son are two of the best things that have happened to him.

Elsewhere Erika picks up Rinna for some Christmas shopping. Rinna gleefully shares that her 19 year old daughter, Amelia, who has an eating disorder is dating 37 year old addict and and father of three, Scott Disick. I find her excitement off-putting because why would this be something to applaud? This man was dating a 19 year old previously and is still very much attached to his kids’ mother in an unhealthy way. For Rinna, this headline is better than the articles written about Amelia’s eating disorder. The women later share their opinions on the matter and majority seemed to be against it. They gave Denise hell last season for setting boundaries with her kids and for making them out to be bad moms, but Denise is nowhere in sight and…

Erika shares that she met with Garcelle. Garcelle jumps right in with the questions. She asks Erika about the rumours of Tom being out with another woman and whether there was a third party in their marriage. Like the liar she is, Erika, told Garcelle that she doesn’t know of any other woman. Here’s the thing, on December 18, 2020, it can be assumed that this episode was shot before then, Erika posted a photo to her instagram, accusing Tom of cheating on her years ago with a Justice Tricia Bigelow. So how then is she claiming in the scene to not know about an affair? So Tom was cheating, mean, dismissive, didn’t love Erika, among other things and she stayed for 22 years? Nothing makes sense.


Kyle is at home with Portia and Mauricio. This is really the only time I enjoy Kyle. The love she has for her daughters and how close they are as a family warms my heart. Sophia shows up and Portia loses it. The two share a special bond and probably Kyle’s most dramatic kids. Recall season 6 when Kyle takes them to get their ears pierced. LOL.

Crystal vs Sutton AGAIN

Kyle throws cocktail hour for the women and uses the opportunity, along with Kathy, to bring up what happened in Lake Tahoe. Why does Kyle love a hashtag gate? The group thought that Crystal’s use of the word violated had a certain type of implication based on how the story was told to them. Crystal decides to give the dictionary definition of the word. She has the right to her feelings but what she doesn’t have the right to do, is go around painting a picture of Sutton as a creep, then backtracking and doubling down with “violation doesn’t meany anything sexual”. She knows what she did and we all saw it. Stop! It’s been 6 episodes of Crystal now looking really mean for no reason. Things don’t seem to be changing any time soon.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8pm on bravo.


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