A Night To Remember (Or Forget)

The Carrie Diaries (Season 1 x Episode 4 – FRIGHT NIGHT)

It’s Halloween fans and Carrie is about to turn it up in New York. After, Sebastian broke up with her last week, Carrie is playing the best game of dodgeball I’ve ever seen. Everywhere she looks, Sebasatian is there and it becomes almost heartbreaking to watch. _sobs. poor Carrie_ Sebastian calls out to her and there was an awkward moment of silence. She asks what his plans were for the night and he says nothing. Catching him in a lie, Carrie announces that she is going to a party in the city, so Sebastian doesn’t need to lie to her and could be polite enough to ask her. (Now Carrie, we all know you would think he’s being inconsiderate of your feelings). 

We see Carrie, with her very best friends, Walt, Maggie and Mouse at the diner talking about Sebastian. Carrie is talking about how sorry she is for snooping but doesn’t think Sebastian is being fair. Mouse and Maggie sides with her leaving Walt, the only guy in the group, to defend Sebastian. Walt makes an excellent point when he mentions that Carrie was wrong for snooping so maybe she got what she deserved. (I totally agree with Walt here a Carrie had no right reading his legal files). They ignore Walt’s claim and continue to bash Sebastian. Maggie, Walt’s ex, says, Walt is just lucky she hasn’t started to bash him yet. LOL. The kids I tell you. Ayways, Carrie and Walt are excited that they are going to a party in the city @ SOHO. Carries raves about how her costume is to Di for. (So you know she is going as Princess Diana) 

We then see Carrie and Walt at Carrie’s house getting ready for the party. I must admit, they look dashing. Well, Carrie’s outfit could do with a little more work and her Princess Di hairdo #EPICFAIL)

 Carrie’s dad takes a picture of the two and see them off. (He thinks they are going out to trick or treat and has no idea of the party). He mentions that he wishes Dorrit, Carrie’s sister, was going with them but Carrie informs him Dorrit doesn’t do such thing. Dorrit comes through the door and he asks to get a picture of all three in their halloween costume. (I am floored at this point as Doret is wearing her everyday GOTH school getup).  

A Night To Remember (Or Forget)

Carrie and Walt enter Larissa’s, Carrie’s British friend from Manhattan that has no idea Carrie is 16, party. They are amazed at what they are seeing and feeling a bit overdressed. They look around to see Larissa in a bird like costume and introduces this Ben guy to them. Walt immediately recognises who this guy is who Carrie seems to now be smitten with. Larissa hands them ecstasy for them to loosen up a bit but being teens, they are very unsure. Walt admits to taking it but Carrie throws hers away. Larissa is now high on the drugs and Carrie brings her into a room for her to sleep it off. Walt on the other hand goes outside because all this so surreal. He is joined by Ben who by now my suspicions were proven to be true that he is gay. Walt, unaware that this may potential be his first ‘gay’ hookup, keeps talking and talking. Even telling Ben to feel his heart. This leads to the long awaited kiss that Ben wanted to give Walt since they met.

Look at Walt’s face. He is too shocked that this is happening. 

He runs off, declaring he isn’t gay. Yea right! Anyways, Ben goes to tell Carrie what happened and Carrie realizes that Ben is actually gay. She leaves Larissa in his care and goes to find Walt. She tells him that everything will be alright and tonight can be forgotten to some respect.

In the meantime, Sebastian’s party gets busted by the cops, well a cop that Maggie has been screwing behind Walt’s back. He makes it clear to her that is he has to choose between her and his job, then it’s his job. OUCH!!! Mouse takes a smoke off of Sebastian’s joint, after they share what could be deemed a very genuine moment. She gets stoned and is escorted to Carrie’s house. Upon reaching home after the party at SOHO, Carrie sees Sebastian and Mouse at her step, they talk for a bit and then leave to go inside.

STILL IRRELEVANT…WELL maybe not so much

Dorrit has to stay home because her dad spoiled her plans for the evening. She eats all the candy and is watching Poltergeist. Her dad asks if she is scared and she says no. Only to find that when it’s time for bed, she asks him to tuck her in because the movie did a number on her. LOL. Dorrit cracked me up there. I’m beginning to like her because she’s of her very dry and sarcastic humour. 


Walt, instead of going home, goes to Maggie’s house and immediately starts kissing her. They wind up in bed and start having sex for the first time together. [Remember Walt is a virgin up to this point and thinks Maggie is tooDoesn’t Walt know that it doesn’t matter the amount of sex she has with Maggie, it doesn’t change the fact that is gay? Poor fellow. Can’t wait to see this development.

Tune in next week.



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