Annie: Dead or Alive?

90210 Season 5 x Episode 11 (We’re Not In Kansas Anymore)

After such a shocking end last week, I’m sure we were all anticipating last nights episode. After all, Annie did get shot. However, we know that the show is sort of centered around her so if she died, that would be the end on 90210 and this would be an odd way to end it.

In the hospital
The episode took place in the hospital as everyone, well Annie’s friends, were there to support her. No one knew anything except she requires surgery. -bites nails- Will she pull through?

Adrianna, starts feeling guiltily about what happened to Annie because she told Ashley about Liam and Vanessa and to her, if she didn’t say anything, Annie would be ok. Dixon, like the idiot he is, blames Adrianna and tells her to leave. (When will this clown wake up and smell the coffee?)

Annie is seen lying on the gurney heading for the OR. Liam starts blaming himself for what happened to Annie and tells her this is all his fault because he always winds up trusting the wrong women. Annie on the other hand decides it’s her fault and tells Liam, he would have been better off if they hadn’t met.
right here I’m saying, this is going to get intense- However, after putting Annie under anesthesia, I was given the surprise of my life.

Annie starts to ‘dream’ about a reality where everything is different. -jaws drop, mouth wide open- What kind of crappy episode is this? After building us up for a week, the producers really did this to us? I was so irate and turned off. Anyways, I will try speak on the episode as best as I can.

Annie wakes up on stage in Kansas engaged to Jason. I mean, Jason? We have not seen or heard about this Kansas love for a very long time. I guess in this new world Annie never moved from Wichita, Kansas. At this point Annie is trying to make sense of what’s going on and so am I.

She goes though a series of challenges as this is the worlds where no one is really friends with the other.

Teddy is still gay and no one knows except a very mean and bitchy Silver. He comes clean to her at the end of the ‘dream’ and told her if she wants to tell people she can. In this reality though, Teddy is still popular and is sought after by Naomi. (yep, no Max. Yet.) [Am I the only shocked at how much more screen time Teddy is getting as he was supposed to be leaving the series last season with his boyfriend Shane?]

Adrianna and Dixon
Both seem to know each other because of course they went to high school but in this reality, no one seemed to have dated. Both are fallenstars and or are famous and are trying to make it but is sabotaged by Silver and Annie on separate cases.

Silver, is a journalist who wants a tv show and will go to any lengths to get it. So she uploads a video of Adrianna getting drunk to kill her career and boost her own. Can you say bitchy!!

Naomi is actually a workaholic because her sister, Jen, robbed her out of her trust fund. (Remember in season 2 when Jen came and told her some sappy story so she could get her hands on Naomi’s money? – well in this world, she succeeded). Both her and Annie seem to be close here although strangers in some sense and Annie helps her to throw a party to get her name out there.

It is at this party that Liam is arrested because Annie him to get her phone from the drain. –typical Annie- and Dixon tells Annie that she is making everything worse by being in the 90210 district.

Goodbye Beverly Hills
Annie calls everyone to the beach to tell them she is leaving to go back to Kansas. This is where she reveals stuff about them that they didn’t tell her in this world and where we see a different side of most of the characters.

Finally, Annie is awoken by Liam. So the age old question (giggles at age old) of Annie: Dead or Alive? Has been answered. They begin to talk and still express how much they care for each other. Aww. I just love this two.

Dixon apologizes to Adrianna while Teddy and Silver are still at odds. Naomi on a different side of town goes to see Max’s parents because she found out he didn’t go to Iceland. To het surprise Mac open his parents door. What does this mean for the two?

Find out next week.


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  1. So, I did not like this episode at all… I think alternate reality episodes only work very times. And this was one of those I did not enjoy too much. Besides the fact that the entire episode was basically a ‘dream’ we learn that Dixon and Adrianna seem to may have sorta kinda probably have a ‘destiny’ to be together. But that other girl had a few seconds in that other life (I am still asking why???). I did not find her presence meaningful. And the fact that then hip – hop superstar Dixon just happened to be sitting by the bar (no bodyguards) and just happens to hear her convo and starts talking to her. Hmmmm.

    Am I the only one that noticed that strangely, Riley – Annie’s wheelchair boyfriend, was missing from this episode. I don’t recall them breaking up. I know she told him about going off to some writing retreat and she gave him the Surface for Christmas so they could Skype (I remember because I hated that episode how they overplayed the product placement of the Surface and stupid windows 8 – they did the same crap in Gossip Girls – I miss that show *sighs*). I remember him calling his doctor about doing surgery on his legs when he realized how happy Annie was when Dixon could walk again.

    I hope next week is better. I am looking forward to the Max and Naomi development. I want these two to work things out.

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      I’ve been asking where Riley went but I’m assuming he went to do the surgery. Aren’t you just annoyed at Teddy?

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