Stassi Does It Big – Vegas Baby



Stassi is seen packing for her trip to Vegas with her bestfriend Kristen. (I still do not like these girls up to this point). Funny enough, the topic of discussion is about who she has invited to go to Vegas with her for her 24th birthday. As in, they make being waiters and waitresses seem like the best job one should have. Of course, Stassi wants, her now interest, Frank to be there but Kristen isn’t so wild about the idea.
you see, Stassi was with Jax who recently she broke up with and then moved on to the next guy that makes her feel happy.– Did I mention they all work at SUR?

Anyways, Stassi is adamant that she does want the toxicity from Jax to ruin her birthday, so she has uninvited him. I’m sure you see the potential for drama. Fasten your seatbelts because we are speeding to Vegas baby!!!.

We then see Scheana, who we all know from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – not as a wife but as the girl who slept with Brandi Glanville’s husband, Eddie, and her boyfriend Shay having a little meet up. Its Shay’s birthday and Scheana wants to treat him like a King. They begin to talk about Stassi and what’s going on with her.
Stassi dislikes Scheana because of the whole sleeping with a married guy situation and claims she wants nothing to do with people like that. Yet we see Stassi moving on from Jax to Frank in literally less than a week. Scheana is all, who’s the skank now? Haha. My sentiments exactly Scheana.

Stassi goes to visit Katie, looking for someone to side with her on her recent actions. She didn’t get the response she wanted as Katie, a lot with everyone else, says Frank is up to no good and they won’t last. She should give Jax another chance. I. Am. Dead. Not even Stassi’s friends think that what she is doing makes sense. (Let’s see how it will play out).

Stassi Does It Big – Vegas Baby
The gang arrives in Vegas, Jax included, and are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. Stassi has no idea that he is there. Tom, Kristen’s boyfriend, decides he that Jax should come and surprise Stassi. This spells T R O U B L E. They each go to their individual rooms to get ready. In Stassi’s room however, Jax sends a bouquet of flowers saying that he loves her and what not. The look on Stassi’s face is just priceless. She is disgusted by Jax and frankly, I am too. (Dude you’re like 33 yrs old, grow up and stop stalking the girl).
Meanwhile, back in the 90210 district, things are a bit hectic at SUR because of the short staff and everyone is pissed. None like Scheana of course, as it’s Shay’s birthday too. Damn you Stassi!!! LOL. If I were Scheana, I’d just suck it up. More money in her pockets. Can you say $$$$$$.

DinnerI find it quite peculiar that every drama on Bravo seems to be around the dinner table.

The groups goes out for dinner and are having a ball. Belly dancer, Moroccan food and just pure fun. Stassi stops to make a toast to all who’s there and all seemed fine and dandy. Peter, SUR’s manager, decides to text Jax that he should show up afterwards. As soon as the toast is done Jax walks in.

Their faces when Jax came in, epic. So he greets everyone and tells Frank to suck is c@&%. How rude!!! Frank reacts instantly and starts going at it with Jax. As expected the whole table is attacking Frank as if he started the whole thing. The other Tom, Katie’s boyfriend, out of nowhere calls Stassi a bitch and Stassi throws water at him causing the dinner to go further left. Everyone is on their feet at this point as something’s about to go down.

The brawl is taken outside and testosterone levels are on high. Tom, Kristen’s boyfriend, decides to make an attempt at hitting Frank, even taking his shirt off. I’m baffled at this reaction, you’d swear Tom and Jax were more than friends based on his actions. Jax tries something similar but the security tram calmed it down and sent Frank back to the hotel in a cab.

Oh where, oh where is Stassi? I know, drenched in beer and is left standing alone in the restaurant while her bestfriends decide to leave her in the limo she rented for her birthday. Wow! I’d hate them for life.

It’s the actual morning of Stassi’s birthday and her other friends, after a grueling shift at SUR, drove to Vegas to spend the morning with her. Jax, like a punk, bails without even a text to Stassi. While Frank, tested her saying he’s leaving because of the whole thing. I would do the same if was in Frank’s position, and Stassi agrees. (For the first time since the season I’ve actually felt sorry for Stassi) No one deserved what she got that night.

Last Hoorah
Katie calls Lisa complaining about what went down in Vegas and Lisa makes it clear that they should leave the drama there. As for Frank and Jax one will be fired if they can’t get their act together. Katie blatantly lies to Lisa, saying Stassi pulled her hair. I’m wondering how I didn’t see that.

They go out for one final time because it is still Stassi’s birthday weekend but all isn’t peachy. Katie, Kristen and Stassi start talking and going at it abouy who is being a true friend. Quite frankly, none of them are being each other’s friends now. Katie and Kristen should have never sided with Jax if they claim they are Stassi’s bestfriends. Better they just listened as Stassi wants them to and be there to comfort her.

Stassi is like bye bye girls, if you don’t like me, leave. –I. Am. Cremated.

See you next week.


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