It’s Like You’ve Never Had Sex

The Carrie Diaries (Season 1 x Episode 3)

Here we are with young Bradshaw in her teenage years. (Like we didn’t have enough of her in Sex and the City) Like the other episodes before this Carrie is seen going through the “regular” teenage drama. Like most girls her age, Carrie wants to have sex, have the boyfriend, be cool and popular but with that much curls on her head it is seeming to be a big challenge. LOL.

We see her talking to her friends, Mouse and the other girl (don’t remember her name) about how much she is in like with Sebastian. (Her love interest) They go on about their pathetic lives and how much not having boyfriends suck. The other girl mentions she and her gayboyfriend broke up. Of course, she has/d no idea. Mouse continues to talk about the wreckless sex she had with a college guy while at some nerd camp and her parents have no idea.

The City- Carrie has an internship in Manhattan and has another life all together. Here she is in her 20s and a babe. She has a very foxy black British friend (although I know her accent is fake) who is all about the fab life. Carrie, seeking advise about her love life (like she has any), asks what she she should do. The friend tells her just go for the bad cuz the way you’re is behaving, It’s Like You’ve Never Had Sex.

Carrie’s dad is faced with buying tampons for his daughter. This has to be every father’s dream. Haha. But I mean, he has to do it because Carrie’s mom is dead. We join them at home where Dorrit, Carrie’s sister, is fuming that she has to take care of herself cuz no one is taking care of her and storms off. Carrie and Dad are talking about Sebastian and he warns her to stay away. She becomes curious and asks if he is one of her dad’s clients. (The investigator in Carrie comes alive)


Carrie snoops and finds dirt on Sebastian. She has no care in the world and decides she is still going to give him a chance and she seals this decision with a kiss. 

Carrie’s dad is out in a bar trying to move on from the death of his wife and like a lawyer he begins to ramble. This lady has no care for him until he mentions he’s a widow. Ding, ding, ding. When he says this it’s like something went off which caused the lady to give him her number. Way to go Carrie’s dad. Meanwhile….Carrie is seen with her British friend at this party with a girl by the name of Monica Penny. I almost died watching this scene because it had something to do with putting a quarter in Monica’s vagina. Like the brave little girl Carrie is, she decides to approach Monica but instead is charged with showing she controls her actions and in doing so, she should show her VAGINA to the party. (You didn’t want to see the horror on Carrie’s face) I was terrified for her. I’m sure Carrie wet her panties at this point. Like a frantic little girl, Carrie says no and runs out leaving everyone in awe.

is it just me or is everyone blind in Manhattan or they fail to believe Carrie is just 16?-

We see Mouse with her college ‘bf’ (last I checked they broke up) having what seems to be a discussion on where their relationship is heading. The guy reveals that he misses his girlfriend, which set fireworks off in Mouse’s head and they share a very soft kiss. Aww..these two. Let’s see if it will last.

At home
Carrie confronts her dad about what she found on Sebastian. She, in a very grown manner, tells her father she doesn’t care if Sebastian had sex with a teacher from a previous school. [Now hold the heck up! Sebastian did what? With who? At what school?] Dad is angry at Carrie and says, he doesn’t recognise her and he is quite angry with Carrie. In other words, who are you and have you done to my daughter? Uh…dad it’s called growing up.

There’s a scene with Carrie’s sister that I find irrelevant. Furthermore, I’m yet to see her purpose and this is the 3rd episode.

Final Scene
Carrie decides to tell Sebastian she will still go out with him even though she knows his past. Sebastian is somewhat confused and upset at Carrie. He’s probably thinking how the hell did she know all this? Wait…he did ask her and she blurts everything out. Sebastian is all like, Carrie you talk too much and I can’t deal with your sneaky self. I’m out.

:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'( poor Carrie. What a shocker! I’m sure she didn’t see this coming.

Carrie is left standing by herself. Sebastian leaves without even looking back. You definitely know he’s upset.


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