The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 5 x Episode 14 – NO BONES ABOUT IT)

So, with the absence of Kim, the housewives’ drama seemed to now be focused solely on one person, KENYA MOORE. This woman makes everything about her and like a snake in the grass she turned her back on a friendship with Phaedra, for money. Last week, she twirled her way in the final scene saying she’ll copying the Donkey Booty video idea all the way to the bank. (What a prickly move!)

On tonight’s episode – we are first the two rivals at this point Kenya and Phaedra. The girls are each doing what seems to be preparation for their workout videos. The battle of the booties have started. Do you want a stallion booty or a donkey booty?

Next we greeted by Cynthia and this pageant manager. (Why is she doing this when she runs a modeling agency?) Well, she makes it very clear that of all the people that come into the Bailey Agency, only a handful will really become models. (Cynthia please, speak the truth. We know the struggle must be real because business may not necessarily be as booming as you probably had thought.) She continues to speak about what she wants and that she’ll be needing hands to help her pull this off. [Yeah!!! Cynthia will call Kenya (Ms. America USA) Porsha to help her. (Say what now?!?!?) You’d think she would call her new best friend since they made up in Anguilla but Cynthia professes that Kenya doesn’t know how to handle herself on public places and she doesn’t want the circus at her event. [I feel like crying here] -grabs tissue- Uh…no!!!! Who the heck would want that wreck at their event. So Cynthia and Porsha ends up meeting at International Pageant to discuss the logistics. (I really do like Porsha but she is too giddy) Cynthia of course leaves all the hard work on Porsha and expects her to pull this off. I sense some drama here but we’ll just have to wait and see. (oh snap I fastforwarded a little LOL) <<<<<<<<<<REWINDS

NeNe in LA – since her recent move to LA, NeNe needs to put furniture in her house. She and her husband Greg, her ex, visit a top end store to make such purchase. (NeNe made me laugh when she said she divorced Greg because he wasn’t doing what he should do, they may get married again and if he messes up, she’ll divorce again.) So they look around and Greg blurts out they’ll give the store $300 budget (I’m guessing that’s code for 300K) and they should drop the stuff off. Cya ching $$$$ NeNe is rich bitch. Later on NeNe visits her acting coach who helps her get a clearer understand of her role as Rocky in The New Normal.

THE KENYA MOORE SHOW begins in the scene where Kenya (out of nowhere) calls up Porsha for lunch. ¦these two do not like each other from the blow out at Porsha’s charity to the brawl in Anguilla¦ so why are they meeting? We’ll find out. So as it seems, Kenya is telling Porsha that she is just a pawn in Phaedra’s game all because they are at odds with each other. So she should not be dumb and listen to what Phaedra is saying. –I for one do not like Phaedra as I think she is very pretentious and just ratchet– however, what Kenya did and is doing now, is getting on my nerves. Porsha immediately raises the red card which is like saying (hold the f@%k up) LOL. Porsha is like, I do what I want and no one can mold my mind. A very aggravates Kenya decides she doesn’t want to hear this and once again she and Porsha start arguing. Porsha (always be killing me with her comments) goes, go away with your ashy self. *I Am Dead* here okay. Just dead. Lmao!!!!! So we know these two won’t be friends for now.

I really want to get to the fun part but I still have a little more build up

I’m gonna skip the scene with Kandi by herself cuz that’s kind of irrelevant this week and head straight to the dinner.
THE DINNER – Cynthia, Porsha, Kandi and Phaedra meet up at this Mediterranean restaurant that none of them have ever been. (Irrelevant) They begin the regular girl chatter until Porsha fills them in on what happened at the lunch with Kenya. (Still don’t know why Porsha went) Anyways the Kenya diatribe begins and I am just loving it. Cynthia on the other hand decides all of a sudden she doesn’t like this because Kenya isn’t there to defend herself. (What a load of BS from Cynthia!!!!) The dinner ends and Kenya and Cynthia meet up for golf. Now I know none of these girls play golf but because Kenya has to make her life look fabulous for tv, she brings the crew to film at a golf course. Cynthia decides to play the news reporter (last I checked she was a model) and tell Kenya everything that happened at the dinner. Kenya is angry at Phaedra for speaking ill of her which makes her want to retaliate.

[What’s next?…..moves to scene with Ms. Lawrence bleh!]
Kenya starts talking to Ms. Lawrence about the issue. Now we know for sure that Bravo Tv is using Kenya as the new Sheree for Ms. Lawrence to have screen time as well as give Kenya more to talk about. I also didn’t know that Phaedra had a problem with Ms. Lawrence but then again it is FakePhaedra. They continue to chat and I just zone out. _______________________oh they are done. LOL.

NeNe’ Charity
The girls meet up for NeNe’s event which is for women who are in domestic violence relationships. All seems to be going well until Ms. Kenya turns up.

Retrieved from

I could not believe that Kenya could be so disrespectful yet once again at someone’s charity event by wearing what she wore. I’m sure the picture above is quite disturbing. She decides that she wants to make Phaedra look like a fool but winds up being the biggest joke in housewives history. I mean the girl is just crazy and she is obviously reminding us that this is THE KENYA MOORE SHOW. We have to admit, she does bring entertainment, whether we like it or not. She sits down and comes to blow with Phaedra. They start to argue and Kenya is expressing that what Phaedra is doing to her character is not right. Although I do not like Kenya, I have to side with her for the second time this season. That is like character assassination. But because of her outfit, I couldn’t side with her for too long.

Did you get a good look at the outfit? Did you see NeNe having a ball? Did you see Phaedra’s face. Well this is just the beginning of what seems to be continued drama. LOL.

Stay tuned for more on the wives.


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  1. Sandylicious says:

    Omg kt this episode was funnyyyyyyy

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      Well I’m glad you think so. Kenya needs to be fired. Simple.

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