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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Episode 7 – Santa Denise

After we last saw Kyle tell Erika that she doesn’t have close friends, I expected this episode to pick up where we left off. But that wouldn’t work with the plan. Instead, we see Dorit meeting with Kyle before they head to Santa Barbara to hash out their differences.

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Garcelle had to leave for work in Atlanta as she was shooting Coming to America 2. I can’t wait to see it. If you haven’t already seen Coming to America 1, please do so. It’s good. I also love this different perspective of a Black woman on TV and not some negative stereotype. That’s why I appreciated Garcelle’s other friends on the last episode. One of whom is Sheree, Will Smith’s ex-wife and potential new housewife next season. She meets up with her twins (they were with their dad) to see them off to school before she leaves. I really like seeing how well Garcelle coparents with her ex, given he cheated on her for five years. She made me laugh when she told the story of parents saying “hey, stranger!” when they haven’t seen her in a while. It bothers her but the parents should be lucky they were on school property when they said that. LOL. We also got to see Denise on the set of The Bold & the Beautiful doing what she does best, work. I’m so annoyed that she had to answer a ridiculous question posed by producers, explaining that playing sexy parts in movies doesn’t mean that is who she is. Bullsh^t.

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They arrive in Santa Barbara and head to a wine tasting. Brace yourselves because what happened next was one of the lowest points of this show. Kyle, as she’s famously know for doing (click here), brings up Denise so they could talk about her. And so it begins, the tree of hypocrisy starts to grow. Erika mentions that Denise spoke to her about the inappropriate conversation they loudly had at her home with her kids and their friends close by. What she failed to say was that she brought it up to Denise. Teddi chimed in and shared that she too spoke with Denise about it and I’m thinking to myself, so the f^ck what!? Isn’t this a tv show with call times, where cast members have to show up to filming with whoever the producers want them to and are encouraged to talk about issues that were brought up? Or does this only apply to some people?

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Lisa Rinna, Denise’s friend of over 20 years, can never resist a moment to turn on anyone for a cheque, added that Denise must be bothered since she brought it up to other people. Gee! You think! This, coming from the woman who attempted to grab Kim Richards neck for saying “let’s talk about the husband” in Amsterdam, after which she texted Kim that she was going to f^ck her up. Oh…and let’s not forget that Harry Hamlin saw Kyle while she was walking and threatened her based on what Kim said. HYPOCRITES. Teddi decides she wants to add more fertiliser to this growing tree of hypocrisy and said that Denise has sex conversations with them. Yes, Teddi Jo, Denise has adult conversations with adults, not kids. Does she talk to her kids about what she and Edwin do in the bedroom? Why is she here!? She hasn’t even had one solo scene so far this season. Erika responds by saying “this is Denise’s and Aaron’s, it’s not like we’re going to church”. I just can’t at this point. Rinna adds “she took her husband to get a happy ending, she can’t be offended”. Sigh. I expect nothing else from the woman who brags about her kids learning about giving blow jobs, at age 11, by reading her book. TRASHY.

For some reason Dorit seems to be the only one at this wine tasting that understands Denise’s position. Erika took it another step further and sank the lowest a person can go by stating “they (Denise’s kids) already know (what a threesome is), if they haven’t had one already”. Yup! You read that right. Erika just talked about Denise’s minor children engaging in threesomes. Despicable! What’s even more disturbing is that NONE of the “mothers” with daughters said anything. They’re trying to put it out there that Denise wants to make them look bad or like bad moms, but with behaviours like we’ve seen thus far, Denise doesn’t have to try very hard. A bit harsh but that’s how they’re behaving. How could Erika don’t-talk-about-my-son-you-don’t-know-what-I-deal-with-every-night-c^nty-necklace-Girardi Jayne say something so obscene about someone’s kids? Gross!

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Denise shows up and they quickly finish the conversation till dinner. They beginto grill Denise about doing movies like Wild Things and how it was shooting a three-way, to shame her into being concerned about what is spoken around her kids, in her home. Un-f^cking-believable! They expect Denise to have the same conversations she has with her “friends” with her kids and it’s f^cking sick! Poor Denise having to watch this back and see what these women were doing and saying about her kids behind her back. Sutton pipes up that maybe Denise shouldn’t have kids at an adult party and I’m like, how about adults behave like adults when kids are present? Kyle sat and smirked the whole time, sorta like a gotcha moment. Denise let them know that moving forward, she’ll be mindful of her kids being within earshot of the women and I don’t blame her. You’d think it would end there, but once these women latch on to an issue, they’re like leeches. Lisa Rinna had now taken up the mantle and is accusing Denise of being a hypocrite because Denise doesn’t want to talk sex, with her minor children. What the f^ck! Right? I honestly am gobsmacked by what’s happening.

Episode 8 – Mind Your Ps and BBQ’s

If you were watching this episode with me, you’d probably see how red I was with anger by the blatant cruelty of what these women have done.

Garcelle is back in town in time to receive an award for her work with the LA Mission. She gave a lovely speech, sharing how how much the mission means to her and that it helped save her life eldest son’s life. Garcelle really shun this episode. While giving the speech, she shaded her new group of girlfriends just a little bit. Everyone in the room seemed to know who she was talking about except the person herself. Kinda makes it seem like Garcelle’s claim of someone glossing over her, is true. Anyways, the gather for a quick chat and Denise leaves early because she has an early start the next day. Kyle seems to think Denise is avoiding them and a conversation but what more needed to be said? Denise spoke her mind but these women don’t want to accept it.

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Garcelle brings it back to Kyle since the last time they spoke about the issue she had. Remember, Kyle has been saying on social media and interviews that Garcelle never spoke to her about an issue and we’ve seen many times now that is a lie. Garcelle said she would like to have a deeper connection with Kyle but it seems Kyle isn’t interested in what she has to say. Kyle responds that Garcelle is never around (bullsh^t because Garcelle filmed with Teddi, Dorit, Erika, was at Sutton’s birthday party. She just missed the 3 events that producers chose to highlight which is one more than Kyle) and that she invited Garcelle to her home and asked her questions. LOL. Isn’t it perfect timing that we got a flashback? This isn’t the first time Garcelle raised this issue to Kyle. So why wasn’t the flashback used then? I’ll tell you my theory. After the astrology party, production arranged for Kyle and Garcelle to shoot that one scene. That’s why Kyle say she invited her to talk. My question is, did Kyle reach out when there were no cameras? Garcelle feels like Kyle doesn’t want to go beyond the surface and it could be with just her as Kyle seems to have bonded with Sutton. Garcelle expresses her feelings and instead of simply acknowledging them and try to do better, Kyle has been lying since episode 1 about anything related to Garcelle and has even said that Garcelle is looking for a storyline and using her to do it. *insert eye roll emoji*

I’m Not A Bad Mom

Kyle decides she wants to throw a family BBQ and she’s not being shady about it. Read the room Kyle, this isn’t a good idea. All the women with young kids show up with the kids in tow except for Denise. This becomes very noticeable and the women start chattering. How is this supposed to be a family BBQ but Kyle’s own husband isn’t there nor any of her other friends? Was this planned last minute since the women were texted this invite just after the LA Mission event?

They sit around the table and Denise says to Garcelle that she wouldn’t bring her kids around them. Kyle overhears and the interrogation begins, AGAIN. They decide to throw out that Denise is making them seem like bad moms and “I know I’m a great mom”, says Kyle. Who said she wasn’t? This one of the things I actually like about Kyle, that she’s a good mom. There also seems to be a lot of projecting or insecurity coming out here. Garcelle is the only person there that gets it. She says “As adults we have conversations with each other. If our kids are around it’s not the same conversation.” So why is it so hard for these women, these friends, these mothers of daughters and sons, to get it? They do get it but they’ve changed their target and their eyes are set in Denise.

Lisa Rinna gets up, not defending Denise after she aided in the attack and I’m not even surprised. Denise defended her when Kyle snapped at her as well as when Dorit brought up what Sutton said. Then again, this is Lisa “true Münchausen syndrome” Rinna we’re talking abt. It’s on brand for her. It’s also quite funny that Lisa Rinna, who said she wouldn’t want her daughters dancing in a club, is being hard on Denise for protecting her own daughters. Remember that “‘mother of the year comment” Erika made? Well, Lisa Rinna repeats this in her confessional as she walks off, saying that Denise isn’t owning it. Y’all can’t tell me this wasn’t planned. Denise was in complete shock at Lisa Rinna because she knows more that anyone the lengths Denise has gone through to ensure the girls have as normal an upbringing as possible. So for her to question Denise the way she did, was over the top and crossed a line that shouldn’t have been crossed.

Teddi can’t help herself with piling on Denise and whispers to Erika that Denise is being hypocritical for cursing while Dorit’s daughter was close. I love how she reaches for something every episode. Denise didn’t see the kid because she was behind Dorit, who sat one seat away. Aaron starts to shut down the conversation because their kids are involved and for some reason Teddi wants to make this a “men shouldn’t talk to women that way” narrative and that’s crap. You hear about tabloids that expose celebrities and how ruthless people are for their fame, and these women embody that sentiment.

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Denise calls them all out and decides to leave with her husband. He utters than he may crush her hand for holding on to him so tightly and I am not okay with that all. Kyle chases after her saying Denise leaving is silly for leaving and she should stay, essentially to get ganged up on. This is the same Kyle that ran out of Denise’s event when she couldn’t handle the pressure. This is the second year in a row that I’m so disappointed with Kyle. It’s like she’s doing everything wrong. If I’ve never seen a coordinated attack on someone, I’ve seen it among The Real Hypocrites of Beverly Hills.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesday nights at 9pm on Bravo.


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