Kyle Is The True Sniper From The Side

Season 9 Episode 3 Recap: Sun and Shade in The Bahamas

Here we are, at the episode (night 1, day 1 and night 2 of the trip to The Bahamas) which fully set everything in motion. We finally got the chance to see the entertainment that I mentioned in my previous blog, at work.


The women arrive at the beautiful BAHA MAR in The Bahamas where they’ll spend the duration of the trip. Per usual, they’re greeted by the hotel staff and are shown their rooms. Lisa Vanderpump (LVP), still being playful with Dorit, announced she wanted the master room. It was a fun moment to see but I could tell that Dorit thought otherwise. She still seemed bothered by LVP’s comments on the plane, amplified by the women’s reaction. *insert eye roll here* They take everything LVP does or say so personal but expect what they do to just roll off her back. They take a walk to the terrace and Dorit proceeds to ask if LVP is still happy to be friends her. Why would Dorit ask this? What is she trying to do? LVP comments “right now I’m reaping the benefits…but I don’t know how long this will go on“. Given Dorit’s state of mind at that point, I saw how she would feel like that was another jab. But let’s be real here, this was obviously a joke. She goes on to say that she thinks LVP was still upset about LucyWhy do these women keep projecting their feelings on to LVP? It’s as if Dorit knew she messed up and was overcompensating.

This video doesn’t exist

Not too long after they settled in, they gather for a drink in Dorit and LVP’s room. They all dress up except for Denise. She saw the episode and tweeted she was surprised by LVP’s “oh god” but somehow Erika and Kyle’s look of utter disapproval missed her. Don’t do it Denise, I was just starting to like you.

LVP and Kyle go off to the side of the terrace to have a chat. LVP begins to open up more about how she’s feeling in the moment as well as how she’s been coping. She assures Kyle that she doesn’t want to start talking about her sisters but having just lost her brother and looking back, she can’t even remember the petty stuff. The fond memories are what she remembers. That’s what’s important. All that was left for LVP to do was cry but Kyle couldn’t care less. Not even a hug. She was more interested in talking about Lucy (the dog).

This video doesn’t exist

Now, for you to fully understand what Kyle is doing, contrary to what she wrote in her blog, let’s take a bit of a walk down memory lane.


Season 2. This was the season LVP started to gain traction with the fans. I didn’t even realise it till much later. Anyways, season 2’s major drama revolved around Taylor especially considering her husband at the time had committed suicide during filming but more toward the end. LVP and Kyle were good. They didn’t have too much drama than the usual. However, Kyle was getting close to Taylor and LVP started to gain a liking for Brandi. They both get jealous of each other’s friendships with other people. Cute but also ridiculous. Adrienne was behind the scenes telling people to not trust LVP because she didn’t use The Palms to host Pandora’s (LVP’s daughter) bachelorette party.

This video doesn’t exist

Instead of backing LVP up, Kyle sort of ran with this. I found it a bit odd because LVP had Kyle’s back in season 1 with the Camille situation. When it came time for the season 2 reunion, Kyle threw it out there that LVP was manipulative but she wasn’t trying to be mean. WTF!? Who calls someone manipulative and expects them not to take it personally? The comment didn’t seem to bother LVP as much as when Adrienne accused of her leaking stories to the press and Kyle sat there and said nothing. Little did we know this would reoccur years later.

This video doesn’t exist

Now, I’m not sure how many people know this but after Bethenny got her spin off, almost every housewife wanted one. The cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was no exception. Mauricio (Kyle’s husband) pitched a real estate show to Bravo after season 1 and they rejected him. In the same time frame LVP pitched Vanderpump Rules which was given the green light by Bravo. I’m not saying Kyle was jealous but I feel this was where she decided in her mind that LVP was calculated.

In the season 3 reunion, after agreeing to move past their issues in ParisLVP and Ken revealed they thought the only reason Kyle was so friendly with them was because she wanted Mauricio to get the listing on Vanderpump Manor. The moment the house was sold, the relationship changed. I didn’t realise this but it made sense. Mauricio responded that he hangs out with people his wife hangs out with. So basically  Kyle had no more use for LVP and is upset at being called out. Who’s calculated now? 

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Season 4 came around and we saw Kyle and LVP catching up. LVP brings up all the rumours in the magazines as they were making claims that Kyle slated LVP for attacking her. Kyle mentions the pregnancy and cheating rumour which leads LVP to joke about Mauricio being with a younger woman as he’s there with their 3 year old, Portia. I got why Kyle was upset and didn’t find it funny but I also get what LVP was saying. Kyle needed to get in front of the issue and shut it down. Here, Kyle brings up the fact that she felt like LVP was still punishing her. I don’t know why Kyle always feels like this but if someone is as calculated as she claimed LVP was, why try to be her friend?

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The women went to a party at Carlton’s where Brandi brings up the rumours and Yolanda intimates that there is no smoke without fire. Should we then give credit to the smoke about her Lyme Disease? Later on, LVP discusses what happened at Carlton’s with Ken and he firmly tells her, he doesn’t believe it and he knows Mauricio wouldn’t cheat on Kyle. From what we know of LVP and Ken they have rational discussions, so him telling LVP to not even agree with what Yolanda said, meant that was the end of it. Only, it wasn’t.

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For the rest of the season, Brandi and Yolanda decided to turn the tables and blame LVP for everything. At the time this was being aired, I was mystified because we saw LVP filming and having fun with both Yolanda and Brandi, not knowing they were scheming behind her back. Things came to a head in Puerto Rico when LVP realised she was being used as the scapegoat for something she had no hand in and once again Kyle refused to give her the benefit of the doubt. It was later revealed by Brandi that she made the whole thing up to add drama to the show. How sad! 

Remember this clip, it’ll come up again.


3 years ago I wrote a blog about what happened in season 6 and I can’t believe how the conversation that took place in LVP’s home with Rinna and Kyle would be as relevant today as it was then. You can check that blog by clicking on the title or here. Without rehashing the whole thing, the issue the women had was that LVP wanted to bring Kyle into #munchausengate by asking Rinna if she was going to bring Kyle into the discussion she was supposed to have with Yolanda. Kyle acted completely shocked by what Rinna expressed to her and LVP before Eileen had arrived. LVP told Rinna she didn’t believe what Rinna was alleging and that she should go to Yolanda directly (this was common for LVP to suggest to the women and the reason they always claim that she tries to manipulate scenes)I gotta give it to both Kyle and Rinna for their acting in that scene.

They had everyone believing that was the first time Rinna was talking about it and the first time Kyle heard about it. They carried that narrative the whole season while it was being filmed, only for them to admit in their blogs and on the reunion that they met for dinner off camera and Rinna brought it up to Kyle. Like Kyle usually does, she encourages people to do things then act completely surprised when the deed is done. I didn’t notice this until #pantygate in season 7 when she egged Dorit on to give Erika the panties but acted surprised when she did. 


In the same season, not only did Kyle skate by without any backlash for munchausen, which she deserved, she got off scot-free for questioning whether Bella and Anwar (Yolanda’s kids) had lyme disease. How did this happen? It was another take-LVP-down season. Teddi (present season) and fans would argue that LVP gets people to do her dirty work but because Kyle cries at the opening of an envelope, people skip over her puppeteering and need to steer every narrative away from her that isn’t positive or make her look good. 

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As we saw, LVP told Kyle several times to drop the subject but she was like a dog with a bone and wouldn’t let it go. It was even more frustrating to know that Yolanda told Kyle herself that the kids had the disease, with Erika present, yet she still felt the need to ask “what’s going on with Bella and Anwar’s lyme disease?” However, because of what Erika told YolandaLVP was the one who got the heat for answering a question that Kyle already had answers to, from the source.


This video doesn’t exist

So we’re back to the first night and Kyle was too eager to once again bring up Lucy. LVP tells her to not talk about it. Rinna joins them and Kyle still tries to bring it up. Seems familiar now?  This is what Kyle does and I’m finally seeing it. Unbeknownst to LVP that the very next morning, Kyle would give Teddi the impression that they were talking about Lucy and not that she tried to bring it up but failed. So far, the only people who kept talking about Lucy were Dorit, Kyle and Teddi. Teddi wasted no time in blurting everything out to Rinna. Rinna convinces them that they were being set up. Where have I heard this before? *insert another eye roll* I don’t get how Teddi could say the things she did at that time because LVP had been nothing but kind to her. She knew LVP was grieving (still is) and had a plethora of things going on but what did she do? Teddi used Kyle’s lingo from season 4 episode 1 when Kyle claimed LVP was punishing her. She stated that LVP was lying that she wasn’t mad at Dorit and was using them to help punish her. Teddi spoke of a pattern with LVP but it makes no sense because she had not been around that long to make any observations like that. Very similar to how Erika could use the Bobby Fischer line even though she wasn’t around for that. This is a tv show and at that time Mauricio was dealing with a lawsuit and Dorit had multiple lawsuits as well but instead of talking about their issues, they harp on something that had nothing to do with them.

Later on LVP expressed to Erika that she appreciated her condolence card but thought she would have even done a further check up and called since they agreed to make more of an effort with each other. LVP should just give up cuz Erika won’t ever like her and it shows. Erika was rather upset because she sent a handwritten note and didn’t understand why it wasn’t enough (no one said it wasn’t but these women hear what they want when it comes to LVP). I agreed with her in the moment until she showed Rinna a picture she took on her phone of said note, for receipt. The fact that she could think ahead and assume LVP would have an issue with it (she didn’t) so she took a picture for evidence, shows that Erika could have done more. You were about to win Erika but you lost before the day even ended. 

They all sit for dinner on night 2 and Kyle waited until Dorit and Rinna got up to once again bring up Lucy. The whole thing did seem like a set up but it’s obvious LVP isn’t the one doing it. Kyle mentioned there had been side chatter and its best to talk about it. But by who? LVP wasn’t talking about it. Denise wasn’t. Camille wasn’t. Even Erika wasn’t cuz she really doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t revolve around her, quite frankly. Again, LVP tells them the issue was resolved with her and Dorit but Kyle wasn’t having it. What more did she want? This didn’t involve her at all. “Someone is hellbent on getting this Dorit story out there“, says Kyle in the season’s trailer and from the looks of things, it seems like it was her and Teddi – Bear Richards. 

This video doesn’t exist

Watching this scene was like watching Puerto Rico and Dubai all over again. Teddi gets upset that LVP said she had no idea she would be gossiping about the issue with John Blizzard. This upset her and like the little windup doll she has become, Teddi starts pointing her finger at LVP, stating she never told anyone. Did we not see her tell Rinna that very morning? Like I predicted, she knew she played a massive role in the story getting out there and would say she’s taking accountability for her actions but won’t let anyone scapegoat her. In her blog she claims LVP told John Blizzard to tell her about Lucy but did LVP also tell her to reply how she did? Teddi, goodbye! Once again, Kyle made a mess of things and Rinna couldn’t help but make it messier.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.





40 Comments Add yours

  1. marguerite says:

    Excellent blog! How fantastic would it be if there was an actual boycott. Simply change the channel. I am so over these women getting rewarded with jobs for atrocious behavior. I get It’s just a show but they always say it’s reality! I’d feel better if it came out that it was scripted 🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks for reading it. It’s sad what has transpired especially cuz it’s comes across mean spirited.

      1. Dorothy DeMaria says:

        I agree it’s mean and I think about Rinna (can’t stand Her) and Kyle (same thing) having young daughters for whom they are role models. Then we wonder why kids today are narcissistic bullies. You learn what you live

      2. Keirn says:

        Thank you for reading but let’s not talk about the kids.

    2. Rebecca says:

      I have been with this show since season 1 but I did not watch this episode and have no plans to watch the season. I cannot watch them go after a women grieving the death of her brother. No entertainment for me. But I am sooooooo grateful for the recap.

      1. Keirn says:

        Thank you so much. It is sad to watch but I have to see what the women claim will unfold.

      2. Mimi says:

        I feel exactly the same way. I watched the episode but I won’t watch another Housewives of anywhere until Lisa Rinna gets the ax. And Dorit, and Kyle, because I have said many times, there is your puppet master. She is the meanest of all. By the way, excellent blog.

      3. Keirn says:

        Thanks for reading and thanks for your feedback.

    3. SARAH DUTRA says:

      It’s all for ratings. The things these people do and say to each other, no one would be friends after the fact. The Housewives franchise would be boring if all this drama and stuff wasn’t put in to action. Take for example last season Rinna stayed pretty silent the whole season and her story line was BORING! So she’s back to stirring the pot up to shake the season up. Its what makes the housewives franchise what it is. Drama Drama Drama!

      1. Keirn says:

        Not disagreeing but no one wants this type of drama. I don’t know one fan who likes this type of stuff.

  2. Marlie says:

    This blog is everything!!! I love it and I love how you tie everything together! I can’t wait to see how this season turns out… I’m still team LVP!

    1. Keirn says:

      Thank you so much. I’m always Team LVP. Haha

      1. Marlie says:

        Let’s hope we are still team LVP at the end… 🙏🏽🙃🤞🏽

      2. Keirn says:

        I know I’ll always be. Haha

      3. Coco says:

        Mee too!!! I always sern Kyle get away with things with her crocadlie tears.

      4. Keirn says:

        People are finally seeing it now. Me, included.

      5. Starr says:

        I have always been team LVP from season 1. I saw through each & every housewife & had my likes & dislikes from the start. Truth be known, Kyle always was the sniper from the side & her crocodile tears were just that, so fake.
        What’s happening on season 9 is dispicable, unkind, unfair & unjust toward Lisa Vanderpump & should not be tolerated. My feel? fire them all & be done with RHOBH, it’s done with because of the vermin left.
        Your blog was great, well done & beautifully put together.
        Thanks so much for a perfect job.

      6. Keirn says:

        Thank you so much for your feedback. This show has lost its glamour.

      7. Starr says:

        Thanks for my approval. I’m happy to be on board.
        It’s either the RHOBH is turned around with a decent cast, I feel it will be cancelled.
        The bunch of bullies must be fired.

      8. Keirn says:

        I know one thing’s for sure. If LVP goes, they’ll lose a million views.

  3. Starr. says:

    Fantastic Job. So happy you you so brilliantly put it together. So glad the light of truth shines.
    The mean girls are brought down, no more secrets & lies.
    I thank you. LVP fan.

    1. Keirn says:

      Thank you so much for checking it out.

  4. Ricki gibbs says:

    I’ve never agreed with something as much as this! Team LVP

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks so much

  5. Ruby Henderson says:

    I agree whole heartedly with everything you’ve said. Team LVP all the way. These girls are some cold hearted bitches.

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s sad.

  6. Robin says:

    Hi, Dr. John Sessa from Vanderpump Dog Foundation was on a radio show explaining everything re Lisa Vanderpump and Dog-Gate! Did you watch it or read about it! You must be my Sister from another Mother because everything in your blog, I have been saying for years!

    1. Keirn says:

      I haven’t heard it yet but I’ll check it out. Thanks for reading.

    2. Robin says:

      Sorry – ‘Brother’ from another Mother (not Sister)

  7. Jan says:

    I never thought of LVP as perfect however I always loved her big heart towards the underdog when she would tell Taylor “I know we are not good friends but if you ever need anything I am there for you” and then Taylor and Kyle both would mix up those words and say you keep telling her you are not her friend! when Ken said he would never go to a psychiatrist Kyle and Taylor both said Ken putting her down for going to psychiatrist! I really think you are 100 percent right and the same thing happened with Brandi when she helped her get modeling jobs and if she would have played her cards right #he probably could have had a job on Vanderpump Rules too ! Thank you for great blog you really did your research

    1. Keirn says:

      Than you very much.

  8. coastalmom says:

    Wow. I was all ready to argue with you as you began focusing on Kyle. BUT gotta give you credit for doing your due diligence! IF you read between the lines & go with the way that BRAVO edits things, it’s understandable how you could be confused. You did a good job at recapping everything. Now, I’m not so sure I can back my opinion about Kyle’s innocence. Good job 🤷🏼‍♂️ Lol.

    1. Keirn says:

      LOL. Thank you for reading my blog and for your comment. Kyle has disappointed me this season.

  9. ITA with everything you said here. It seems like every other season they go after LVP, which is when I tune out. It’s too bad because it could be such a great show!

    1. Keirn says:

      It could be such a great show but they always do this to avoid talking about their issues.

  10. Beverley Shepherd says:

    Absolutely spot on. An excellent blog. I have watched all these little plots on previous seasons and thought WHAT? how did you manage to make that LVP’s fault and worse how do the other idiots follow like sheep and agree with you. I definitely rolled my eyes in this season – here we go again. They all seem to think if they get rid of LVP they have a shot at being Queen when in fact it would more likely be the end of this show. Love how you show when Kyle insists on bringing things up to draw out all the knives for LVP.

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks for reading. I always saw it but blew it off. I couldn’t this time.

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